Live – Ceramah Perdana in Penang


Coming to you ‘live’ from Penang: State government leaders will attempt to set the record straight on recent allegations hurled at them.

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Fire melts Iron
Fire melts Iron
13 Feb 2010 5.09pm

Partai SeIslam Malaysia wishes all visitors to Anil’s blog who are of the human race who celebrate Lunar New Year, ‘Kong Hee Fatt Choy”. Anil is also of the human race, let us all celebrate with the rest of Malaysians!

13 Feb 2010 4.14pm

Setting the record straight?

Don’t make me laugh !

Lies from one side (BN) are countered with lies from another side (LGE) !

This you call “setting the record straight”, Anil?

May this CNY be the very last CNY Lim Guan Eng gonna spend as the CM of Penang !

14 Feb 2010 7.34am
Reply to  Iron

Iron, The record is very straight. (Someone) wanted the multi-million golf club tender (to go to a) RM 2.00 company and he was denied. So you & UMNO wants to condone corruption for your cronies but PR and LGE will not.. We had enough of 52 years of such practice from UMNO and BN and thats it. It has to stop.. LGE will continue to get the Penangite support. And good riddance to Sugu and his group which did not sign the agreement negotiated for by LGE & PR. The 15 who have now signed the agreement will get their… Read more »

Soo-Huey Yap
13 Feb 2010 2.23am

reciting a poem feels somewhat gimmicky to me…

13 Feb 2010 1.23am

I wonder where the rumours about the alleged “ban” came from – even Muhiyuddin commented on it!

15 Feb 2010 7.55am
Reply to  sarah

UMNO and their controlled media is trying to stir up racial feeling with their true lies and half truth on the procession-gathering against the PR led government in Penang. Remember about allegation against Teresa Kok on the mosque issue which is totally untrue.

Like I said before, previously we were afraid of PAS on their extreme issues but now we can really see that it is UMNO that is fanning racial and extremist issues.

13 Feb 2010 12.52am

sorry laa about the HITS i told you…. no heart feeling ya?