Leaning Arch of Penang: A poem


Blog reader, cheahst, was so ‘inspired’ by the ‘Arc of Folly’ (as he calls it)  in Penang that he immediately penned a poem.

what could be more beautiful or symbolic…
than a slowly tilting crumbling arch.
representing all the trespass, all the folly,
of governance in decline.

what could be more beautiful or symbolic…
than a slowly tilting crumbling arch.
representing the slow and inevitable demise
of a governance that is no longer relevant.

what could be more beautiful or symbolic…
when the arch has finally tumbled and crumbled.
And plants and flowers, of various shapes and colours,
triumphantly rise up over the follies of the past.

It is indeed a beautiful prelude to a possibly wonderful new beginning

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Where is the usual, “A project by the Barisan Govt” sign board. Put one up to clear the record. Or maybe LGE should put up a sign board to say ” The Pakatan State Govt is grateful to the Federal Govt for the leaning arches”.

Albert G

Aiya Ong Eu Soon. why you always blame LGE. Go ask your political master Yen Yen. This one is her baby. Got nothing to do with PR & LGE government.

Ong Eu Soon

It is just a prelude to a continuity of past follies by LGE administration which has no gut to make any decision regarding the arches. LGE want to be khor chicken number 2.



WoW amazing, a civil engineer yet so artistically poetic! 😀

I like to share with you and your readers here what a friend just told me today:

“I was very amazed that out of 10 people I spoke to, 8 of them thought this project was financed by the present PR state government and they were fuming, its a stick in the eye to the beautiful gardens as well as burning a hole in the state coffers.
May be an elaborate schema to forment resent by tossing rotting white elephants amidst the natives. How absolutely brilliantly Macchiavelian!”