Kua Kia Soong on defence spending


Thought-provoking interview over BFM Radio with Kua Kia Soong, author of the book Questioning Arms Spending and former MP of Petaling Jaya.

He questions the need for large amounts of defence spending in the region and the way defence contracts are awarded out.

In fact, Jane’s ‘Intelligence and Insight’ on the Malaysian defence budget reports: “It could be argued that Malaysia is involved in somewhat of a regional arms race that has its basis more firmly in nationalist sentiment than genuine military threat. This mini-arms race may have distorted the purchasing plans of the Malaysian military.”

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Andrew I

Dr. Kua could be considered the original third force after he left the DAP. I still remember looking forward to his letters to the Star before our born-again Democrat shut it down in 1987.

A very intelligent man with political prison time in his c.v. A political comeback, perhaps?

najib manaukau

Without the mega spending, where (to) find … ‘commission’ …


Regional arm race? ROFL, it is bull… More appropriate term should be regional arm graft. Around the world, all 3rd world nation CANNOT maintain their armory high tech weapon. Reason? None of them can make the crucial replacement parts. Why parts are important in modern armory? In his memoir, General Douglas MacArthur mentioned Japan still having 8,000 fighter/bomber, but can never put into use because lack of 2%~5% parts. Ironically, Japan learn quality control from William Edwards Deming. On the other hand, Mahathir look east policy inherit the poor Japan WWII QC problem. Without crucial replacement parts , fighter, tank,… Read more »


Our automobile industry is stuck with the ‘kereta potong’ mentality and will settle for fake spare parts to cut cost. Is it possible that our armed forces also suffer from this syndrome?