Kugan’s final journey: An end to custodial deaths?



Lawyers address a crowd inside the University Hospital premises


Riot police take up positions as an officer orders the crowd to disperse

This was the scene outside the University Hospital at about 1.20pm today. Police probably outnumbered the crowd as half a dozen riot police trucks waited along Jalan Universiti outside the hospital.

Kugan is expected to make his final journey to Puchong today.

I hope this will close the long chapter of the deaths in police custody over the years and usher in an era of greater professionalism, accountability and respect for human rights and due process.

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Hakimi Abdul Jabar

Prevention is consistent with the Federal Constitution, UDHR and Conforms to Various International Standards When I was in active legal practice prior to my cessation on 31.12.2005, I was enamoured and confounded by the controversial custodial deaths of Francis Udayapan (May 24, 2004), Ulagathan Muniandy (July 21, 2003) and many others while in police custody and the eloquent statement by Datuk David Wong Dak Wah JCA in the A. Kugan appellate case in which the Court succintly pronounced that there should be zero tolerance to custodial deaths in remand. As I was then a Bar Council pro bono legal aid… Read more »

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Death in police custody The following are extracted from an article by Gomez:23 The purpose of this paper is to consider the law relating to the remand of an accused person, the safeguards accorded by the law as well as the actual problemsandabusesofthesystem.Practicaldifficultiesandreallifeexamples will be used to bring out the magnitude and seriousness of the situation. The paper also sets out proposals for changes and the way forward. The Big Picture Certain minimal rights of man based on the concept of “equality and liberty” were recognised early in human civilization. These were accorded international recognition in the Universal Declaration of… Read more »

victor lam

Where are the PDRM, FRU and helicopters when children go missing? PDRM works at amazing speed in some cases but (in others it doesn’t appear to) work at all. Also wondering how they manage to nab suspects in criminal cases at the funeral? Amazing since there is still no news on Nuruls murderer or whatever happened to Sharlinie. …
At the same time no matter how unprofessional PDRM has been , MPs especially should work for justice behind the scenes instead of attending Kugans funeral since he is not been proclaimed innocent yet as well.


Sarah, There were no MIC/PPP representatives visible. They may have pulled out as usual otherwise they will be criticized for going against the government. Time and again, they prove that whatever they do it is for their own political mileage and never to serve the people. Its the ‘what’s in it for me, attitude.’ With this conclusion, do they really think that they can ever win the Indians to vote for them?


I was there at the funeral procession and everything was peaceful. The amount of resources and money spent by the police force just for today is beyond words. Seems like they were looking for some action to take place, then they will have a story to write about and music to harp on.


How come no representatives from MIC and PPP at the funeral?
Did u get scolding from UMNO?


Dear Anil, Sy Hamid, Musa and Khalid must be held fully responsible for the death of suspects in police custody.

This time, the highest authority must act against them.

The Rakyat has had enough of their stupid rhetorics and lies.

Do not let these …. tarnish the good name of the police force in Bolehland.

These … leaders are not fit to sit in the office.

Don’t waste our money, the tax payer’s money.


I am amazed how sometimes, the police got so much personnel for certain events. I refer to Kugan’s funeral. Besides truckloads of police personnel, there are many helicopters flying. A few days ago, a baby girl of hardly 1 year old was raped. Not only I was shocked by such a disgusting and cruel act, I was even more shocked that there was no public outcry. Why? I can only presume that such things are very normal here in Malaysia and very commonly heard that it does not shock the average Malaysia. If a baby was raped in a foreign… Read more »

anak malaysia

Dear Anil, Can you comment on the Star report below in your blog which tries to implicate Hindraf in a murder… I find it a bit odd and sensational and smell a rat somewhere…. Published: Wednesday January 28, 2009 MYT 5:00:00 PM Updated: Wednesday January 28, 2009 MYT 6:05:25 PM Murder suspect nabbed at Kugan’s funeral procession By MAZWIN NIK ANIS PUTRAJAYA: A murder suspect was arrested during the funeral procession of A. Kugan, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said. He said when arrested, the suspect was wearing a t-shirt depicting the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force movement… Read more »


… his soul will rest in peace. life is mortal but the soul is immortal. the soul will live on to inspire the living. one has to live an honourable life, no matter waht. nothing perishes without leaving a trace for the living to be inspired or remorseful. let’s live a good life. the wrong be punished and the vanquished has its soul resting in peace.


The police are still not getting the message that Malaysians are all sick and tired of their high-handedness and abusing their positions to harass and intimidate and even hurt the very people they are supposed to protect. Elsewhere, the Chief of Police (in this case the IGP and the Home Minister) should have tendered their resignations to take responsibility for the death of A. Kugan,….. No, instead the 11 policemen implicated in the death of A. Kugan are given cushy desk jobs in air-conditioned offices at the State Police Headquarters. Where is the justice? How can they expect Malaysians to… Read more »


end of custodial death? i would like to say yes but i’d rather say… FAT CHANCE!!! looking at the way how the police react (and also the botak homey minister), do you think custodial death or even custodial brutality will end?


Kugan is not the first and will not be the last. We all know that. Even if he is a car thief (at this moment there is no point argueing over this), he does not deserve to die such a horrible death.


There was FRU trucks and personnel around the police station. A sizeable number of people had gathered around the area – mainly opposite the road. There was a mini traffic jam around the area as a result.

Apparently, I was told that the funeral procession was already there, but I didn’t notice it, so much so when the crowd dispersed I was really puzzled. Around 3.50pm, the FRU trucks suddenly moved out in a hurry. I can tell you that it’s incredibly weird to see FRU trucks near my home. Who would’ve thought!!


I hear a lot of noise near my house … cannot tahan. I’m going to investigate 😛


I am sitting in my parents’ house, wondering why there are so many helicopters flying around my area. Then it hit me: The house is a mere 10 minutes walk away from the Tai Pan police station where Kugan reportedly died. It is surreal, to think that someone died in such a brutal manner at a walking distance away from my family home!

I noticed that there is a long jam on the Federal Highway heading towards KL. I wonder whether that has anything to do with Kugan’s funeral procession too.


Instead exploiting the issue to score cheap political points, the politicians of all stripes must ensure that such deaths do not recur. They must press for structural and policy changes and not just making sure the deceased receive justice in this case.


You think so anil this is Malaysia we are talking about,this was only the tip of the iceberg.