Komtar tree-hacking: Was approval really given?


A spokesman for Pacific Hypermarket and Department Store (so now we know who’s responsible) was quoted in The Star today as saying that the company had received approval for trees near Komtar to be pruned.

First question: Did the Council really give approval for tree pruning? Or was the approval only for minor renovation work and retiling? Do they really need to chop trees to re-tile?

Second question: Is this what they call tree-pruning? Looks more like the aftermath of a chainsaw “massacre” to me.

This guide from tree-pruning.com:

How Much To Prune

Do not prune more that 25% of a tree’s branches. When deciding how much to prune a tree, as little as possible is often the best rule of thumb. All prunes place stress on a tree and increase its vulnerability to disease and insects. On no account, prune more than 25% of the crown and ensure that living branches compose at least 2/3 of the height of the tree. Pruning more risks fatally damaging your tree. In some cases, storm damage, height reduction to avoid crowding utility lines or even raising the crown to meet municipal bylaws, your pruning choices are made for you. But even in these instances, prune as little as you can get away with.

Don’t hold your breath if you are wondering what action will be taken.

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16 Dec 2008 1.40pm

Same people running penang city council, only different councilors.
Same payola, same result. Why should things be any different?

anti anil
anti anil
16 Dec 2008 2.38am

journalism from your butt.

16 Dec 2008 12.37am

prune few trees but the hypermarket provides hundred jobs opportunity to penagites, you might not need the job but ive known some people that need it very much especially during this hard time.so, it’s not a bad thing after all.

15 Dec 2008 11.42pm

JR’s right. I’m glad that they are finally doing something to restore KOMTAR back to its heydays. At least they are doing something about it? And yea, i think the trees looked like they were pruned and not chopped.

15 Dec 2008 9.35pm


What’s the big deal?
That area has been an EYESORE for years and I pass it everyday.

I am glad (after countless Barisan years) someone has finally taken the initiative to spruce up the place.

Anyway, the trees were pruned and NOT chopped down right? Try to be more objective ok?

ramesh kanna
ramesh kanna
15 Dec 2008 8.00pm

two weeks ago i planted 30 over tree at a park in larkin, johor bahru.please dont play with mother nature.please.

15 Dec 2008 5.44pm

And today at 3.30pm to 5.30pm, when tourists arrivals are peaking for Penang’s tourist belt at Batu Ferringhi with more cars than the roads can take, some idiots decide to mend the potholes along this stretch and hold up traffic for more than an hour… how dumb can these people be? What is happening to Penang, man?

15 Dec 2008 5.11pm

Whilst I do not condone the way the trees are prunned, I think its about time, the state acted to cleaning up that area of Komtar! Its the seat of the government and in its current state, it is in a shameful state! Well, since the damage has already been done, lets hope the MPPP would see to it that the new landscaping being undertaken by the new tenant is done well to restore some form of pride to Penangites! I have all along opposed the manner they have haphazardly landscape the area; with its high and ugly flower troughs,… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah
tan, tanjong bungah
15 Dec 2008 3.35pm

Hi everyone,

If MPPP has only given permission for the trees to be pruned, then from the pictures posted, it is obvious that it was actually ‘hacking’ of the trees!

If there are bye-laws that the MPPP can invoke to penalise the culprits concerned, then the council should invoke them.

15 Dec 2008 3.09pm

If people can get away with murder in this country, what are trees!

Lim Guan Eng, it sure looks like you are no different!

15 Dec 2008 3.07pm

Hiya, it ain’t that these people don’t know how to prune trees. They have been doing it all their life.

If someone gave the order to hack the trees like that, the intention is to kill those trees. Just watch, eventually the F**** who said, we are just pruning will come up with the excuse — aiyah, the trees are sickly and dieing anyway, we are only doing the right thing to get rid of it completely.

Then, be prepared for chapter 2 — someone’s going to make money out of that area — just watch and see!!!