KT stadium collapse: Where does the buck stop?


All parties contributed to the collapse of the roof of the RM270 million Kuala Terengganu stadium last June – but no single party was found to be totally responsible.

Or at least that’s what the official investigation report on the collapse says.

The principal architect, Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad of Senibahri Architect, was reported as saying he was never involved in the detailed structural design or supervision of the stadium’s roof: he claims the main contractor had got another consultant to work on a detailed design of the roof. According to him, his engineers had expressed their concern on four occasions to the PWD over the flaws they discovered in the structure.

A notice has been issued to the contractor to repair the 50,000-seat Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium – the biggest in the East Coast – but no response so far.

So if no single party is totally responsible, where does the buck stop and who will bear the penalties for this sheer waste of public funds (probably derived from the state’s oil royalties – or whatever you call them)?

Meanwhile, the Terengganu government is unable to say if the stadium is safe even after the debris from the 2,500-tonne roof has been cleared as the impact of the collapse is not known.

What was the cause of the collapse of this new stadium, which was opened just over a year earlier? From a Bernama report, the following were identified:

  • components used and work quality did not meet the specifications;
  • design factor was not appropriate;
  • roof was not constructed properly;
  • quality control was not carried out at the project site;
  • weak supervision during the construction process;
  • lack of skilled workers;
  • shortage of experts and experienced consultants;
  • apathy of everyone involved.

In short, it appears that anything that could go wrong went wrong.

So where does the buck stop? Nowhere? And who will pick up the tab – the rakyat as usual?

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Subahir Taib

The buck shall stopped when JKR stop using Price-in- advance form of costruction contract such as design and build and lump sum dan start to use Cost Reimbursement for of construction contract such as management contract (UK), alliance contract (Aust) and Performance contract (N. Zeland)


The incompetence in the stadium saga is also going in into that K fella’s spins.


Dear Gerakan K.
I think next time you had better google first before you comment.
That would save you a lot of embarrassment. 🙂

For those who bother about facts.
“Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said said work on the stadium commenced on March 27, 2005 and was completed on schedule.” – Star.
We all know in 2005, PAS no longer formed the state government.

Ahmad Syafiq

Spot on wira. Just wiki search, we already know that the stadium was built during Idris Jusoh’s (BN) time.


It was a ‘rushed’ job, to be ready in time for the Sukma Games. So all construction was done with ‘both eyes closed’.
Luckily it didnt collapse during the Games.
So, who’s to be blamed then ?


You are a True Moron Gerakan K! This is a FEDERAL PROJECT, paid for by Petronas funds. This has nothing to do with the PAS Government. So you think it will be given to a company that is truly qualified technology wise or truly qualified “other” wise…

Gerakan K

personal attack recently allowed by this blog ???


Guys, isn’t the message loud and clear? It says “All parties” and that includes you and me, the tax-payers.


If the project was implemented under Wang Eshan funds , the party who managed the fund should also be responsible in appointing the lousy main contractor.

So which party managed the Funds ; PAS State Government or BN Federal Government ?

Can some one confirm this before we blame the PAS State Government ?

Ahmad Syafiq

Wang ehsan was under federal government, distributed through federal agencies, not directly to the state government. SO the blame goes on the federal gov’t. =)

Angela Ooi

Ahhh, safety in numbers – all had a irresponsible part in this. Your last bit from Bernama news agency named the factors that were wrong in the building of the KT stadium, and it pretty much sums up the state of dUMNO govt too. Agree?

robin hood

everyone’s innocent cause the buck got shot and ended up in a pot of curry. slurrrp , no more evidence.


Hahaha!! Truly Malaysia bulleh!


It is sheer incompetence all round. But the joke of the whole thing is that the incompetence is so encompassing that the blame cannot be ascertained. Unfortunately, this is no laughing matter.

So next time, if you want to screw up a project, make sure everyone in the project screw up. Then no one will get the blame.


If the main contractor had done the project under the Design and Build Contract, then he should be fully responsible to the Government. In the normal practice , the principle Architect is appointed to supervise the whole project from A to Z so that he is overall responsible for the supervision of the whole project implementation and get his professional fess accordingly based on the standard treasury rates. How could the supervising government agency allow it to be done otherwise ? So the first one to be responsible is the main contractor , and the second one is the government… Read more »


If I am not mistaken, this construction was done utilizing the Wang Eshan funds given to Trengganu during the PAS rule.

Gerakan K

Is this stadium marked the failure of PAS governance ??? So don’t point finger to UMNO / BN. By the way since this project is under previous PAS government, then case close. These opposition cheerleaders will close one eye.

Ahmad Syafiq

Are you history blind old man? This stadium was built during Idris Jusoh’s time after they got back Terengganu from PAS in 2004. Besides, who doesn’t remember the episode Mahathir withdraws oil royalty from Terengganu back in 2000 because it was under PAS then. They had barely enough money to pay the state workers in the least. Then, in 2004, Terengganu voters backed BN and almost completely wiped out PAS there. Only after that the mega projects started in Terengganu. This stadium was one of them. The oil royalty did not came back directly to the state government. Instead, it… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Please do not pass the buck to my beloved PAS! PAS is always reliable and responsible.


Gerakan K,
Next time if you do not know the facts, just keep your … mouth shut up…..

Ahmad Syafiq

I don’t think it was during PAS rule. It was under Idris Jusoh’s time from 2004 – 2008. Even then, the state government has no say over the oil royalty. It was the federal government who controlled the Terengganu oil royalty. That’s why the story of Patrick Lim (a.k.a. Patrick Badawi) came about. Thus, we hear these kind of mega projects in Terengganu such as the Islamic Civilisation Park (RM600 million), Monsoon Cup (RM100 million), Crystal Mosque (RM600 million), the stadium above (RM270 million), and many more wasteful projects not benefiting the Terengganu people in return. I can ask my… Read more »


Mr Anil,
bet… psudo intelligent blogger Rocky can`t blog about this….difficult to spin these kind of realities…..
China press reporting IGP`s exit…according to this Psudo intelligent blogger….racist report!….some one needs to test this person`s brain ….


It means UMNO cronies (probably) got a piece of everything also, lah..