Live – Selangor shows the way, tables FOI Bill


Today is something of an historic day for the country in our quest for a more accountable society.

Watch ‘live’ over ‘TV Selangor’ as the Selangor becomes the first state to table a Freedom of Information Bill for its first reading and debate.

We will have to scrutinise the enactment and evaluate how progressive the bill is.

That said, congratulations and well done for pushing through this enactment as a matter of principle. What about other Pakatan-ruled states?

And BN-ruled states? It’s just amazing to hear Selangor BN Aduns rejecting the Bill.

The debate also touched on the recent federal government action against opposition newspapers.

You can find a soft copy of the Freedom of Information (State of Selangor) Enactment Bill 2010 on the Scribd website here.

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We are against the government’s act of arbitrarily prohibiting publications and circulation of information. Freedom of expression is fundamental to a democratic society. The government should ensure the greatest possible space of freedom for the people. In order to improve the standard and quality of news reporting, the government must allow more new media to exist to counterbalance those which often provide false and biased information. Healthy competition will compel media practitioners to maintain a high standard of professionalism. The printing licence system instituted under Printing Presses and Publications Act (1984) strictly controls domestic media, causing printing media to impose… Read more »


Can the enactment be undone when BN later take over the government?


just wondering,
If BN, UMNO and Najib can do the most dubious of all thing in Perak, what else can they not do. Of course they can, so we must make sure BN does not get to win Selangor again.


This is what PR is + CAT

Ahmad Syafiq

Well done on taking the 1st step. Let’s hope it will come to pass in the State Assembly.


Syabas Pakatan Rakyat …..lagi sekali kerajaan Selangor untuk faedah Rakyat ….hapuskan RASUAH Umno/Bn ……Hidup REFORMASI !

Human Race

Another first from a Pakatan State. The State can only grow and progress further and faster compared to the “hush hush” States under BN.

What is it that the BN reps dare not do? Just name what is it? Anything good for the people will be opposed and rejected by these reps. They are so void of ideas to be a responsible opposition. They really have no good issues to oppose, and always almost resort to lies.

Well done, Pakatan Rakyat!


How are we going to expect (someone) like Sulaiman Abdul Razak (BN-Permatang) and his likes to understand the meaning of transparency! Since when, UMNO goons, ever respect our Constitutions and how does this bill violate our Constitutions?
Hope all PR controlled States introduce and adopt this bill, it is long overdue…hard core crooks have escaped scot free!


What BN assembly members rejecting the Freedom of Information Bill. Are they fit to be members of the augast house. Do they know that they can have access to all documents and debate on them without fear or favour. This jokers do not want freedom but only to be subservient to they political masters. They should ask their constituents first before rejecting. Real stupid Aduns.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Ganesan and everyone,

THe BN assemblymen know, just ‘buat tak tahu sje”. They reject the bill because when passed there’ll be many cans of worms of past administrations for the public to see – lop-sided and one-sided agreements and contracts drawn-up to enrich certain political elites and their cronies at the expense of the taxpayers! Don’t want freedom for themselves? I’d rather contend that they don’t want freedom for the public to discover gross mismanagements of the peoples’ funds!!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Congrats to the Selangor State Govt for taking the lead in tabling the FOI Bill! Other Pakatan States should do likewise. Like Anil, I’ll congratulate the BN States if they also put forth such a Bill. Failure to do so indicates they have a lot to hide from the public! It is then no longer a perception issue, otherwise, for what other reasons that they don’t have the political-will to follow Selangor’s example! So, let’s hope that BN is not just paying lip-service that they want transparency and accountability while at the same time using OSA to close… Read more »


Well done Selangor.Anil,your comment: ‘What about other Pakatan states?’ is incomplete.You should have added further that BN states should be braved enough to follow the lead of Selangor, to table the FOI bill.Have you forgotten that we have other states which are not Pakatan-controlled or have you given up on them?


Ground breaking laws being enacted by Pakatan, so much more to come, and so little time to undo all the mess created from the 1980s till 2003. Still waiting for Penang for follow suit. Besides this, what are the other changes made by the Pakatan States?
I know that the Penang Govt had released their “Report Card” recently, did not manage to get a hand on the report so far.


If a Pakatan state like Penang can’t do it, or won’t, what makes you think the BN would??


If BN won`t do it what make you think that PR state like Penang will not do it. Looking more like a BN machai isn`t it