M’sia-Brunei deal: Make Cabinet minutes public


Abdullah Badawi says he obtained Cabinet approval before going ahead with the deal with Brunei. So the government should now make public the minutes of the Cabinet discussion and decision.

Abdullah also needs to explain why this matter was not brought to Parliament for a thorough debate as this involves a question of sovereignty and energy supply.

Najib too has to clarify and explain the rationale for the deal. After all, he was Number Two to Abdullah back then and on the threshold of becoming premier. Was he among those in the Cabinet who approved the deal? If, as he says, both countries are still negotiating, why have the two blocks already been given up?

If Malaysia will still be cooperating with Brunei in the extraction of oil in the two blocks, why were the production sharing contracts with Murphy Oil terminated? Murphy Oil, which was in a joint venture with Petronas Carigali, had a 60 per cent and 70 per cent stake in Blocks L and M respectively.

How will be the arrangement with Shell and Total – both parties were engaged by Brunei – be like? Will Petronas Carigali and Murphy Oil still be in the picture?

What was the legal rationale for giving up any claim on sovereign rights over the two blocks?

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Musa Aman (CM of Sabah) said it’s not part of Sabah.. Now he’s ‘Tak Aman’ already… Stupid moroon…


Something is really really fishy here. As i have said before, that sleepy, flipflop, lame duck guy whenever he sleeps $$$$$$$$$$$$ instead of zzzzzzzzzzz comers out. How can he and UMNO be so arrogant and unethical as the onwers of those fields are Sarawakians. THEY ARE NOT EVEN CONSULTED. Seems these guys do not care a damn of the people of Sarawak. They must have the notion that Sarawakians are naive and dumb dumb. Come on, Sarawakians wake up and fight and claim back your rights and dignity. Now!!! before you guys got strip naked, literally, by the corrupted and… Read more »


These two blocks actually are under Sabah water.


(Is this) a nice sandiwara by UMNO and goons….to kick out Najib and replace him with Muhyiddin and Zahid ….?
Kick this Umno govt out before they sell our souls!…

Gerakan K

This is old issue back to Tun Abdullah era. You listen to RPK too much.


It’s not lack of acumen….In Singapore, we always have this term. This is an army term. You can do whatever you can so long you don’t get caught….Now, UMNO kenna caught with pants down & running. I am absolutely sure, DAP would be returning favour to BN….
Because BN lost 100 Billion dollars with sekelip mata. They are asking for GST from you including that stupid Gerakan K….Sure they give you money….You think BN doesn’t take back haa…..

Gerakan K

Don’t talk nonsense. GST plan has been cancelled.


Do you understand English? Cancel and postpone has different meaning.


Wait !

Maybe GK has some insider info we don’t.

Maybe his insider info tells me that the VAT is canceled.

Maybe la …


That fella got insider news? You must be kiddling! He is not in the BN inner circle!


Forget about whatever commissions you meant , we heard it too many times to get excited.

In the end, all according to procedure..case close and it’s just another day followed by titles being confered as Heroes of the nation….

Francis Ngu

I wrote on my FB:” LIMBANG fought out on the turfs of Kuala Lumpur! Is PutraJaya under UMNO able to take good stewardship of Limbang, or Sarawak for that matter ? What about a referendum for Limbang, and Sarawak as well, to have our say over the matter ? –should there not be a Royal commission on the debacle over Sovereignty ? Will the Limbang matter have to be eventually resolved at the World Court ?
(That Branca rock near Singapore made it to the World Court !)


Dunno wat happen la, Anil, I sent a reply to Gerakan K and click the submit button and then … nothing.

I re-do the whole thing again, and click the submit button again, again nothing.

Dunno what happen liao … Anil. Mebbe something is bely long


The country is in a dire need for change. We need a two-coalition party system for proper check and balance. Too long in power makes some complacent. This is bad for the country. We need a strong PR and a strong BN. The game will then be tough.


When leaders lack the political acumen this happens. When leaders live only to stay in power, anything can happen to the country. History has proven that Malaysia as a sovereign state has lost ‘parcels of of her soil’ to others. I blame the leaders for all this mess. The people should wake up and decide what their future is going to be.

Ah BEng

UMNO has been lord & master for 50+ yrs that they dont really care what parliament thinks. UMNO controls parliament & everything else anyway. As long as the “cabinet” is OK with it, semuanya OK. By “cabinet”, of course we mean the higher echelons of UMNO. MCA/MIC/Gerakan et al are just (probably) along for the ride. They’ll setuju to anything …


Malaysian mudah lupa! Why all the hoo ha? Did Dr.M created that the Prime Minister have the sole right to determine that Petronas belongs to him and nobody has the right to question? Well, Badawi just did that! Carigali or whatever gali belongs to the PM in service. According to his arguement is that he got Limbang but maybe he sold the blocks. But that was not treachery as he has not sold the land. He claimed that he won the land (Limbang). Why did we (the rakyat) or parliament allowed this to happen? Why should the PM have sole… Read more »


Mahathir was the Petronas Advisor all this while till recently leeh…..Plus, Brunei has just 2 blocks worth 100 Billion USD leeh….

… I felt thatit’s a deliberate plan by Badawi to get back at Mahathir



Hahaha! Anil, you are asking for the “Impossible”.
The last 30 years, can you name an honest PM in Malaysia?…


Tun Hussein Onn is the honest one, but he was ousted for doing good service for Malaysia.


And the son to that honest man ? Tsk, tsk, tsk !


Malaysian voters, what’s there to grumble about, you ought to realise that, it was you who failed to allow for a proper check and balance in the system, for and on behalf of all Malaysian. You should be happy and satisfied with some food on your table and the cash you had in your pocket and now please don’t waste your time barking up the wrong tree.


Bolehland is willing to loggerhead with the giant China over Pulau Layang Layang which may cost us economically and politically for having a bad relationship with China. PM Najib was absent in World Expo Shanghai opening ceremony is a sign of “cool war” with China.

Sovereignty is above anything… The brief explanation from Pak Lah did not answer why we lost blocks L and M to Brunei.

Let have a Royal Commission Inquiry albeit it’s a paper tiger to probe this matter. ex-PM Pak Lah and PM Najib have to explain the rational behind this generosity.


A correction… the “rationale” behind this generosity.


NK Khoo, Whaoa…..As if Najib didn’t make enough enemy, did he? By the way, Taiwan forces also nearby leh….You know I got good contacts with both sides…. Where is Perkasa leh? Why cekiking Badawi? And not Sing—-beep—-Bruneians….. got 100 USD billions you know….Enough to cancel off GST…..Najib, Badawi & even Mahathir got to answer…. Mahathir, Lu tau apa itu sovereignty right kah? Even if I give 90% to Malaysia……I can impose windfall tax of 1000% ( exargerating laa….) simply because Brunei is the sovereign owner of those 2 blocks You know that’s how Indonesia nationalised all Dutch holdings in Indonesia… Read more »

Gerakan K

Even the rocket won’t release the exco minutes regarding with Kg Buah Pala demolition. What is the purpose to vote in the federal opposition as the state government ??? Better stick with BN next GE.


Gerakan K No need to release the exco minutes la bro. Will only shamed Koh Tsu Khoon. Pity them. Anyway, we trust what Pak Lah did whether the minutes are released or not. Whatever Pak Lah did are always better than Mahathir, it is an improvisation. As far as KTK and Gerakan is conerned, don’t talk la, shameful only, whatever LGE does is always better than what KTK did. You know sometimes, “give face” abit la, do not thrash someone so badly.It is not that KTK is that lousy, but, he is under the thumbs of so many UMNO Baru… Read more »


GK, Why should the minutes be released when issues of Kg Buah Pala has been resolved. Its some idiotic villagers who have been misled by UMNO. MIC that they would get higher compensation. Now they get nothing.

Gerakan K

We want uncensored truth, ie 100.00 % transparency. It is simple as that.


Issue resolved?

You kiddin’ ??

A cover-up magically turns into “resolved” ???

How wonderful DAP has become. Ain’t no difference from UMNO.


Release Penang state exco minute got anything to do with UMNO and MIC?


UMNO, MIC, MCA, DAP, PKR, PAS … aiya, all the same la ! With their cupboards stuffed with skeletons, all we Rakyat gonna get from them politicians are lies, lies, and even more lies. See what UMNO is doing? They lie to the Rakyat and then dare to go to the Melayu and tell them “I fight for you”. See what DAP is doing? They lie to the Rakyat in Penang and then dare to tell the Penangites “we are fighting for you”. Sama sama la … Change the name from Ibrahim Ali to Lim Guan Eng Change the party… Read more »


I do not expect too much from DAP politicians like LGE can transform Penang into another Singapore or Taiwan.

I only hope he can be less evil than UMNO/MCA/MIC/Gerakan with minimum corruption in his government.


GK, You wanted to stick to BN because LGE would not release minute regarding KBP. How idiotic can you be when the BN & Najib government would not release the Brunei deals that have sold the sovereignty of our country….

Gerakan K

Another two reasons for rejecting, ie banning plastic bags and polystyrene containers.


Meaning DAP must be as evil as UMNO for not releasing truth about KBP (in this case exco meeting minute).


Aiyoyo !!

Pot calling kettle.

Pot calling kettle.

Aiyoyoyoyoyoyo !!!!


This psudo intelligent blogger rocky is shouting for royal commission enqiry for this deal….but can he explain to public despite royal commission enqiry on LINGAM case why (they) are still sleeping royally…


BN has killed off findings from the Royal Commission.

Malaysians have given BN too much power, that have made them arrogant and shy-less to act above the laws.

Do not blame royal commission for inaction, the evil is still BN.


I’m assuming the 2 S, one is like $, the other is Stupidity. Knowing anything concerning umno baru, all documents will be under Official Secrete Act, if you ask somemore maybe you will under Internal S. Act. You all can have the Datuk. Tan Sri awards, what they want most is the TUN award….

Anthony Tan

The BeEnd government owes the people of Malaysia an open public explaination on this matter as we have lost a big chunk of our national asset.

Many Malaysians will be affected economically especially the lower income group due (to) this…

This is one of the reasons the Malaysians must vote for a strong oppositions to have the check and balance to prevent further mismanagement by the BeEnd government for the last 52 years and counting.