Let them know what you think of local elections


So the PR is apparently divided over the issue of local council elections ahead of its convention, according to the Malaysian Insider.

Ai-yah, like that also cannot agree! What’s the problem? Still want to follow the old BN way of rewarding supporters through appointments to local town councils? Or is it the racial bogey they are worried about? I thought we had moved beyond that in our new politics.

Okay, let’s make it easier for them to make up their minds: tell them what you think. After all, they are supposed to represent you, right? And if they don’t want to listen to you, well you know what to do…

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I agree in principle the reintroduction of local government election. Well, it’s anybody guesses that besides some PR members much reluctant in implementing this, so does BN.
As such I am absolutely BN would derail them whenever there is an opportunity. Especially it’s so close to GE 13 & Sarawak state election, why not wait till PR is in the federal government. Go through proper process, change the constituition.
Slow & Steady is the keywords


Not only that they disagree on local council elections, they disagree on almost all key areas and that explains the vague wording.

It is nothing less than a betrayal of the rakyat to backtrack on the local council issue as the Development Above People party been fighting for years for that.

I suspect it is not just PAS is opposed but many in PKR and DAP are too seeing their behaviour after GE.

The reason is simple, they have discovered that local councils are a very good source to reward their cronies and make money.


The local council election thing is one of the many promises Lim Guan Eng has broken.

I have no faith in Lim Guan Eng / DAP anymore.

By next election, if they still send a DAP candidate my way, I am going to vote for BN.

I will still vote for PKR though.


What’s to stop the state government from “appointing” the elected representatives or the appointed nominees be elected ???
Giving the people some empowerment to nominate or choose will narrow down potential candidates .
A win-win.
Worst case scenario- no potential candidates at all …


If we have a good government, the people they will appoint to local councils will do a good job as well and we will save the costs and the politicing the would accompany even local elections. An example of a local council that is working well since Pakatan came into power is that of Petaling Jaya. There is no guarantee that if elections were held there would be much difference since the real work has to be done by staff of the council who for the past 50 years were given different job objectives and may be unable to make… Read more »


PR cannot introduce local elections unilaterally.
The constitution had already been amended in the ’60s replacing elected representatives in local authorities with appointees by the state government.

To reintroduce local elections, the federal constitution must be amended. Otherwise, the amendments or motions introduced in the various DUNs by PR governments will be rendered void because of inconsistency with the federal constitution. (Article 75 of the Federal Constitution)


They had been harping on restoring local elections for umpteen years, and why are they(PR) dropping it now? It calls for explanation and we want to hear from them.

Also I don’t see why should Pakatan Rakyat should be bothered how racist UMNO government feels? If that’s so what is there to vote change? What change?


I am all for the reintroduction of local elections in this country.

As there cannot be tax without accountability, how can we expect the councilors to be accountable when they are appointed instead of being elected ?

Please never forget that we cannot have democracy without elections to determine the choice of the people.


To be honest, the ordinary Ahmad/Ah Seng/Muthu dont care. There are bigger issues to be addressed & rectified by PR.

PR needs to focus on winning the next GE. Attention to East M’sia esp. Only with control of the federal Gov can they address the major issues. Look inot the minor issues like locally elected councillors only after you solved the major issues.


Local council election is a necessity for the well being of the human race. Councillors are deemed to be able to focus to the people on the ground as the current Elected Members often have a vast area of coverage, often busy with central policy formulation being their criteria. While bestowing the important stature upon the Local Councillors, who are currently put in place by appointment, very often the councillors failed to live up to expectation in tackling basic issues. Such weak councillors often got chances to remain in position for repeated terms by just being close to their political… Read more »