Mahathir, Mahathir, what have you done?


Just what was the administration of former PM Mahathir, especially his henchmen, up to in Sabah during the mid-1990s? Just as we suspected, a large number of foreigners were given identification documents so that they could vote in the state elections.

In a sense, most people aren’t really surprised as people had been talking about ‘Project M’ for years. But this is the first time such damning testimony has emerged in an official inquiry, specifically a Royal Commission of Inquiry. (Remember, Najib was forced to announce the RCI at a time when it was beginning to look like a few of Sabah’s elected reps could hop over to Pakatan.)

Mahathir says it is fine to give out ICs to foreigners who qualify. Nothing wrong with that. But were they fast-tracked? What about the so-called ‘temporary receipts’ that were distributed as identification documents? What was that all about?

And what about all the other stateless people in the peninsula who have resided in the country for a generation or more?

The big question now is, to what extent has this modus operandi been repeated across the country and for the coming election? If you recall, a string of constituencies, a number of them in Selangor, have seen significant unexplained increases in the number of voters since 2008.

From his sweeping privatisation policies to the cronyism and corruption in his administration to the undermining of democratic institutions not to forget the Bank Negara forex losses to the cynical manipulation of race and religion, the 22 years of Mahathir’s rule have been disastrous for the country.

Eleven years after he stepped down, we are still trying to shake ourselves off from the rotten legacy of Mahathirism.

This is a statement from Aliran exco member P Ramakrishnan.

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When Tunku Abdul Rahman gave one million citizenships to people, that also includes Dr. M parents in the list,

jib ko ko

M… comparing himself with Tunku Abdul Rahman. Its like comparing a s… with an angel. NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m… Kutty. You ruined Msia for 22 years….

Ong Eu Soon

PR state goverment has becoming even more racist as the electrion approach. How can Penang run 2013 become offensive to hindu gods when hold in conjunction with thaipusam celebration? Since 308, we become very intolerant about dissenting view, now it become worst when certain party particularly Penang Dap attempt to play up religion issue, anything under the sun become offensive. This is worst than hudul. Go to hell to all the religious bigots . Tell me how to support such a state government?



Please do not publish comments that are off-topic.
Else more nonsense will come.


ps: Ong Eu Soon please LISTEN careully.

Ong Eu Soon

Tell me in no uncertain term which *R politician ever stand up to question the scandalous RM780million for a 13km road expansion project in Penang! Is this not a scandal an abuse of power, corrupt act of the power that be.
Why no gut? No stand ? No wish for change? Why no brain? No scandal?


Ong Eu Soon, your logic does not make sense. Do you think PR is LGE and LGE is PR? What about people like Michael Jeyakumar, or even the ordinary person in the street who is fighting for change? What about you? No one is bigger than the hope for change. You are cutting your own nose in spite of your face.

Ong Eu Soon

IIn the true spirit of 2 party system, I will vote for BN at state level and
PR at national level.Micheal is not guy who has the gut to against the wrong doing of the cocky arrogant tokong. If you believe he fightb for change it is because you didnot know him. I spoke to him about the tokong, the wrong doing and the endorsement of BN’s bad practices, he just has no gut to make a stand. To me Micheal is just another insincere politician with his own agenda. Go to hell PSM.

Ong Eu Soon

When you have a politician like Micheal who compromised his stand just because the cocky arrogant tokong is his comrade and has no gut at all to voice his unhappiness or protest to the tokong. You can forget about this politician fighting for you. To me Micheal is just a doctor with no cure who is dying from aging. He has no wisdom he can’t even reform himself and he want to change the world yet he can’t fight against the cocky arrogant tokong. How hopeless and pathetic is this PSM leader! 308 just open the eyes for those who… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

When you compromise against injustice, just because the perpetrator is from your own camp, what integrity and honesty you still has? Don’t fool me. Those days before 308 we were ready to die for our struggle, anyone ever question our stand? Now just because we opt to question the cocky arrogant tokong we are leveled as traitor, if this is the way you play politic, I call it immature, dumb and stupid. Never at any instance did we forfeited our rights to critise and question anyone disregard of their political affiliation. No matter who is in power I reserve my… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

What hope of change are you talking about when you can’t stand up against the move to hijack your victory for change? Change is no just about the sake of the changing government. It is about the flourish of justice, freedom, democracy, solidarity and friendship. When you have a bad government fast tracking the implementation of BN’s bad policies as like there is no tomorrow, you call it change? My god what is going on? Where is your gut when you dream of change? Friend the bset dream if you ever have is call wet dream!

Ong Eu Soon

If you still unable to understand why I am so p… off, read the article of Charles Hector on Best Opposition do not give us ex-BN characters as their alternative candidates come next GE at
Charles Hector is probably the only politician who still keep his sanity intact after 308 tsunami.

Gerakan K

@Ong Eu Soon:

BETUL, at last anil also showing his BIAS-ness towards DAP.

eh, let DAP flowing like mighty river ???

Ong Eu Soon

This ic abuse problem is still persisted until today. There is an incident where a foreigner in Penang when quarreled with a local shown off his new acquired ic to proved that he is a citizen. Couple of years ago, I accidentally enter a hall in kpg sg ara where Indonesians were recruited to go to Sabah with the promises of new ic. Everyone in the hall were shock to see me entering. That is why I keep saying that PR will be defeated easily in the coming election. I have been particularly vocal against the cocky arrogant tokong when… Read more »


Ong, If in such a case you should all the more support PR. Don’t let your personal hate of LGE get over you.

Ong Eu Soon

We have seen the stupidity displayed by all the dumb supporters of PR which in a way contribute to the antagonism for those who voted for change. You guy are in tolerate against dissenting view make me more disgusting over the year, tell me how to support you guy which tend to be self defeating and destructive? Go to hell! The worst is Aliran which compromised every principle it hold dear to the extend that it can’t even tolerate my dissenting view. To differ mean supporting BN. The president of Aliran in justifying the the refusal to publish my article… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The editorial board of Aliran also tried desperately to imply that my article is badly written need a lot editing making it not worth to be published. I just love to hear from readers how badly the article is being written. What a shame! For a NGO which fight tirelessly on freedom of expression to stooge so low to reject my article is a real eyes opener.

Ong Eu Soon

The other reason that really p… off a lot of those who vote for change is that when you shown your support to PenANG dap, THE 28TH FLOOR GUYS WILL INSINUATE that you are currying favor with the cocky arrogant tokong for personal gain. So better keep a distance from 28th floor to prootect your integrity.


@ Gerakan K No one from UMNO/MCA/MIC/Gerakan speak up to the defence of Tunku Abdul Rahman in this episode when Mahathir said “One should also look back and remember that Tunku Abdul Rahman was worse than me, he gave one million citizenships to people who are not qualified and were not even tested.” “Why is it when he does it, it is not wrong, and when I do it, it’s wrong?” Everyone would expect UMNO/ BN leaders to be the first to defend Bapa Malaysia Tunku who was also from UMNO, but NO ONE. In fact it had to be… Read more »

Gerakan K

@Desmond Lee Chee Moon:

Listen listen listen. Let me comment:

The chinese in Malaya at that time also received free iC from UMNO. So how ??? Your statement also applicable to your self ??? Err is that too DEEP for your to digest ???

Anyway, you all do not know the whole story yet. But as usual pakatan zoobies like you all will shot at any opportunities even when someone MATI !!!


GK, You are just plain ignorant. The Chinese did not get free IC. Citizenship were given to them on conditions between the British and Malayan govt for independence. And they must have stayed in Malaya for a number of years It is the British that make sure the Chinese, Indian and others rights are protected and we should be grateful to them not UMNO.

And they are eroding that rights especially in Sabah. The situation in Sabah is different. The Muslim from Philippine were given instant IC.

the mythbuster

Now that the great demon who has corrupted and controlled all institutions of good governance in the country for 22 long years about his pet project, PROJECT M, has admitted that he was the treacherous (one) who gave blue Mykads and instant citizenship to foreigners to capture Sabah, all right thinking Malaysians should call for his trial for TREASON. This remorseless vindictive shaman doctor has hood winked the Malays into believing that all the nefarious things he did … was for the well being of the Malays and their religion but in fact what (the result of) his 22 years… Read more »

Desmond Lee Chee Moon

UMNO Leader sold out our country by giving out free IC for you know what purpose – MCA,MIC,PPP, etc still want to give their support to the SYAITAN YANG DI KENALI…?


S… has hit the fan!
Revelation by Ramli Kamaruddin former Director of Sabah’s National Registration Department (NRD) at the on-going investigation by Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants problems in Sabah, left that rotten old man no choice but to admit to it for the first time!

That despicable dirty manipulator even tried to drag Tunku Abdul Rahman into it, said the Tunku had done same before – that was mischief! He knew TAR proudly did it with knowledge of the whole nation, and he? ….dirty old umno r..!

alan newman, new zealand

The George Soros Open Society Foundation is the primary donor of the Human Rights Watch, contributing $100 Million of $128 Million of contributions and grants received by the HRW in the 2011 financial year. What have you Dr MM given to Malayisa, let alone to the global society? Astonomical shame on you ! Quote from 14/2/2011 Financial Twitter: … ..if you think …Mubarak is…richest man on earth, … Malaysia has more natural resources than Egypt and economically, Malaysia is richer….not necessary less corrupted than Egypt…..corruption in Malaysia is so entrenched that every institutions are tainted … Hence …is easily worth… Read more »


M… is not only a cunning … who misuse public funds & (lost) BILLIONS of our money esp via Petronas (No wonder he likes being the Patron of Petronas…) but he is also a cunning Operator. Lets see his Legacy in a wider frame- Framing Anwar, Grabbing Finance Post to ENRICH … cronies, Damaging our Judiciary,Destroying Race Relations among the Good folks of all races, Encourage Racism in & Opportunities,GLCs,Unis etc,splitting Malay Unity,suppressing Press & Media, use of instruments of authority like Polis ,ACA and others to his advantage . Now we have evidence (his administration) CHEATS to WIN… Read more »

alan newman, new zealand

These politicians & cronies are nothing short of mentally-deranged, lowest-life criminals. Despite their heinous crime, they still stand, walk and talk so proudly and gloriously. Criminals will do anything to save their skin when the stake is high. Police, Macc, A-G, Umno-Bn Politicians, Civil Servants, all are flocking together. I speak as a 3rd party, neutral Country rated as one of the most democratic,
‘bersih’ and uncorrupt in the world – NZ.


Listen, Listen, Listen. If a man has done a wrong (giving out mass citizenship to illegals for a dubious purpose) to a nation, he should apologize for his wrong & correct the wrong. Instead what we are hearing from his forked tongue is righting his wrong in twisted logics. Thank God we don’t have him reigning the nation now, otherwise we will be seeing more illegals getting 24hr instant noodle citizenship approval every 4 years. As the saying goes: Bapa jaga kemakmuran, keharmonian dan keselamatan rumah tangga. But here in Boleh Land, we have an aspiring but malevolent Bapa Kerala… Read more »

Middle path

So sad RPK still want to defend his god father wrong doing.


If the figure of RM132 billion is right he has everything he wants. Simple biz sense tells you that assets are assets.If they’re his alone, that would be fantastic but assets have costs and have real concrete notional liability. So whos in it with him? Persons? Companies? Countries?

Barring all absoulute good info…Mahathir appears to feel inadequate about himself. That’s not so bad. We’re all human. Or that he’s only adequate about two tall towers when one will do twice over?


Under the Malaysian agreement, citizentry is the preogative of the Federal Govt BUT residency is the right of STATE – even if Mahathir has the right to give out citizenship which is dubious given that it did not follow procedures, he had no right to give out residency without Sabah’s approval which is what happened. THOSE who got their IC, did not have a right to vote – the elections they effected are ILLEGAL…They can STILL BE DEPORTED by Sabah – to Peninsula..

my way

i did it THE AM WAY– my way–its all legal– i can do no wrong– i am the ruler of all ha ha hi hi– so much integrity n honesty


Wake up Malaysians!! Now its your chance to see how this … wiggle its way out of trouble. Not only its capable of illusive movement, it can also fly like crows. This individual alone has caused unimaginable crimes and hardship to citizens here. An individual who thinks to have every answer to every question, who can outsmart and outwit anyone, anywhere, and anytime? Wonder how and when can justice can be served against this…..(sigh). Its too much………to even look at it now.


this man is a curse to the country.


… This time it did not say “It was so long ago, I can’t remember anything”. This time it is saying “Yes, I did it, so what the … can you all do to me?”

Folks, let’s show it what we can do by voting Pakatan to form the new federal government and sent the serpent to the dungeon.


The Tun entitlement has to be reformed to suit the political climate of today.
Someone may be using it as entitlement to exemption from all form of judicial enquiry.
There is no “what you can do to me” under the heaven.


BN will win PRU13 as Najib has (allegedly) legalise such Projek IC. Now we know the 6P exercise (could be) just a prequel to Projek IC 2012 (Projek N?) to gather those PATI efficiently for mass adoption as citizens to vote for BN.

Time for another Bersih Rally. Over to you Ms Ambiga.


This apanama, most dangerous species … has perfected the art of spinning, turning and twisting. When cornered, it can strike with fangs and eject gallons of venom.