Ku Li says no 3-mile limit for offshore oil royalty


Refuting a government ad blitz, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah insists that oil-producing states are entitled to a 5 per cent payment on all oil extracted, whether onshore or offshore.

There is no such thing as a 3-nautical mile limit, he writes in his latest blog entry.

The Information Ministry’s full page advertisements in the major Malay newspapers had argued that Kelantan has no right to oil payments under the Petroleum Development Act because its oil resources fall outside the 3-nautical mile limit that delimits state versus federal jurisdictions.

Razaleigh counters:

The advertisement fails to point out that almost all the oil found in Malaysia is located more than 3 nautical miles offshore, and Petronas has nevertheless been making oil payments to the states. By the argument deployed in the advertisement, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak too are not entitled to the “cash payments” of 5% of profit oil (commonly and a little inaccurately referred to as “oil royalties”). Everything is at the arbitrary behest of the Federal Government.

For the full piece, go here.

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Fire melts Iron

Gerakan K,

Jom sertai PAS!



Fire melts Iron? Fulamak! Sounds like you watch too much ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ movies lah! 🙂

You want to invite Gerakan K to join us pro-Malaysia, pro-Rakyat folks? I think he’d rather see hell freeze over.

He’s already stated the facts — he’s pro-BN because their policies generated money for him. Simply said, he’s selfish. Only thinking about himself and the current NOW. But nothing for the future generations and beyond.

Gerakan K

Again this is the voice of sour grape. Do you really not satisfy ? Just challenge it in court. “JOM” PAS ??? I’m against beer ban, concert ban and the law that cutting someone hands. What to do O you tell me ??? It is so cruel and outdated. I also fear losing Genting. How about nightclub and pub ??? I also love clubbing too. Do ask PAS to change its vision first and then join BN. I will consider then. Can you ??? If you can’t do it, then stop promoting the danger to us.

Fire melts Iron

Gerakan K, Dear Bro, Your narrow minded views about Islam is one of the reasons why we are where we are today. The crooked views of Islam was planted in our minds by MCA, MIC and Gerakan to stay away from PAS. You are still very much one of them who had refused to wake up despite every effort to. Challenge in court? Which court are you talking of? The courts here or any international courts? Do you know (some) foreign investors that invest in Malaysia, have a special clause in their investments agreements that all disputes are to be… Read more »

Gerakan K

I cannot say everything is OK under BN, but under BN ways of works, we can make a lot of money and enjoy our life. PR will bring surprises to us and I strongly believe my businesses will be affected. Honestly I must say that I already adapted to BN style and doing extremely well. I will not vote for PR that introduced uncertainty, eg new water policy in Penang.

Fire melts Iron

Glad you are doing well, bro.

I am in the business of manufacturing FMCGs (personal care) and actively exporting to the whole of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. USA, Russia, Europe handled by my counterparts from India and UAE. Any chances of cooperation? Like you taking a brand for exclusive distributorship in Malaysia or any country you wish in SEA?

Cheers bro!

Sandiwara XYZ

It is unbelievable that these so-called champions of their race can do such things to their own people just because the people support the opposition based on their constitutional rights. What kind of punishment from the Tuhan will fall on them?

Fire melts Iron

I trust Tengku Razaleigh, simply because I do not know whether what I read from the MSM is true or false. It is so hard to differentiate between facts and fictions and there had been too much untruths being spewed out. Almost every day since the New Year, we have read things that are not truthfully reported. And the thing is there are too much infightings within UMNO today, I think it is best I park my vote with PRM. One wrong move if I vote BN, I may end up with the Muhyddin, Ibrahim Ali and TDM group, i.e… Read more »


There are many progressive Malays in Malaysia who unfortunately have little voice in the country’s policy-making. Some of them are like Zaid Ibrahim, Amir Muhammad, Karim Raslan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Amde Sidek, Azly Rahman, M.Bakri Musa, Kassim Ahmad, Suflan Shamsuddin, Othman Ali, Harris Ibrahim, Zainah Anwar, Norani Othman, & surprisingly Marina Mahathir (who thank Allah not inheriting her father’s racist maverick genes), and many many more. It’s about time the learned/educated malays say something, because all this while the ‘…’ and village idiots are given prime time and street protest space. Ibrahim Ali is like Mark Anthony in Macbeth – so… Read more »


An amazingly brilliant piece by Ku Li. Deserves a standing ovation for his candor, clarity and moral courage to stand up to his convictions. Malaysia deserves someone like him to helm the country.


This mindshare battle is actually kind of interesting. The urban Malays and non-Malays know the BN/UMNO position is bull…

At first I thought its about mindshare of Kelantanese but it looks like this is a bigger issue of rural Malay mindshare that goes beyond just Kelantan.

Could it be that Razaleigh is managing to influence non-Kelantan rural mindshare especially in Terengganu and East Malaysia? Why is UMNO so bend on fighting Razaleigh? Its not like they have a chance to get back Kelantan with this or other issue. Why the vitriol from UMNO zealots?

Andrew I

Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak are within 3 nautical miles of BN rule and are therefore entitled to the 5%. :-p

Just like why international airlines prefer Changi to Sepang, Genting prefers Singapore to some remote mountains and Chuah Soi Lek is afraid of certain parts of Malaysia becoming “un-Malaysian” if Indonesian maids got a day off.

Is he talking about Jln Bukit Bintang?