Live – It wasn’t suicide, insists Pornthip


Thai forensic pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand, testifying at the inquest into Teoh Beng Hock’s death, insists that the incident was not suicide: “I will not go into percentages. I am sure it is not suicide.”

When the MACC counsel accused her of taking sides, Pornthip responded, “You have to understand. I work for the rights of the dead, not the Selangor government.” The crowd in the courtroom broke into applause.

Photos by [email protected]

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Majority wins?

In Perak, they (enticed) 3 frogs over and got their majority regardless of the principle why, in the first place, there was an election to choose a government.

Some majority, some doctor, some government.

Phua Kai Lit

Ignoramus regime lawyer .

Times Higher Educ Supplement (THES) Rankings:

2009 World Universities Rankings:
Mahidol ranked at 101 (Life Sciences & Biomedicine)
Mahidol ranked at 220 (Overall)

2010 Asian Universities Rankings:
Mahidol placed at 18 (Life Sciences & Biomedicine)
Mahidol placed at 28 (Overall).


Is Malaysia a smart country? I doubt, after see a … lawyer with 24 years experience, performing!…


Man, it is either this govt lawyer is incompetent or his staff totally gave him the wrong information to use for the trial. What sort of question is that to ask her ???? Her university qualifications ?????? Even if you wish to cross-examine her professional qualifications, it should be on any of her past cases, NOT on her university which is really established in this region. Sigh……this govt lawyer doesn’t read much beyond Utusan Melayu i see..


I think Dr Pornthip must be thinking how can he be a lawyer that was why she asked, “Are you a lawyer?” And Razak proudly replied, ” 24 years (bodoh sombong really)…” Dr Pornthip must be thinking again, wa lau… 24 years of practice, and how come he was like he cant understand a thing… No wonder Malik said the lines of questionings making all of us wanted to jump off the building… Anyway, Dr Pornthip, the majority of us Malaysians are grateful to you as you risk your life to come forward to defend the rights of the dead…… Read more »


Today, the joke is on us again when lawyer for MACC, Razak opened his mouth and asked questions…

So, the world can confirm our standard now… No wonder Singaporeans often look down on us, Malasians…

Who will be the scapegoat this time? Another two masked men????????????????

Malaysia Boleh, 1Malaysia lagi boleh !!!

p/s Allah God, please show your power and anger, punish the wicked evil people to tell them enough is enough, Amin !!!


The beauty here is she said she works for the dead not the Selangor state government. The DPP A.Razak claimed the majority is against her. DPP Razak is a real fool nearly every one in Malaysia knows (many of) our doctors are all looking at Ringgit, awards and promotions…


Real deadwoods have no passion for their works. We the Rakyat are shortchanged by these incompetents, paying their salaries for free rides.
And the Dunggu kind of mentality of the herds of unthinking oxymorons are the ones thinking on the lines of Majority! They can’t think with their own God-given minds! How to expect creativity at work in them?
Hilarious to say they have the biles to proclaim Majority wins in their courts… What is the Judge doing…?


This court jester Razak,certainly was entertaining… such talent…such brilliance..such quality…should join the baginda guy for further studies and take over from AG soon…!


Aiyah. This Razak is a product of you what. Else where he cannot even be a clerk.

Gerakan K

Yes, the majority wins !!!

So, it was a suicide case based on expert opinions.

Be practical-lah. If one doctor told you that you got cancer and 3 other doctors said otherwise, you must jumping in joy to proclaim that you got no cancer and start criticize the one that told you got cancer.

Pornthip ??? Who ???


Ya, and Altantuya Shaariibuu was found dead because she played with fire-crackers!


News flash…..

At today Teoh inquest, a lawyer died from self strangulation!! (joke)


News flash 2:

Malik: “My learned friend’s questioning is making some of us want to jump out ourselves.”

Don’t do that, lawyers. Case not over yet!


Pornthip: “I want to ask if you are a lawyer?” Razak: “I have been a lawyer for 24 years.”

Yes, 23 years of repeating 1 year’s experience! Takes 3 days to read 1 paragraph…(?)

The Hell gates are open for another 18 days, MACC will be getting more visitors this time of the year.

Justice Will Be Delivered

Sigh..the smartest and wisest thing for the BN government to do now is to have a royal commision of inquiry, find the (culprit, if any) and charge him, whatever his connections. Then, only then will the people of Malaysia of all races be healed of this terrible wound of grotesque injustice (going into a government office and jumping off the 14th floor a few hours later as if a suicide decision can be made so promptly). And more importantly, then will the Malaysian earth that is spilled with Teoh Beng Hock’s blood be redeemed from the curse of injustice. As… Read more »


Self-strangulation for Beng Hock , self-infliction for Anwar’s black eye…..sound familiar? M’s infamous comment,

… this 24 YEARS of experience lawyer. Razak… don’t try to make a … fool of yourself…

Pala Richie

Pornthip: “I said pre-fall injury.” Razak: “There is no eyewitnesses to that.” Pornthip: “You have to read back.” Razak: “I spent three days reading. If you say blunt object, where is the weapon.” Pornthip: “I want to ask if you are a lawyer?” Razak: “I have been a lawyer for 24 years.” Pornthip: “You have to respect the judge to make his conclusions.” Razak: “We work on majority.” …….. So, majority wins? I though the coroner is to look into possibilities, if RCI needed to look the details. (wether RCI able or not, is another matter) So, 24 yrs as… Read more »


We have one hell of a Dunggu lawyer for MACC!
No need to elaborate here (you can follow ‘Cover It Live” to get what I feel so disgusting, almost to the point of jumping out of my chair).

To get a respond from Dr. Pornthip: “My objective is to help the dead.” speaks volume of our so-called MACC lawyer from where? Still he didn’t get it!

Dead man don’t die out of majority (what?)!!!
Gobind, can you enlighten us on “We work on majority.” in the court …

Ong Eu Soon



What a … of 24 years in law to ask Dr Pornthip why her “findings” just made up of one(1) sheet of paper!
– Need she explain? Does a big file demonstrate one’s expertise and capability to tackle the job? LOL!!!

and he went further:

“I spent three days reading. If you say blunt object, where is the weapon?”

– If the weapon had been found, don’t think there’s any necessity to further prolong this Inquest, eh?


“Malik says the script in note is in Mandarin”
Mandarin is a spoken language, not a written one. Chinese characters are what people who speak Mandarin, Hakka, Hokkien or any other Chinese dialect may well write.


I wonder about her agreeing that the bruises could not have been cause by manual strangulation. If her reasoning is that the bruised area was too great, would it have been possible that the bruised area was a mass of bruises, caused by repeated manual strangulations?

I’m not attempting to imply that there was strangulation, just questioning her reasoning for ruling out manual strangulation on the grounds of area alone.


My 2 cents question:
If a person is strangled by whatever means and suffered 5 minutes of oxygen interruption ( which will render him weak, unconscious or dead), can he still walk and jump out of the window?


“dead), can he still walk and jump out of the window?”
Not if he’s dead. I think the pathologists all agree that he wasn’t dead just before landing – proving consciousness is a little bit harder, as we’ve seen. There are documented cases of people walking (not sure about jumping) while unconscious – somnambulation or ‘sleepwalking’ – so the rational answer to your question is ‘yes’, apart from the dead option but I guess that was a slip of the fingers.


The fall question wouldn’t require re-construction, it’s a basic physics problem. The fall is almost certainly not long enough for drag to be an issue, so if the floors are 3m high, and he fell 14th-5th, that’s a fall of 9 * 3 = 27m. s = ut +0.5at^2, and u (initial velocity) is practically zero, unless he was fired from a cannon, so s (distance) = 0.5 a (gravity = 9.8m/s/s) * t (time) ^2 (squared), so time = square root of (u / (0.5 * a)) (divide both sides by 0.5a and take root of both sides). u… Read more »


Her Institution is rated 5th in Asia and our Universities cannot make it to the top 500 in Asia alone….

God…we are a banana republic …. Malaysia has made a complete fool of themselves when it comes to credibility….

I think Razak fellow better sell goreng pisang and Shahidan run a banana plantation….

One way or the other, this government has to go…otherwise Malaysians will be seen as gutless fools all over the world…


I love this lady.


That MACC lawyer is an embarrassing idiot. This is an Inquest – the MACC is not on trial. He is defending the MACC as though it is in the dock. I think the MACC have done themselves no favours by their ‘nothing to do with us’ stance. They should have been in the vanguard of trying to establish the cause of death because TBH died on their premises in far less than pleasant circumstances. A reasonable person would not interpret the circumstances as evidence of their culpability. Then again, a reasonable person who discovers their guest dead on their premises… Read more »

R.Prem Kumar

I ditto that.


With a high profile case on questionable death, getting this ???? lawyer must have made many Malaysians cringe and malu, not only the legal professions of the truly professional kind.
MNCs will think doubly twice about engaging Malaysian lawyers.