Flight MH370 – ‘Deliberate action by someone on the plane’


Najib says the plane was believed to be flying along either of two flight corridors:
– From northern Thailand to the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, or
– From Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

Last satellite communication with the plane was at 8.11am. (Earlier it was reported that the aircraft had enough fuel to last until 8.30am.)

RMAF radar indicated that, after turning back from its intended route, the plane flew West across the peninsula and then North-West and this was later corroborated by international agencies, said the PM.

Najib said these movements are “consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane”.

“Despite media reports that the plane was hijacked, I wish to be very clear: we are still investigating all possibilities as to what caused MH370 to deviate from its original flight path,” said Najib.

Meanwhile, search operations in the South China Sea have been suspended.

One question that bugs me is that if the plane was hijacked, where is the plane now and what are the demands? It is not that easy to land a Boeing 777 without being noticed by civilian or military radar. And you would need a landing strip large enough as well.

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For many people that either direct or indirect related to Malaysia government servant/military/uniform group, most cannot accept and deny any inferiority within the organisation.
Most of the time, they scope the sand from floor when facts explode in front of them.

Just remember the 3 worm story :
There is 3 worm. The first worm say, there is another worm behind me.
Second worm say, the is a worm in front of me and behind of me.
The third worm say, there is no worm in front of me.


Dear tunglang From your many writings i can see that you are a person with much ego… You mean readers have to agree with your “intelligent” analysis otherwise show your emotion ?? I give you the benefit of the doubt that you didnt buy into the bull… that captain zaharie was pro pakatan and he was upset with anwar’s sentencing and hence sacrificed 239 lives including him. You think china and america and the rest of the countries will accept this kind of “intelligent” analysis??? What are the cohesive evidences that corroborate that captain zaharie is the culprit??? Just because… Read more »


My suspicion zero in on the senior pilot. Why? His in-house flight simulator is a perfect practice devise (for secret flight paths) for a long-drawn plot like this, whether to hijack or for terrorism or both. His public display of simulator game is just merely a ploy of distraction from authorities (should suspicion arise before any intelligence info of impending flight incident) before the ‘big day’ of reckoning. Who on board has the most experience or flight practice to navigate a huge plane to avoid detection by commercial radars except the military radars? This point is a contention: his political… Read more »


tunglang, tak masuk akal !!!

Only a loser will do this kind of thing, the captain is not, far from it.

Having a flight simulator is his passionate hobby, to connect that with the missing plane i would say is misjudgment, unless he is like those involved in 911, joining the pilot school for that one evil purpose. Did he ?

His political belief may make him lose his mind, and hence a disapperance
mission with all the passengers on board??? That you make my mind banyak pusing la.


Of course your kepala pushing b’cos you can’t objectively study & connect the evidences brought forward & corroborated by intelligence without emotional-sensitivity attachment to your political highs & lows (esp when mentioned that the pilot is a PKR life member).
What a shame but a blessing to our country you are not (fit to be) in our polis force.


If claim against mas, it claim against Malaysian government. Yang, you pay on my behalf,?

Don Anamalai

Rakyat has to tanggung for MAS, unless Syed Mokhtar could buy over MAS?


cwf, I will pay off all the claims if the govt would sell me MAS at RM1.00 as what they wanted to do to Kereta Api many years ago. The conditions they must give fuel subsidies for at least 60 years. On top of that the govt must bear all the liabilities and debts of MAS. Don`t you think that is a good deal.


Is Hishammudin a Jonah ?
Lahad Datu incident when he was Minister of Home Affairs.
Now MH370 debacle with him as Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister.
He should resign to show responsibility.


If MH307 flies to Kazakhstan, Najib can certainly seek the help of his son-in-law Daniyar Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan?


Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim criticised Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for not taking questions from the media following his first press conference on the missing MH370 yesterday afternoon.

These opposition and their sycophants are just simply opposing for the sake of opposing. Najib press conference explain almost everything. It seem they have forgotten govt procedure. The govt cannot simply divulge everything until they are well corroborated and in this case there is probably of sabotage and hijacking which the govt must be very cautious to ensure the safety of the passenger if there is hijacking or sabotage.

Awang Selamat Ori

Uncle, Yang, don’t bodek for the sake of bodeking! What press conference was that? He just read a statement from prepared text! I truly agree with Yang uncle that we should not divulge everything until everything is confirmed. Do you agree that by announcing the possibility of sabotage and act of terrorism, are we not playing into the hands of the Americans, in particular Boeing? Today, the IGP confirmed it was an act of terrorism. By doing so, aren’t we absolving Boeing from any responsibilities in the future? In future, all claims will be against the Government of Malaysia and… Read more »


Awang, Come on man are you senile. Do not jump to conclusion. Hisam and the police chief are saying that there are 4 possibilities and one is sabotage and terrorism. They are still investigating and have not come to any conclusion yet. Now you are jumping to conclusion and tried to pin everything on the govt. Is this what the opposition is good at or another sandiwara, we are willing to be hostage. I wonder who will be if indeed it is a hijack. Anwar, LGE, LKS or Karpal or would you volunteer. I don`t think LGE is willing as… Read more »

najib manaukau

After the South China Sea, it is now the Indian Ocean, what is next, the Pacific Ocean ? Did I tell you MH370 might have been hijacked, long before Najib came out to say that MH370 is ‘deliberately flown’ to the West or Southern corridors. What a … shamble of an explanation but should not be a surprise when the informations and details, or shall I say the guessing games are coming from Malaysia especially from a bunch of clowns giving themselves especially the Umno cronies all kind of glorified titles ! What a shame especially so when the stage… Read more »


Missing MH370: Flight captain a “political fanatic,” reports Daily Mail

This is what opposition fanatics can do. I do hope that Awang and Kee will come to their senses and not go overboard that blinded their sense of reality in supporting their cause.



After a week rebuting foreign media repeatedly, the plane was indeed flying for more than 4 hours after. Last contact despite earlier denial by Hisham. Was our TUDM sleeping on the job? If only they despatched our jet fighters to investigate the moment they noticed the unidentified flying object intruding our airspace as indicated on the military radar. Lots of valuable time wasted (1 week!) due to incompetence, ignorance and poor coordination?

Joe T

For Awang Selamat Ori

This Yang is not the earlier Yang pre 505.

The past Yang is gone (migrate to heaven may be etc)

Someone hijack the use of the name Yang (could be Gerakan K crew members).

let’s put matter to rest.


Joe, i had a good laugh, thks. Ya, yang is in good hands now !!! Awang, thanks for your kind words in the earlier post, thks again. Anil, cant seem to work re major zairi’s book… never mind other times. I will let you know when books arrived. The nation has been hijacked by BN for the past 5 decades and more. If there is anything wrong with the country, it must be anwar’s fault, if not kit siang, then guan eng or karpal singh !!! They say, plane so big cannot find but anwar’s sperm eye cannot see but… Read more »


Najib press conference and speech already answer all. What more does Awng want. Please don`t act like the 3 doremi

Phua Kai Lit
Aisay man

Maybe we can find it near the Continent of Australia ?


We thank Najib for the information. But if his appearance was merely to issue
a statement that anybody could do – DPM, or Defence Minister. A press conference
should be a session whereby the audience be given space to interact with the PM
through a Q and A dialog. That would be more meaningful rather than issue a statement
and then cabut.

Phua Kai Lit

No surprise at all. Remember his history of non-appearances:

No debate with the Opposition Leader in Parliament over the budget (He is the Finance Minister !)

No debate with Anwar Ibrahim prior to GE 13 (He is the leader of the ruling coalition and Anwar is the leader of the Opposition !)

Phua Kai Lit

The major questions and indeed the solution to the entire incident: Obviously, the regime has something to hide 1) Which group of hijackers would be a major embarrassment to the UMNO Baru-BN regime once their identity becomes known ? 2) What demands made by the hijackers would embarrass the 1PM and his gang greatly ? Final comment: What is this UMNO Baru-BN regime going to do to repair the major damage done to our foreign relations i.e. all those nations that kindly sent ships and planes (plus satellites) to search the South China Sea (when all along, Malaysian military radar… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Forgot to include our good neighbor Indonesia.


According to the NYT report, a four-person air force crew based in Butterworth watching for intrusions into the country’s airspace either did not notice or failed to report a blip on their defensive radar and air traffic radar that was moving steadily across the country from east to west, heading right towards them. Even the crews at two other radar installations at Kota Baru did not designate the blip as an unknown intruder, while the jetliner continued to fly across the country without anyone watching or alerting a superior or the national defence command, despite the fact that the radar… Read more »

Don Anamalai

This failure was not only a breach in air space security which would make Malaysia vulnerable to attacks, but it also meant the country lost a precious opportunity to intercept Flight MH370 which had then flown into the vast unknown.


ps: Perhaps our jet fighters have missing engines, thus cannot take off?


The entity that sunk Titanic and created WWW2 knows…..


This was described as a media conference, but journalists were not given the opportunity to ask questions after the PM had finished speaking from his prepared notes. Is that the normal practice in Malaysia? In other parts of the world it would have been described as the PM issuing a statement rather than holding a media conference.

I was hoping somebody would ask him how a plane could fly across the peninsula without being observed immediately by military or aviation services radar, and what are the defense implications of that.

Kok Keong

Why 5 pm? Or was it supposed to be a joke. What PM Najib did is hardly unusual, I believe. It goes with the mentality that the authorities or people with tags have the facts/answers so reporters will just have to dutifully soak all that wisdom up like a sponge. What more you want to ask?

Reporters who pester with their questions and follow-ups would be considered disrespectful or kurang ajar. Mahathir once responded to such annoying reporters by saying that all the questions and follow-up questions left him with no opportunities to say his piece!

Awang Selamat Ori

I hope Najib gets his information from reliable international sources, not from bodek Uncle Yang,o before he goes on tv. Yes, there is some sense of order and authority, but, then, it is Najib oh.. Najib! He may just disappear and be travelling on his private jet again!

Hope the plane is safe and is in hiding in areas of Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan not below the Indian Ocean.

Perhaps, those hijackers may have bigger plans to use the plane in the future. Let us only hope the passengers and crew are safe.