Live – GE13: Verdict of the People’s Tribunal


Gurdial Singh, Ambiga and Maria Chin Abdullah are the speakers at this forum in KL tonight organised by Bersih 2.0. It runs from 8.00pm to 10.30pm.

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Don Anamalai

Why is there such a long delay on the verdict to the Anwar’s court case?


Instead of using their usual tactics of blaming BN for everything that is wrong with the country, PR should take a hard look at themselves and start to deliver the New Politics and the numerous promises they made. They should stop taking our votes for granted. It has to be earned based on merit and results and not mere promises any more.


Pakatan is dropping the ball on the whole redelineation exercise. Its half of a two-prong strategy of (the administration’s) Cheat and Buy strategy for the next GE.. With GST and lifting of oil subsidies, the govt has BILLIONS to spend and all they need is pour a significant portion into Sabah & Sarawak and they can win. The redelineation exercise will just put a nail in the coffin of PR’s hope of taking Putrajaya especially if Anwar is in jail.. It is as if Pakatan don’t believe they can take Putrajaya in the next GE at all even before they… Read more »