Live – French lawyer briefs Malaysians on Scorpene case


A French lawyer, William Bourdon, is in Penang and will be briefing a crowd of diners on the progress of the judicial investigations into the Scorpene case.

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng


You can’t play hide and seek with truth
For that will be considered as uncouth
Without respecting the aged and the youth
By putting own foot in your mouth

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sat.23rd Jul.2011.


French lawyer detained.
PM quickly cancels family holiday to be with the rakyat.
Another half truth and true lies.
Come back to see how to “WHAT“ the French lawyer.
and will the truth be subverted again


More like how to kau tim this ‘too revealing truth’ with whatever means…

Won’t be very surprised if there is no record in the immigration of any Frenchman by the name of William Bourdon!


Bourdon has been detained by Immigration Dept when he flew in to KL this morning after last night’s dinner in Penang. And Najib cuts short a “family holiday” overseas so that he “can be with the people”; he flew in today too. … coincidence?


I missed the briefing.
Can someone please provide a summary of the briefing?


Thanks Anil for the live coverage…read it only when I returned from a fantastic meal in Qingdao, Shandong. Went to see the longest bridge in the world! I doubt the Yellow submarines will make it there…even, if they do, the Chinese Navy will help them to dive to the bottom.


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The briefings should be recorded in video and then duplicated copies circulated to gain some funding for future presentation of this sort.
Isn’t this a good idea ???
Benefit for those who are not able to attend.


You Tube is best to spill it all! No censorship or OSA.
Also, to prove my present location as opposed to this one ‘tunglang impostor’ on the scene, I am commenting from my precious studio with a cuppa of Kopi-O kau kau, not at my favorite kopitiam.
So much for brand power. There are people who love to be impostor (from French imposteur) for the sick of it or kick of it. That actually stretch my brand name further.
The world is full of liars and deceptions including our Master of Tipu of Kotor of BarangNaik Gila-Gila.


need to generate fund for future ceramah. so youtube is no no as people watch and don’t contribute cash.

i was at last nite dinner ((RM50 per head) and don’t mind paid for it as these folks truly need funding.

i suggest tunglang can save on to much indulging too much in street food & kopi and also contribute $ for good causes. ok ?


Very soon najib (might) try to convince Malaysians that the ongoing French government investigation into alleged kickbacks on Scorpene submarines deal was a bid to topple his government, the same way he had earlier accused Bersih of trying to topple his government.

It is the same template provided by his spin doctor?