Launch of book on Teoh Beng Hock this Sunday



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Can Anil please provide update and photos of the event?

Ed G

As far as I know, none of the officers implicated in the death of TBH has been given their due. On the contrary, the person in charge of the fiasco was promoted from Deputy DG to DG in an adjacent state. He is the same officer who was labeled as arrogant by the RCI. Likewise, other IOs who were found by the RCI to have used aggressive methods of interrogation or being a bully were also let off the hook. On top of that, other co-conspirators who lied during the RCI were merely given kid-gloves treatment, if any, by the… Read more »

K Power

@WTF <—– @anil, why allow such improper nickname? Please has some decency in a family blog @herman so the circus should be continue? Both of you are blinded by political bias and unable to differentiate between right and wrong. Because idiots like you, TBH never RIP. Also, proper legal procedure had been observed but haters are going to hate just like the idiotic claims of blackout during counting in GE or our submarines can't function when in fact our best CM LGE was there for a free visit, etc. p.s: I changed nickname from "Super K" to "K Power" because… Read more »

Don Anamalai

The 63-page “Surat Dari Syurga” (“Letters from Heaven”) tells the story of Beng Hock’s life, beginning from his schooling days until his death five years ago at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission building in Shah Alam. There will also be a comic exhibition on political persecution at the same venue. It includes stories of Teoh Beng Hock, K. Murugan and victims of sedition act. 5 years have passed, after the relentless pursuit of civil society, political parties and general public, the BN government still refuses to do Teoh Beng Hock a justice. Certainly there is a lack of accountability and integrity… Read more »


You are RIGHT. Both of you are blinded by political bias and unable to differentiate between right and wrong. Because idiots like you, TBH never RIP.


The nation should also mourn for TBH on 22 August.


Yes, the nation should mourn for beng hock’s untimely death…

The unseen hands tainted with beng hock’s blood must not go unpunished…

A young man died needlessly (because of someone’s greed for power?, sure the wicked man’s days are numbered…)

God is watching all this from a distance, when He strikes, the wicked man will have no place to hide…

Let us all get a copy of the book as this is the least we can do.


Someone`s greed of power or another one`s greed of politicizing. The Commission of Inquiry has said it all. Don`t jumbo mumbo, Find proof for the police to act please. !!!!!.

Ed G

What about all the others whose lives have been cut short while in state’s custody? Every life is precious, isn’t it?

Super K

I just kay-poh (busybody) a bit. Do you understand what is R.I.P (Rest in peace)? When will us stop interrupting the peaceful world of TBH? What is the purpose of this book? For profit? For scoring political point? To further project the victim role of certain political party?

Please stop manipulating the dead for whatever reasons. Thankyou.


Super K – How can TBH rest in peace when his family are still looking for justice? Until and unless the truth is revealed in this matter it would come back to haunt all Malaysians who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with certain agencies. Not enough is known and a good analytical book is needed, translated in all languages.


Najib told TBH’s family ‘no stone unturn’ investigation to his death at MACC office but the janji was never ditepati. So what do you mean by R.I.P.?