LRT extension: MRCB-George Kent award (Updated)


Update (23 September 2015): MRCB has issued a clarification following a Malaysian Insider report about the tender award for the LRT extension from Bandar Utama to Klang. This excerpt from The Edge:

The tender awarded to Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) and George Kent (M) Bhd for the Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) project is within the price range established by the project owner, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad.

MRCB executive director Imran Salim said that the company had also offered a few package options to Prasarana in carrying out the LRT3 line from Bandar Utama to Klang.

“We provide estimates, and then we gave them options. For instance if the government wanted it ready six months ahead of schedule, we will give them an option with additional machinery and manpower at a certain pricing. We gave many options (to choose from),” he told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview.

Imran said that the project delivery partner (PDP) concept was different from other construction tenders, where in the case of the former, only estimated and not the final costs would be stated.

“I’m very clear, in our tender, we gave options to our client.

“If they wanted it ready in six months, this is the amount, if they wanted it ready in one year, this is the cost.

“It is up to the government to accept or otherwise,” Imran said.

“PDP tender is not a construction tender, for a construction tender, there needs to be a final price, but for PDP, it can vary, so there are two different things here,” he said.

Imran, however, did not reveal the actual tender price the company had offered to Prasarana citing confidentiality.

“We submitted the tender based on basic information, there was no engineering details,” he said.

Imran added that MRCB’s expertise was in civil engineering, while George Kent was chosen as partner due to the company’s expertise in the field of rail signaling system.

“Not many companies in the country have such experience in signaling.

“Mostly are offered to international companies, now we have a local company that is able to do it.

“They have projects in India and Hong Kong in rail signaling, that is their strength,” he said, adding that MRCB never encountered any problems during their partnership.

“They are strong from one aspect, we are strong in another, and when put together, we make a good pair. The government will be getting the best,” Imran said.

I think they should still reveal the tender price as the tender has already been awarded. No reason why it should be confidential.

Original post:

This award is for the choice of project delivery partner for the Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) from Bandar Utama to Klang.

Apparently the award was made, despite documents sighted by The Malaysian Insider showing that George Kent’s tender had offered allegedly only the third lowest price (RM11.5bn) of six tenders submitted for the project.

Government-owned UEM’s tenders reportedly was just RM9.9bn and the lowest was RM9.5bn; so how did George Kent get the award? This is what must be explained.

Check out this report in the Asia Sentinel.

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Ringgit paras terendah. AS$1 = RM4.50


Watch this special Insight documentary aired on Channel News Asia last nite.

Malaysia at crossroad – a Fractured Nation

Malaysia Day was an occasion to strengthen unity of all Malaysians. To the ultra nationalists however it was a chance to sow discord and disunity. But why did the protests take on a racial overtone?

Alternative site to this video:


Political observers said in this excellent TV documentary by Singapore’s Channel News Asia: – Umno may use the race card to shore up support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, but this will not work in the long run if the ruling party fails to address real issues of poor governance, alleged corruption and the economy; – the race card was being used because it offered Najib assurance that he still had support, even as the embattled Najib continued to face scrutiny over his governance and alleged scandals. – the race card would not last long because people would… Read more »

gk ong

Umno is embarrassed by this documentary that it instructed HyppTV to pull off its transmission. So better watch it on YouTube.


Six developing nations, including Malaysia and South Africa, deserve to follow Brazil into junk status, if credit-default-swaps traders are to be believed.

Two weeks after the Latin American country’s credit rating was lowered, CDS investors are punishing other emerging markets facing similar challenges, sending their implied sovereign ratings at least five levels below their official grades, according to data from Moody’s Corp.

Malaysia is A3 at the company, though traders see it six levels lower at Ba3.


Malaysia is getting junk status very soon.


If GK is very experienced in signalling, what overseas they have done? Which mtr or railway? GK can employ dirty dozen foreign experts. Further malaysian trains are so simple and there are no multiple tracks crossing each other to go in different directions.


Explanation ? Oh, he has instead just explained 1,2,3,4 slapping story ! Come on let’s twist again)))))


Clearly Najib is behind the red shirt rally.
Since Ali Tinju can be acquitted of charges of inciting the Malay mob at Low Yat, then the Malays can challenge non-Muslims using the Islamic Racism as their basis for rowdy behaviour?

gk ong

Certain Umno folks even talked about ‘constitutional racism’ to justify their action.

johan khun pana

It is not about the pricing.
The Malaysian federal govt(BN) is not bothered about low bidding prices or highest bidding prices.
Is it is all (allegedly) about “commission”/ kickbacks(?)
The “overall deal” or win – win situation.
Is it all about whoever (allegedly) pledges the highest ‘commission”?
It is all so legal by now.
Hopefully this will be their last & final…

LGE tak boleh

Najib and Gkent boss are golf buddies


Marbles and gasing buddies can go and fly kites? Why red guards are complaining? If golf buddy, why nothing for the partner he played in ha wa ii?


The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly initiated a probe into allegations of money laundering related to the debt ridden 1MDB.

According to financial daily The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) this morning, a source reported this development in the midst of the detention of Umno former leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan.

gk ong

Interestingly Bkt Aman has claimed that they were not informed by the US authority.

Ask yourself if the US authority informed Pakistan before they raided and caught Osama Bin Laden?


What is special branch and detectives been doing? They used to tape the talks and watch for loop holes to charge oppositions for anything over topping gomen or seditious?


Najib said this to 15,000 Pesaka members: “Slapped once, we did not do anything. The second time… nothing… the third time… nothing… but the fourth time had crossed the limit. Malays also have rights. “The Malays will stand up when their pride is scarred, when their leader is insulted, condemned and humiliated. It’s enough, do not repeat such vengeful acts,” he said. He said the assembly of silat exponents showed they were prepared to defend the nation’s dignity from being humiliated. It is not wrong to believe that Najib (allegedly) sponsored RM3 million for the red rally as claimed by… Read more »


1Malaysia? or 1Melayu?
Njib: Jangan Carik-Carik Maruah Orang Melayu

3 jenis penyokong Najib:

Muka Tebal

APA LU MAHU? Maruah Lagi?


They just won’t last long, wait til their numbered days !


The extras have to cover the expenses incurred by red shirts. Transport, t shirts. cleaning, makan etc. See Steven yang, super cally annars are still having a good time since the party is over


Last night post Bersih4 talk at Bayan Baru Market hall reportedly attended by 30+ red armies that came into the hall and have intimidated some attendees.