Unwise to penalise PKR reps for abstaining from land reclamation motion


The sacking of two PKR state assembly members, Bukit Tengah rep Ong Chin Wen (the PKR state whip) and Kebun Bunga rep Cheah Kah Peng, as directors of Penang state government-linked companies is disturbing.

The two were among five PKR state assembly members who had abstained from voting on an Umno-sponsored motion opposing the Pakatan state government’s plan for massive land reclamation in southern Penang Island.

Chin Wen was removed as director of InvestPenang and Island Golf Properties Bhd, a subsidiary of Penang Development Corporation, while Kah Peng was dropped as director of the Penang Hill Corporation.

Last I heard, the Penang state government is mainly a DAP-PKR coalition government.

It is a fallacy to compare the state government to a company by saying that all the directors must have the confidence of a GLC chairman, who comes from one of the two main political parties.

A company may have different main shareholders, who may be represented in the board of directors to represent the interests of the respective shareholders. There could even be independent directors. The chairman cannot simply sack those directors representing other shareholders.

Similarly, a GLC of a coalition government should reflect the interests of the various players in the state government, elected by the people. Directors of GLCs are not there to kowtow to the GLC chairman, who does not own the company himself. Neither does his party own the GLC. Directors are there to represent the interests of the public. And PKR is part of the state government.

The PKR reps who abstained from voting against the Umno motion opposing the land reclamation were reflecting significant public concerns about the mega land reclamation and the way the swap deal has been arranged.

The swap deal/land reclamation does not have 100 per cent backing from the public, as evidenced by the large protest by fisher folk in southern Penang Island; so there is nothing wrong for any of the state assembly reps to abstain or vote against such a mega project.

Moreover, how does the stand of the PKR reps on land reclamation affect their jobs in those two unrelated GLCs?

“It is nothing political,” said a PKR source, who declined to be identified, of their stand. “PKR as a party is concerned about the environment, and so are many young people today. The sheer scale of the land reclamation – over 4,000 acres – has left many feeling uneasy.”

He added people today want more mature political leaders who are willing to accept different or dissenting views, including those from backbenchers. He pointed out that in the federal parliament, people had hoped that BN MPs would break party ranks and vote against bills that were oppressive or against the public interest (though that has rarely happened).

Penang PKR ranks are believed to be disturbed by the sackings, and the party’s weekly meeting yesterday lasted much longer than usual.

Big bucks are riding on the massive land reclamation in Penang which will profit property developers and infrastructure giants. But does not mean dissenting elected reps should be penalised for their stand in the state assembly – a stand which reflects significant public concern, even if those views may be in the minority. Especially given that this is a DAP-PKR coalition government.

Surely we don’t want an administration filled only with yes men and women and those who are too afraid to speak up and articulate public concerns. We have had enough of that under BN rule.

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Rajesh Kannan

Penang is lucky to have LGE as CM after so long under Gerakan with a weak leader kowtowing to Umno. Most Penangites are behind LGE except some noise makers like you.

Sia Boey Bo Luan-Luan Kong Wa

Either you are guessing from your own fantasy or you just plain worshipping.
Come to Sia Boey or go to market and listen.
The fact will shock you.
And don’t just think all Chinese are supportive. Go to Chew Jetty.
LGE has gone overboard after anything Money.
Wake up before the island sink.


Sia boey, if not because of lge, your komtar is now a ghost building… Gelakan will move its office to some new building at the expense of tax payers’ $$$$ and ah koon kor sits there comfortably licking ….

Be grateful pakatan dap saves the island from sinking !!!

What i heard all over is lge ho liao, ok ?


LGE really takes care of Malay community in Penang.
But you will not read about it in the local newspapers.


When hills are botak-ed, seas are muddied & priceless houses with historical value torn down, you can call that LUCKY? Drink more cow’s milk than cat’s milk.


Ha ha ha, i find it hilarious !!! Tunglang is the noise maker !!!

Penang people are like this – they want the cake and eat it too. They want both worlds but there is no such thing, hello hello penang people make up your mind.


You find it hilarious b’cos you take in too much joss sticks incense to think clearly.
Why not go botak for us to see your allegiance to Niao Kong?
Lim Niao Kong Teh?


“State assemblymen are elected by the people to help scrutinise all government administration, be it federal, state or council, which we were doing and continue to do so.
“I just want to ask is it wrong to defend the interest of Penang, to ask for public hearings on reclaiming projects involving our seafront land.
“It is wrong to ask the government and developers to clarify and account for the seafront land?” Cheah Kah Peng told a press conference today at Komtar.
Read for PKR’s side of the story:
No backstabbing, but no rubber-stamping either, PKR rep tells Guan Eng

Tua Pai Kiah

No land reclaimation then no Gurney Whalf, soon a romantic site for young Penangites your children will love.


Have a bigger heart, forgive and move on, PKR veep tells Guan Eng after reps sacked http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/have-a-bigger-heart-forgive-and-move-on-pkr-veep-tells-guan-eng-after-reps “Our public support is pending not just on personal popularity but the teamwork and solidarity of all coalition partners,” Chua Tian Chang said in a statement. He also urged the DAP secretary-general to raise any further conflict on the issue in the next Pakatan Harapan presidential council where it can be resolved amicably. “We also sincerely hope that CM Lim Guan Eng will be magnanimous and forgiving. “Our ability to overcome differences is the key to instill confidence in the people that our… Read more »


The ONE Family Business of Pakatan: We are ONE Family on Election Day. After that depends on ‘kam cheng’. We agree in what we believe individually (like it or not) – until this PAS Hudud jadi ‘be tahan’. We are married on the way to Putrajaya – divorce is a total sin – but then Pakatan is now dissolved or divorced! We mind our own state business after GE – no interference EXCEPT for that Selangor MB who didn’t toe the line. To the still “I Want To Believe” Voters, We are ONE Family (Wo Men Yi Jia Ren) on… Read more »


kita menang sama sama
Kita Kalah sama sama
That is the mantra of Ola Bola.


the pkr whip is a director of property invest good. well as property invest he is not condemned by kopi kau kau but being protected. he help me and i help you

Minum, Makan, Mimpi Bola

Menang untuk siapa?
Sama-sama untuk pemaju gila duit?
Pemaju menang, Rakyat derita?
Mana ada masuk akal ni?
Jangan pusing dan keliru semangat Ola Bola, semangat dari Rakyat, bukan dari pemaju.


Very interesting indeed. Did you guys notice the sudden influx of newcomers all defending the action of the almighty Tokong? I guess we must congratulate DAP for the efficiency of its cybertroopers.


Read this Malay Mail article by Lee Yew Meng: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/what-you-think/article/on-ingrained-civility-and-entrenched-popularity-lee-yew-meng Highlight: I asked a few, “How’s Penang?” and I got the thumbs up and, “CM ho liao”, meaning the chief minister is terrific. It is clear as day while Gerakan-led BN actually “lost” Penang in the 12th General Election, the DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat truly won over the electorate in the next general election. The 67 per cent popular vote might as well be 90 per cent if we excluded the outlying areas of the island and Seberang Prai. I can see lots of guardrails along five-foot paths and clean drains… Read more »


bn cyber media is in thick action after the appointment of a new minsters. the middle east. donation is not a waste with so many pro umno trying to score a chuck. remind me of ku nan’s ang pow ~ a rush for ang pao and line up again and again. must be good business better than developers


I hope Penang CM do not follow Ku Nan’s idea of opening up the road for Mat Moto aka Mat Rempit to race legally.


Are we a bit naive? They knew about the reclamation plan before. Their abstaining is pure politics after PKR and Azmin decided to lean to PAS even though PKR caused the mess with their Selangor MB crap.


Azmin should remember that
1) PKR sacked MB Khalid after he did not implement decisions made by PKR;
2) PKR’s Ong Chin Wen and Cheah Kah Peng have never spoken of their reservations concerning the issue during the state assembly sitting.

Tan Wee Theng

There are two issues here.
1. Whether the state government is intolerance of different views, or
2. Whether the two PKR assemblymen went back on their own words and back stab the state government at crucial moment.

Plain Truth

A politician promised to serve the people. We elected him into office. Once there, he proceeded to loot the national coffers. We want to kick him out. He deserves to be kicked out.

A politician agreed to a policy in a meeting. But he reneged on what he agreed when it came to voting. How to trust him? He deserves to be booted out. It is a matter of principle. Land reclamation or not.


More to it – What’re their working records and atendancies in meetings ?
DAP should reveal that very crucial reason (of sacking) too !


Are you referring to 1pm ???

10 Commandments of Monkey Business

When you want to join Penang Pakatan Rakyat,
Commandment #1: Thou shall not hold any other opinion.
Commandment #2: Thou shall toe the line, no matter what the issue.
Commandment #3: Thou shall speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil in Tokong.
Any other Commandments we shall see with monkey eyes in the near future.


In an environment of fear (after the sacking of Tanjung Bungah YB) & conflicting self-conscience for the good of Penangites as an honourable rep, what state of mental processing were going on in the minds of the 2 PKR reps in the meeting room of agree not to disagree? No need to guess. What is the meaning of Pakatan when reps of a partner party (only for winning GE???) in Pakatan can be ‘slaughtered’ within the unwritten rules of “you mind your own business, I mind mine”. Then ultimately the fools are the voters who believe in the gamble of… Read more »


A great lesson on leadership from Tun Musa Hiram: “It is ironical that Dr Mahathir’s vision is now certain to fail because of Dr Mahathir himself,” Musa said in a speech at the commemoration of the 113th birthday of Malaysia’s first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, organised by the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) here last night. “Brilliant as he was, he forgot that in order to succeed, he needed to train leaders at all levels, but most important, political leaders. But his personal leadership record shows that he did away with all potential leaders, one by one… Read more »

Jetty Lee

binchooi item islanders crazed about now is whether you have cash , and NOT debt incurred from paying for cosmopolitan lifestyle condos, cars, smartphones, DSLR etc.


It is ironic that LGE sacks the rep from GLCs for disagreeing with him on the issue of reclamation. DAP and LGE always talked about how they support freedom of speech and dissenting views within DAP/Pakatan. They attack Najib and BN for sacking leaders who criticised Najib yet they do exactly the same.

If LGE can be so thin-skinned against criticism of his rule now at the state level, can we except him to be tolerant of critics if PH rule Putrajaya. I can imagine critics like Anil would be arrested under ISA/SOSMA and thrown into jail.


You can enjoy ’40 Tahun Najib dalam politik” tonight 9pm TV3’s Majalah 3.


Talk about political dynasties and dinos, we already have LKS who has been in politics for far longer. If LGE can be so autocratic and intolerant of criticism and dissent with merely 8 years in power as CM, imagine him being the PM with laws such as SOSMA and NS Bill at his disposal.

Stop being apologists for DAP and LGE. If one day Penang ends up losing its greenery, heritage and culture, it is because people like you encouraged the rape and plunder by defending the culprits.


Doing a Chubby Checker? Do your twist and trick again. The two pkr BACKSTAB. You mean a leader allow back stabbing? This means as directors they may not follow the directives to BACKSTAB PH gomen.


In contrast, Jibby dare not sack his former deputy and his former mentor from Umno despite being backstabbed many times.

Tua Pai Kiah

Associate Professor Sivamurugam fom USM very good in polishing during TV3’s Majalah Tiga on 40 Years of Najib’s political career. Next time I see him at Sungai 2 (USM kopi kau kau area) must get him to belanja me as he may soon be a full Professor very soon. Not sure if Anil .. knows him well ???


Lim Guan Eng is right to sack those who reneged on their pledge to support state government policy. If they are team player they should have discussed and settle the issue before the vote in the legislature. We the voter dislike opportunists in politic, especially from young chico who have yet to learn their life lesson.


I agree, Lau. Are these two saiful in the making, who knows !!! ???

Ariffin Omar

Either they are with the government or they are not. They can’t have their cake and eat it at the same time.


You call that Democratic Action Party???
What democratic principles are there to shout out loud in its acronym???
Pls don’t emulate George Bush’s phobia in the Iraq War.
FYI, the Iraq War is nothing but a pretence to raid an oil-rich country.


Exactly, Ariffin.


Info is availabe from Google earth. Take a good look at Penang island. Bigger than Singapore? Close to half are brown or light green denoting human activity or occupation. There is a shortage of land in penang island. If no progress, opportunity and future for growth then the Gomen is chasing youth of today. They will look elsewhere just like many Penang lang left for Singapore, Selangor and elsewhere. It is like youth in China. They left the interior and flood coastal cities like shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou. The city government did a lot of land reclamation. With this technology, China… Read more »


francis light, raffles. sydney, singapore and hong kong have have given us the answers years ago.


pkr aduns on mainland sleeping? how much umno aduns can ask umno gomen for donation for development instead of returning to arabia.


kedah should have a new airport and penang airport should relocate there. google earth shows there is not undeveloped land for housing or commercial activities


any takers to open kopi tiams and drink kopi kau2 in cowboy towns. sori mate. only wild wild west caters for 4 wheel drive otherwise get stuck


Hello, are you on wild gear?
Cakap tak masuk akal!!!
Go to mainland to see for yourself instead of hallucinating with CAT’s ideals for Cosmopolitan Penang.


Unlikely to have an airport in Kulim, Kedah, now that Mukhriz is no longer MB?


Penang Island (for the rich & famous) got bin-chui.
Mainland is still cowboy town for the bo bin-chui.
So, those with interest/kang tau in the rich & famous businesses will cry hell to those who oppose the Cosmopolitan Penang concept gone wild + frenzied + out of control.


Land reclamation is a fact of life la……..

Netherland reclamation……….

Hohoho………Netherland got ecological disaster………the sky is failling……..


I seriously suggest that go find that guy I loathe very much called ktemoc in australia …….. hahahahaha


Your loathing is your problem.
I am focused on dealing with Cosmopolitan Penang & its ills.
As for land reclamation or not, it is a choice to be made – not a wanna be’c choice of recklessness & regrets later. Anyway, it depends on what type of leadership to make wise choice.


So many open kopi tiam shops and kedai warung in the wild wild east meant for 4 wheel drive to enjoy kopi kau kau. Who wants to drive a vehicle with kangaroo bars in Melbourne city or driving a 4 wheel drive in Penang island?

gk ong

Precisely certain Penang islanders refuse to lose their bin chui and choose to kau peh kau boo, although deep down they realise mainland would suit their prefered lifestyle, cowboy-style or not.

Tua Pai Kiah

still kaubehkauboh not migrating to mainland ? the island is not to your liking better move now otherwise get choked by concrete and carbon don’t say i advise you folks lah


why focus only Penang? Forget what the hell happening in the Johor-Singapore causeway. Is it one of YP thingy? Your problem thingy……..Last check, Johor people do fish there……everything is ok


No worries Penang has abudance of land. They can choose where they want like on the hillslopes or along the coast. With abudance of land properties are cheap Unlike in HK, the Gomen find the available parcel and tender out. Developers who won the bid will include this cost in the selling price. The HK Gomen has not been tendering out land for sometime. With limited land, cost of houses rocketted. The Gomen intend to reclaim more than and built new township especially public housing as they can be highly populated. Those on hillslopes are left to the private sector… Read more »


Construction and reclamation for a luxury housing project to be built on a man-made island in the Johor Strait will continue, with Malaysia’s Department of Environment (DoE) giving the developer the go-ahead.

Work on the project off Tuas had been suspended from last June as concerns about its environmental impact were raised on both sides of the border. Since then, all parties have been waiting for a final verdict from the DoE.



The power of people’s votes for change but once in power the Political Traders decides your future.

rajraman.GLC at Federal level and States voted by tax payer belong to Najib to decides,States like Penang belong to Tokong to decide, Selangor belong to PKR and Kelantan GLC i think they have nothing other than Hadi brain.
Anything left for tax payer?
Biggest business in the World with extra Power – Politics.Very profitable bussines.Just sells Saliva with a bit of twisted tongue.


If the DAP Government behaves like BN, but at state level, it doesn’t auger well for a Federal Government of change come GE14. It seems to me that after five years living in Malaysia the Penang State Government is very selective in applying it’s war cry of CAT…Botak Hills…land swaps…huge developments without sufficient input from the public (I’m thinking here of the pathetic public forum about the environmental impact of the land reclaim adjacent to Straits Quay…very glossy…but empty)…all very secretive.

Davis Tan

We know Lim Guan Eng since 1997, he should remove from DAP.


Pls share what you know.


davis tan, to be fair please include the other two. otherwise it is treated like the holy book on good and bad angels

Tua Pai Kiah

No need to worry as new Komtar OWG project may open posts for more Directors if they know follow the party guidelines ?


Komtar may see new refreshed life with the completion of the feng sui octopus pedestrian overhead bridge ???


easy to comment from outside. Wonder what you would do if you were CM and not sure what these 2 excos would next?


Is the 2 exco members going to sebotage Tokong $$$ making scheme or threatened is authourity as CM of Penang? If yes then GLC Post run by Politician also politician side $$$ making scheme. rajraman.Any GLC company belong to the people’s.Its not belong to any Deity to decide how GLC to be run.Keep Politics out from GLC. All GLC should be run by proffesional not Politician. There must be laws.No Politician appointed in any GLC company but every GLC runs by Politician or their Cronies as their extra income although they know nuts about business.(might and the possibilty is very… Read more »


It is already so obvious from the outside of Komtar Tower – that those in power don’t tolerate difference of opinions, dissent or responsibility with a conscience to the Rakyat. This is Absolute (Vodka) Iron Grip. But it also shows a weak leadership that is fearful of its own elected, a leadership that shrieks at the slightest test of its own perimeter fencing of absolute obedience. What difference but a mirror of Intolerance festering in many rogue nations. Wonder why some past ‘dissents’ compared that leadership to a Tokong? And wonder why critics are quickly branded as conspirators with the… Read more »


Subraman, you are right, it is so easy to comment from outside, how much do we know fhese two exco men then ???


let pkr get s taste if a ph party vote against the selangor gomen on an important issue

Benny Koay

Dont be surprise from DAP