MACC probe into Taib embarrassing for Adelaide University


The MACC’s probe into Taib Mahmud over allegations of timber corruption will further embarrass Adelaide University.

Greens MLC (i.e. Member of the South Australian state parliament) Mark Parnell speaking about the connection between Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and the University of Adelaide. Location: Taib Mahmud Court, University of Adelaide, 25 March 2011 (Picture courtesy of the Australian Greens)

In March, Adelaide University’s Vice-Chancellor-cum-President, James McWha, came under pressure when the Australian Greens organised a protest rally against the University’s ties with the Sarawak Chief Minister, reported the Bruno Manser Fund.

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No surprise as most Australian Universities are looking $$ in their eyes. Just see how many foreign students that bring $$ into the city and uni.

Dylan Dog

Most of the universities in UK and Australia are in dire needs of foreign money to stay afloat. So they do not question the surce of money so long as you are prepared to give it to them.


The P.M. cannot do anything to this… Taib, Najib needs his support to stay as president of Umno thus as P.M. of Malaysia.

Taib can do anything he likes and there is not a damn thing Najib can do if he wants to remain as P.M. of Malaysia nothing.

Dylan Dog

A PM that is held ransom by a corrupted (politician) will not be good for the nation.


Very few people of Sarawak have received any benefited from the wealth generated by the destruction of their forests. Instead it is the University of Adelaide that has profited…

It is time for authority throughout the world to freeze the (chief minister’s) assets and properties. Australians should also pressure officials of Adelaide University to show how much it has received in donation from Taib Mahmud… in the last 30 years …



think you can (donate) your way to legitimacy? no way jose in developed countries like australia.