MACC probes Alstom allegations


The MACC has initiated an investigation into the allegations surrounding Alstom and its alleged link to Malaysia.

See the AFP report on MSN News.

Meanwhile, Swiss prosecutors have reportedly dropped documents on their website relating to their case against Alstom. They had earlier imposed a hefty fine on the firm

From the Singapore Straits Times:

PETALING JAYA (ASIA NEWS NETWORK/ THE STAR) – The Swiss prosecutors have removed from their official website an unendorsed document linking two Malaysians to corruption charges involving French company Alstom.

Former Perlis Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Pawanteh said his lawyer in Switzerland had affirmed the matter.

‘It was high time they removed the offending document because it is unjust to release such unverified information without giving those implicated a chance to be heard,’ he said.

Mr Abdul Hamid said the Swiss court had never summoned him to testify during the Alstom trial.

Abdul Hamid has denied receiving kickbacks. See this Star report.

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Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
9 Dec 2011 3.11pm

Now the atrium of Komtar has been renovated.

How come Ghani not back into biz ? Rental now per standard competitive market rate yet is he waiting for preferential rate ? Usahawan Melayu already started making good progress at Komtar and Ghani should learn from them !

May be he is starting to sell blackberry cake soon instead of leather belts ? His antics surely SOON attracts customers who dislike LGE like you know who lah.

9 Dec 2011 9.24pm
Reply to  Syiok Syiok

Soon Blackberry Cake may be a heritage ‘angry food’ of Heritage Penang. I am mulling this one as an addition to the special category of Ori-Maestros of Angry This, Angry That. Remember Angry Bird?
I am smelling a business opportunity!
In the business of A&M, provocative advertising works wonders for brand owners. This may be true for Blackberry Cake of Komtar, Penang.
See me if anyone wants to brand Blackberry Cake with angry ingredients.

9 Dec 2011 1.39pm

The Indian Muslim community used to be the pillars of the Penang society, but Komtar Ghani Jiman is an insult to all their contributions in the past and the ethical and social standards they established. The crude and uncouth behavior coupled by the effectively “attack …” type approach (Kek Tahi) is an indication that he is nothing more than (an) agitator of the state opposition and his job is to create ugliness and bile through any and all means in an attempt to diminish the state party and leaders in power. Clearly this chap is a victim of his own… Read more »

Asam Garam
Asam Garam
9 Dec 2011 10.38am

probe here probe there macam untuk tunjuk sebelum pru

orang perancis pun sama

Kamal B
Kamal B
9 Dec 2011 10.16am

Barang Naik lagi.

Price increase in McDonald’s meal from yesterday.
Must be the reaction from the pay increase of civil servants?

Syiok Syiok
Syiok Syiok
9 Dec 2011 3.13pm
Reply to  Kamal B

the burgers take the prosperity out of my pocket ……

9 Dec 2011 9.17pm
Reply to  Syiok Syiok

I fear another round of increase in hawker food prices, including Pasembur, Mee Goreng, Gandum, Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai. And not to leave out Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik.
Will the non-halal hawker food also increase?
How I envy the ethereal Tham Chiak Kuis who enjoy free food (once a year) without the worries of food prices!

11 Dec 2011 3.48pm
Reply to  Kamal B

Not just McDonald but almost everything

8 Dec 2011 9.18pm

Probe here Probe there Probe everywhere, probe probe probe.
Nothing but some small fishes

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
9 Dec 2011 1.19am
Reply to  Yang

Not true. PKFZ is a big fish. But you need to report first the so called BIG fish to MACC.

9 Dec 2011 1.16pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Ignorant, Charging 1 or 2 small fish and you call that big. Are you sleeping.