Smile, you are on AES cameras!


Large contracts have been awarded under a so-called “Automated Enforcement System” to Australian and German firms linked to two obscure local firms holding lucrative concessions for the supply and operation of more than a thousand traffic cameras and related software.

The local concessionaires are responsible for “implementation and operational activities” – installing, commissioning and maintaining the cameras and operating control centres. The two little known companies were reportedly chosen via a tender process involving nine firms. (One of the nine firms, Tess Capital Sdn Bhd has reportedly lodged a report with the MACC.)

Critics have alleged the firms are controlled or linked to well-connected individuals.

Details of the deal:

Central and Southern regions (KL to JB corridor)
Local concessionaire: Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd
Shareholders: Nik Ismail Nik Mohamed, Datuk Mohd Yunus Othman, Yap Kim See @ Yap Ai Lin, Toh Puan Rozana Redzuan and Dr Andreas Teoh (Source: The Edge, 12 May)
Supplier: Redflex Traffic Systems Pty Ltd (Australia); Contract value: A$50m for 450 fixed speed cameras, 140 mobile cameras, extensive enterprise back office software, and implementation services; More details on the Redflex Holdings website.

Northern region
Local concessionaire: A.T.E.S. Sdn Bhd (40 per cent owned by Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd and balance held by Traffen Force Sdn Bhd)
Shareholders of Commercial Circle: Foong Yook Seng @ Lawrence Foong Yook Seng, Michael Foong Ka-Meng, Norsiah Abu Asid and Mohd Zulkafli Ahmad Tazali (Source: The Edge, 12 May)
Commercial Circles’ revenue for FY2011: RM12m
Shareholders of Traffen Force Sdn Bhd: Chee Chwee Cheong (10000 shares) and Jendela Duta Sdn Bhd (50000 shares). (Source: The Edge, 12 May) (But who owns Jendela Duta?)
Supplier: Jenoptik (Germany); Contract value: 40m euros for 550 traffic monitoring systems; More details on Jenoptik’s website

Traffic offenders will pay the fines on the summonses to the government and the government then pays the concessionaire its share after the summonses have been settled. So there is very little risk to the concessionaires. Easy money.

The Edge (12 March), from which the above info was obtained, reports that this project was first mooted when Chan Kong Choy was transport minister while the letters of intent to the concessionaires were issued when Ong Tee Keat was transport minister.

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Bro anil….sad to see that you make an efort to higlight thi issue but turn a blind eye on PKFZ, Tajuddin Ramli’s debt write off and NFC. These are issues that had sucked our country dry…


Thanks Bro for the reply….I had inquired from reliable sources as to the funding of AES. The government only collect money from the summonses issues without forking out any money from the treasury. The companies involved funded the project from their own sources. Since this is the case then we as the citizen of Malaysia need not worry if this project fail. What we should worry and shout is the plundering of our money by those in power.


From what I heard it’s 60% to the Govt coffer 40% to the concessionaires. The main aim of AES to me is to educate the population to adhere to the rules and regulation and to minimize as much as possible the fatality of road accidents. When we deploy humans to carry out enforcement there is a question of integrity but with electronic equipment there is no way to kowtow ma…..just like any other business you reap what you sow and that justifies the amount they get from the project.

semuanya OK kot

The Little Red Dot implemented this some time ago. However, for reasons that cannot be mentioned because they are “sensitive”, we can’t use them. They may actually e stupid enough to think we want the lowest quotation. As proven in the currency note case, Aussies are more “understanding”.


Next, will there be more cameras for vandalism, littering & spitting?
Especially in front of Gelakan’s sundry shops?
What a profitable kang tau way of Satu Lagi Projek – create a problematic scenario that calls for public-funded solutions!
GK will be pleased for this public camera to smile at every morning.

Richie Hee

BN is very innovative in coming up with ‘satu lagi projek’ else there is no income for those umnoputera kontraktor A-Z.


whose the AES … that came up with this brilliant idea?

Gerakan K

If it is OPEN TENDER based project, then what is the problem ??? LGE’s Request For Proposal is OK, what, huh ???

For DAP, even wife of elected ADUN also can (allegedly) take project. See this (

Hmm, sudah kena pakatan syndrome. Hmm ~

Andrew I

Wah, so long ago and based on allegations. Is this all you can dig up?


UMNO/Gerakan Government very Open on concessionaire? So what is the commission they received on every traffic summon issue? What happen when Deraja mata2 gives lelong on overdue fines? So no Lelong? Gerakan K Parti will top up if the concessionaires get less from the commissions just like all the highway tolls.


Break our bad driving habits and stop paying fines. Then see if they will go broke.

semuanya OK kot

How can “they” go broke? They spend our money.


Don’t complain before we see the results of this system. Frankly..for more than a decade PDRM have been tasked with reprimanding traffic offenders but to what results. Let’s wait and see the outcome first.


Only in Malaysia can you find the polis have to ‘beg’, ‘manja’ & ‘motivate’ recalcitrant traffic offenders to pay up!
It all boils down to the type and manner of system of administration of the country from the top down.
What about motivating those who don’t flout the traffic laws for years? How about giving them 5 years of free road tax?
Malaysia Boleh!!!

Pak Rak Yat

dedicate this song to those cronies who need to repent before judgement comes :