Live – Beng Hock inquest; Tee Beng, Fairus quit


Gobind Singh cross-examines pathologist Shahidan while Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng quits PKR.

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Gerakan K,

Sorry to have disappoint umno/BN in their “divide & rule” attempt that PAS, DAP & PKR did not fight over the Opposition Leader post. Try again!


It is noted that MP from opposition is leaving from Pakatan side.
Since when Independent Friendly to BN started (I forgot)
A lame excuse such as loss confidence in the leadership, not according to the struggle and so on.
Please do the honourable thing resign from the constituency and be voted in.
It is a same theory where one works for a company and dispute with the employer and you resigned. Do you still receive the pay from the employer? You know the answer….


Another two apportunistic, cunning … ex-PKR members resigned. Good riddance is all the rakyat cared. These 2 bums contradict themselves the moment they opened their stinking mouths. Caring for the rakyat?????? My foot. Filling up their pockets … should be a better way to put it. If they still have any dignity left and care for the rakyat, they should give up their seats NOW, I REPEAT NOW and stand for election again. And not hide behind their BN/UMNO masters for protection. I can guarantee 100% the rakyat will throw these 2 bums out in no time. WILL ALL THOSE… Read more »

Gerakan K

Surprisingly DAP never ask for the Opposition Leader post. Why huh ???


Gerakan K,

Wannabe b.. so simple, its the solidarity between PAS, DAP & PKR going on strong despite the dirty and dubious tactic of UMNO and … Najib.


Gerakan K, Sometimes we are into politics not for the power and the monies! This is PRM not UMNO Baru or BN! Look at the BN, every party under their umbrella is tainted with money politics, whether it is UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and even the mosquito party Makkhal Sakthi, just launched by the PM, is already embroiled in money politics and is already fighting so hard amongst themseleves! Once you are into BN, you cannot escape the curse, the greed for monies, power, women, wine and songs! That is BN. In PRM, it is definitely different, PKR is where… Read more »


Gerakan K,

The answer is simple. For all intent and purposes, LKS is the Opposition Leader. Anwar’s just a figure leader. It is the sort of Ali Baba regime we had in Perak where Nga-Ngeh partnership ruled the state with Nizar as a puppet MB.

You can almost feel the desperation of DAP in making Pakatan work as they are addicted to power and will not let it go no matter what.

What is going to happen is PAS will jettison PR soon and PKR will implode. This will leave DAP to carry the can alone.


Its a second wave of (after March 2008) wind of change to completely wipe out the rot and evil. Just wait.


The bigger problem is not about MPs or state assembly persons switching camps. It’s about the state of rot in this country that is corrupting every public institution in this country save the Auditor General’s office.

I will campaign to help kick BN/UMNO out of federal power for at least 2 terms for this country to nurse itself back to pre-TDM days.

So please help us God.


Psudo intelligent blogger rocky bru had put up a naked photo…


Karen, Fairus is not 70 year old apek. He’s in his 30s. Surely, he would be able to find his job on his own. PKR has given him a job at RM4000 per month. That’s a lot of money. There are plenty of people who earns less than RM1000 per month. You can always blame it on Anwar. Of course, as far as I know it’s Zahrain’s decision of asking Fairus to leave. Guess what Zahrain is still the Chairman of Island Property Group. Nobody asks why he does not resign that post. Chairman leh? Definitely more than RMxxx per… Read more »


K Well nothing comes out from the mouth who equates to negative comments / or should I say simply “hentam” by closing one eye on the comments by others. Anyway Karen, you should start joining politic (if not yet) to be a “women behind the scenes” to be members’adviser. In my opnion in political party, organisation, association, – I have been committee, secretary, treasurer! I find that there are a few types of member a) the yes man or follower (who are blind, anything goes to the candidate/friends or post helm b) the spolier / rebel – anything does by… Read more »


First of all, I would want to thank God for Dr Pornthip, a righteous doctor who is not succumbed to the temptation of money at all, but does her duty without fear and favour. Truly, if without Dr Pornthip, Beng Hock will just be another victim mati “buta-buta”… another cover-up death… Yes, we Rakyat with good conscience will not let Beng Hock die in vain. Judgment will come to those whose hands are full of Beng Hock’s blood and those invisible hands involved in the death of Beng Hock. Be very scared from now… Secondly, Yang’s reply to K is… Read more »


Well Kee, on the other hand, Dr Porn is being accused of falling to the temptation of money given by Pakatan (which actually belonged to the rakyat) and give (an allegedly) wrong verdict. I would love to see her being torn to shreads by the UK Prof who has been hired by MACC. But I guess, this Thai forensic “expert” might not return to the inquiry citing “threats” to her life. In reality she knows she will have her reputation irreparably damaged by her idiotic statement. But PR cheerleaders yourself will beleive anything that supports your viewpoint even if that… Read more »


Anil, I do hope she turns up I would be hardly shocked if she never steps into Malaysia again. It would be interesting indeed what the UK profeessor has to say about the credibility of this Thai punk-haired and hare-brained “forensic expert”.


K, Give your evidence instead of accusing Porntip senselessly of falling for PR money. But then look at UMNO and Najib action first which is a fact. (His administration) entice 2 adun who are on corruption charges. He allowed the Malacca CM to stay on despite being guilty of money politics. He accepts Fairus who was investigated by the MACC of corruption (though later cleared). He favoured Chua Soi Lek who is tainted in a sex scandals. Give me evidence that the PR leaders and government in Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan and the previous Nizar government are any worse. OTHERWISE… Read more »


We expected fairus to go to umno, from last year when he retuned to KL with his wife anytime due labour to give birth, the condition of his medium cost house with 5kids, no job, that PKR supposedly Ketua Penerangan Negeri just let fairus rot, no couselling whatsoever, is this PKR’s policy? At that time, look at that Exco Malik making statements on fairus on Awani,…well fairus is human. Thank God Anwar came up with Mansor. When a political party cannot take care of its members, why stay, life is about sustaining ones family first before talk about perjuangan rakyat.… Read more »


K, it is true that Anwar pick his horses and got it wrong. He apologises. Heard any Najib apologizing for people like Bung and Khir Toyos?


amoker…I am unaware of Bung and Khir Toyo doing a froggy and betraying the rakyat who voted them. You might or might not like these 2 gents (FYI I don’t), but the simple and fundamental fact is that these 2 have been voted by the people in the constituency and who are you to question rakyat’s wisdom ?

However it is another thing to betray the people who voted for them by switching party. Got it ?


Basically all (these) were (perhaps) ‘moles’ planted by BN.. In desperation, Anwar and PR accepted them.. Their jobs were to kill the enemy from within, which they have succeded partially..
There are many more moles in PKR…
DAP and PAS are quite solid, where ‘moles are concerned..
So, PKR has to start “Purging” now….Get rid of the suspicious (ones) … before the cancer spreads…


If you had followed what RPK wrote in malaysia-today you would realised that the SB and MI had been actively surveilling all the opposition MPs and aduns and any weaknesses would then be used to manipulate them.


It is amusing to see these “good riddance” comments after the horses bolted. PR cheerleaders and apologists need to understand that these candidates were picked by Anwar and Pakatan and not BN. If they picked the wrong candidates, it is no one’s but Pakatan’s fault. It must also be pointed out that a majority of Pakatan’s MPs and ADUNs are of suspect characters. If Anwar starts a spring cleaning then he might end up with any MPs and ADUNs at all, save perhaps LKS, LGE, Nik Aziz and his family members. To ask these froggies to vacate their seat sounds… Read more »


K, If Anwar is not morally fit how fit is Najib when he entice and rely on corruptible and tainted people in the Perak power grab and to stay his hold on to power. Example 1. Use corruptible adun in the Perak power grab. 2. Favour Chua Soi Lek who is morally tainted. 3. Allow the Malacca CM to continue and ISA to stand for election despite them being found guilty of money politics 4. Dare not be transparent in the Mongolian case. 5. Agree to accept and favour people like Fairus & Zahrain and other into UMNO despite them… Read more »


Yang Arent’t you confused here ? I am not talking about Najib here but Anwar. Let’s stick to the topic don’t we ? BTW for the sake of argument, assume your wild accusations are true (put aside the idiocacy of these accusations for now shall we). Your argument is irrational. For what you are implying is just because Najib (allegedly) did such and such acts, then Anwar should be also allowed to be morally and ethically tainted and such transgression and corruption should be accepted. This is I think, is an idiotic and irresponsible argument my friend. Now let’s look… Read more »


K, I know you are talking about Anwar but do you understand what I am talking. Like you said IMHO, Anwar is unfit to lead the coalition and I am retorting to you how fit Najib is to be the PM and to lead the BN ????. And in my opinion Najib is not fit at all as per the reasons I have given such as he condone corruption and immorality by enticing and favoured … tainted people such as Chua Soi Lek, Fairus and others, 2 Perak adun, Malacca CM & ISA guilty of money politics and not transparent… Read more »


Oh Yang…So you do admit that Anwar’s unfit to be the PM and to lead Pakatan ?


Do you understand English or just plain ignorant.

““Like you said IMHO, Anwar is unfit to lead the coalition and I am retorting to you how fit Najib is to be the PM and to lead the BN ??. And in my opinion Najib is not fit at all as per the reasons““

Read carefully and make sure you understand the phrase before you start mumble jmubo.


and that moron is basically an UMNO sleeper.

if I were Anwar, I will get rid of him with immediate effect. The spring cleaning exercise is gonna strengthen PR.


U r vy right Tan,Nbg Tebal MP’s name not worth mentioning…
OK. Is it fair he still cling on as an MP?
Ppl voted him when he stood on PKR ticket.
Now he’s no more in PKR and so it’s logical he relinquish his MP post. If he doesn’t, he’s considered another UMNO-like man who are
‘thick skin.’


Wow. this is actually a gift from heaven. It would be perfect if Wee, Zul and those who are selfish go as well. But expect somemore accusation and claims from them. Belive me all these are syncronise to fall into place.
But I think the rakyat are mature for all these.


Yeah blessing in disguise, blow away the UMNO/Gerakan stench! It also helped expose the cowards and spineless hiding around. LOL!!


Yes Gerakan K, 2nd wind of change blowing… More like passing wind and getting rid of the unwanted wind in the system.

Gerakan K

Second wind of change is blowing.


Syioknya Gerakan K, Tell you something, this is really a psychological battle and a proxy war between Najib and Anwar! Right now, Najib has the edge with regards to the frogs, but, whether the Rakyat will accept such tactics is another story altogether! So far Gerakan K, you had stood up well in your psychological battle in Anil’s blog with all other readers who are expressing their views! By the look of things, you are far outnumbered, but, the real battle will start come the next election! Really, PERKASA, the King Frog, and the frogs from PKR had reinforced the… Read more »


No wonder it smelt so awful. Will you please fart further downwind…please !


Anil: This “quit PKR” blitzkrieg is meant to show a party in disarray.

Matter-of-factly, I think PKR should thank UMNO for its great help towards the next GE. It looks like UMNO is bent on cleaning PKR of every piece of dirt it used to have.
The type that is leaving PKR for UMNO is definitely not the one you and I would buy second-hand cars from.
I have only one thing to say to UMNO, please go on!


Superb, long overdue infact, PKR needs to empty its …pot that stings of UMNO/BN stench!

Ditoxification process should proceed as its next course of action if it wants to stay relevant.


Dear all If we look into it by Nibong Tebal MP (his name not worth mentioning) his stance is 99% tak boleh pakai. First he become a monster (protest/make noise about LGE) then he face disiplinary committee and apologise. Now he quit? If I’m a BN party president, afraid to take him to become a MP not even assemblyman. What a coward? Use a party who he nows never supported become independent. In my opinion, BN should move a motion if a person originates from a party decide to quit by not joining any parties / referendum from their consitituency… Read more »


LH Tan,
The Nibong Tebal MP just like his white hair father is just not worth mentioning. They are just the … reject of Gerakan. Let him enjoy these 2 years and kick him HARD very HARD in the next GE. Just like his father who was kicked out despite Gerakan victory in the earlier GE.


Instead of working for the rakyat, these selfish politicians are busy fighting among themselves and against the rival parties. All these politicking is getting out of hand and sickening. If after the so called quitting for lost of confidence does not make any positive impact in either the party or the person,it is time to vote the party or the person out.
And this applies to both the PR or BN.


And these MPs who have quit are definitely not going to get any sympathy from the voters. The 2 “Lims” who jumped ship from Gerakan to MCA were clearly routed in the following GE. Hope they are also aware that MPs don’t get a penion unless they have had 2 or more terms as MPs. So if they are hoping to happily live off a pension, all gone… Maybe what they will make outside will more than compensate the loss of pension