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The inquest into Teoh Beng Hock’s sudden death resumes at 9.30am. The investigating officer is expected to take the stand. The ‘suicide note’ may make an appearance as well.

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Chinese has the saying – you are caught by your own web.

Any Chinese educated person will tell you, the meaning of “zai jian” is seeing you again…

My friends and I we say that all the time la…

So, the note means Beng Hock was seeing his boss again. He was not committing suicide, idiot !!!

MACC, tell the truth and for Allah’s sake STOP creating more lies…

Those who are in it, your days are numbered, be very scared !!! I pity you this time …


It goes to show MACC did not have capable people with good ligusitic skill.


If “Zai Jian” is interpreted as someone wanting to commit suicide, I would have died many times over!! This again, proved the incompetence and having under sub-par officers serving the nation…God saves Bolehland!


They needed to compare with Admiral Cheng Ho’s collection of ancient Chinese handwriting records before they could decide the next move already in their blurr-blurr minds. May be to consult Cheng Ho’s ghost that this was indeed TBH’s original handwriting from the Teoh Chinese Family Lineage from China and yahoo!

But wait. This ASP is still, still, still not sure whose handwriting it is!

Also, the next time, somebody says “Good Bye” to you, it could mean he or she is going to commit suicide!


If ever the MACC’s employed pathologists have souls, Beng Hock would have rested in peace by now…

And until today, no one will ever know Razak is a clown… pity him !!!

Now, more and more lies to (allegedly) cover up…

maklum la this is 1Malaysia Boleh because our leader has set a good example… sigh !!!

Syabas Mr PM !!!

Kick BN out in the next GE lest we will be called morons !!!


[15.32 INQUEST – Nazri says CID deputy director told him to get handwriting comparison, so he went to UKM Bangi to get sample but failed to do so.] Upon discovery of “note” (scripted in Chinese), the above was instructed BUT what is/was the relevance of – going to UKM to get sample and/with handwriting comparison ? It is my believe that the suicide note was ‘conjured’ but going by the ‘play action'(to borrow a NFL phrase which means – all other movements away or minus football, to serve as distraction) where is the connect between comparing handwriting and UKM ?… Read more »


A “suicide note” was a boon for the MACC having been accused by all and sundry of pushing/throwing him off the half open window. One would have thought that the whole dept would be jumping up and down now that they were going to be vindicated! But of course TBH could be describing the … he was getting! Taking the existence of the “note” as true, MACC is confronted with 2 senarios; 1. the note was a suicide note and 2. the note was going to give them hell! SO what would the MACC boss do? Keep quiet and let… Read more »

Gerakan K

Yawn ~

A boring and long running drama. Key facts by pathologists should have concluded the case.

Asam Garam

For the first time, Gerakan K made some sense.


It is my opinion and one not presumptuous to say that a certain MACC personnel had allegedly) gone overboard during Beng Hock’s ‘interview, and having not solicited the desired response from Beng Hock… – the injuries found during autopsy certainly points that direction. Right from the start upon ‘finding’ Beng Hock’s lifeless form, the cover up began with Nazri Aziz @ Taxi Boy stepping forth to say “How are we to know he would jump”, a statement that was to me a signal, wheels in motion to try distant UMNO’s (alleged) involvement. Pondering the moment, it could jolly well have… Read more »

Show us a photo of the document!


What did Ms Ting use Google Translate /for/ exactly? Is she a translator, or not? I don’t mean to call into doubt her credentials, that just strikes me as being at odds with what I would imagine the work of a translator to be. I could understand it if Teoh was writing in some ancient bone-script – or a mixture of Chinese characters and Egyptian hieroglyphics – but I would have thought anything written by Teoh could have been read easily by any Malaysian with a similar background. I’d be grateful for an explanation.


Err…did anyone catch a good glimpse of the self strangler Razak?


“not valuable….”

(who) was he to decide which is of value? or monetary value… (who) was he to decide?

to readers around the world, this is what malaysia has degenerated into. take note and spread around the world. we want justice!!