MACC grills Perak Speaker for three hours


First, they put the pressure on Selangor MB Khalid.

Now, it’s the turn of Perak Speaker V Sivakumar to feel the heat. He was questioned by the MACC for three hours last night for alleged abuse of power probably in relation to the suspensions of BN state assembly members.

Meanwhile, Nazri informed Parliament yesterday that the ACA had opened four investigation papers into the Lingamtape affair. Three of these were sent to the Attorney General, who classified two under “no further action” while the remaining one was still awaiting further investigation. The fourth paper is still with the ACA.

In case you missed theSun report, here it is:

Sivakumar quizzed by MACC for three hours
Humayun Kabir

IPOH (Feb 25, 2009) : Perak Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar was questioned for three hours by two Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers from Putrajaya in relation to reports lodged against him for alleged abuse of power.

The questioning took place at the official residence of the Mentri Besar here from about 6.20pm to about 9.20pm.

“A very dangerous precedent has been set by the authorities in challenging the immunity powers of the Speaker as the rights of a Speaker have not been respected by the authorities,” Sivakumar told a press conference after the questioning.

He said as before when questioning by three state commercial police officers on Monday, relating to reports lodged against him for recent political and constitutional developments in the state, he gave his full cooperation to the MACC officers today.

“I acted very professionally during both the questioning sessions although they should not do this (to me) in the first place as the Speaker has immunity powers against civil and criminal proceedings for anything said or done,” he added.

It is believed that the reports were relating to Sivakumar’s suspension of Mentri Besar Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six state executive council members from the State Assembly for 18 months and 12 months respectively for contempt of the House.

Last Wednesday, Perak state assembly’s rights and privileges committee chaired by Sivakumar handed down the suspensions, throwing the state deeper into a constitutional and political crisis.

Many constitutional lawyers have given their opinion on whether Sivakumar had the power to do what he did and Zambry has set up a legal team to advise him on his next course of action.

The only thing clear is that Sivakumar has to convene the state assembly to endorse the decision as the assembly was not in session when the committee met.

He had written to the Sultan of Perak last week for consent to convene a special sitting and he is waiting for the reply from the palace.

Sivakumar has also engaged the services of lawyers Chan Kok Keong and Augustine Anthony to defend him against the onslaught of the political turmoil that is raging in Perak now.

Earlier DAP Sitiawan assemblyman Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham had thrown a challenge to Zambry and his exco members not to take salaries during their course of rule of the state until the High Court decides on the legality of the Perak state government.

The Pakatan Rakyat exco members will do likewise, he said.

Ngeh said that only the legal state government should draw salaries and the rakyat should not be short-changed in paying both the BN and PR exco teams salaries.

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You see, the whole BN machinary as at work. Even the MACC is trying to show their involement as sign of loyalty to BN. They questioned the speaker. Why don’t just turn around and question the deputy…
Come on MACC, where is your common sense. I dont have to say more. I don’t know what is happening to this country. This country’s leadership belongs to the third world alright. Tallest tower, but when it comes to moral it is as low as your ankle – phooi!!

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil It is indeed regrettable to note that the MACC is treating the speaker of State Assembly of Perak in such a manner because he belongs to a different party from the ruling which is crumbling. This is exactly what the white Americans were doing to the Blacks when they did not allow the blacks equality and equal justice although it was in the Constitution of America. In fact, Abraham Lincoln died for this cause – ie fighting to free the Blacks. Now the Malaysian Indians are in such a plight here and I hope one day they will… Read more »


ACA…MACC…Same s*** different smell


This is blantant victimisation to the core. How can these … in MACC question the Speaker? What about our Parliament Speaker Pandikar?? Why dont these … question him???
The very first thing they should do is to question their very own chief Ahmad son pilot….
This very clearly proved that MACC is just another of the BN…. Actually they are worst than ACA. At least ACA … are real dumb.
Anyway, what do you expect from a sleepy flipflop lame duck guy.
Fighting corruption!!! Fight my foot.


Frankly, this is a cat and mouse game, each party knowing full well those questionng and answering are irrelevant!

But it does have a bad effect. It may give those UMNO … a sense of digging in their heels and flase hopes.

Let’s hope something else turn out and the Bukit Gantang can be pre-empted by a State election. It could set up for another year of abundant durians at the next season!

Its no one’s benefit if this limbo turns into a deep deep rut!

Toyol nephew

aiyoh if i am siva – i just go there & ask for a cup of tea.
then sit there and give no useful reply. … 3 hours.

what jurisdiction does this PRDM – polis raja di malaysia has..?


We are back to the wild wild west & in the wilderness…..

Penang Voter

PDRM everywhere ????

Let PDR Mrun the State, Parliament and 4th Floor. Then it makes sense. At this rate, BN is making a mockery out of the constituition.




Clearly MACC is very selective. Why not also question Deputy Speaker? Is there any monetary matters in making her jump.?

Ismandy Hamza

If they think they can get on with this sort of nonsense forever, then make it our day…. Why, they think they can do everything and anything they like and escape without being punished? Behold! They (BN) have yet to really see the wrath of the rakyat! Why, they think the PR supporters from Perlis to Johore, and from Sarawak to Sabah will just keep quiet and see this country being destroyed without taking any concrete action?… They think we are not the people of Malaysia kah?… Go ahead then, try and test the will of the people… We are… Read more »


I thought 11 policemen were supposed to be charged in the Kugan “death in police custody case?”


What do you expect from BN’s …? For a long time si-Toyo was bermaharaja lele’ing in Selangor….how many reports sent. The ‘then ACA’ and todays MAD AT COWs & CARS have been deaf,dumb and blind if reports are against BN guys.
MACC- Rakyat KNOWS you in and out!………!!


First the police came. Then the MACC came. Hey, what is this? Who would come next?…the army?. If this is not harrasment, I do not know what is.


Yes, the Rakyat should not be short-changed. Greedy … don’t ever touch the money until and unless the High Court decides on the legitmate Perak Government! Jangan buat bodoh.


The motive and intimidation on the Perak State Assembly Speaker by MACC pointed to one direction…(were) they acting as nominee for the BN govt?
Why did they not question their boss Ahmad Said (over his son)?…
Why is the deafening silence?
Has the Speaker broken any law of the land that warranted a investigation or is the so called reformed MACC an establishment for toxic leaders in UMNO?
Again, the taxpayers’ are short changed and made suckers!


MACC ? another new term for the “Be End” …. What are they doing are just to please their boss. What is happening to Khir Toyo, after 20 reports reported to them ? 0 actions…

We the “Rakyat” will vote your out and send them to the “Be End ” world ” The hell is waiting for you.. “


If MACC gets its way, it will set a weird, wrong, and to quote Sivakumar’s word, dangerous precedent. Mahathir Mohamad came and ask whether Pandikar Amin also can be subject to such action if the circumstances are to be against him. I am very clear about the rights of The Speaker. I assume all of us are very clear about this. However, the right is one thing. The execution of the right is another. And, the JUDGEMENT of the SPEAKER for him/her to use his/her RIGHT is totally another thing. so, there we have 3 major incidents here. 1) SPEAKER’s… Read more »


Its funny though. When a report is made against the opposition party members, they are being investigated at once. But when a report is made against the ruling party, nothing takes place? So, are they trying to say, if one joins the ruling party you are immune from legal actions..? BN Boleh!


This is an outrage of the constitution.We should question the double standard whereby the MACC son is not investigated ….


This is leading to the demise of democracy in Malaysia. How can the police or MACC question the Speaker of the state assembly or parliament. The power of the speaker in clearly specified in the law.

By their actions, they are questioning the law. So is the police and MACC above the law. This happened in a communist state but never in a democratic state.

So what are we?


On first principles I doubt if MACC has power to question speaker on a matter related to the high privileges of the house. Cant remember if this privilege is the same for state legislative assembly as it is for Parliament. MACC may of course question speaker eg relating to (alleged) BN payoffs to members of legislature. If I am right on first para, then some one (citizen? legislative assembly member–locus standii issue) can take MACC for abuse of power under administrative law. So that means taking the minister that MACC is responsible to , to Court. Any public law lawyers… Read more »


This is a very clear case of selective prosecution, even a ten year old can tell that.