When did KL first alert RMAF about MH370?


A preliminary report claims that Malaysian military radar did track an aircraft making a turnback on the morning of 8 March, but the radar operator classified it as “friendly”.

On what basis was it classified as “friendly”? Was the radar operator able to identify it as MH370? If yes, then it is understandable. But if the transponders were switched off, how was the operator able to identify it as “friendly”?

The preliminary report reveals the following:

The military’s tracking of MH370

As stated previously, Malaysian military radar did track an aircraft making a turn-back, in a westerly direction, across peninsular Malaysia on the morning of 8 March. The aircraft was categorised as friendly by the radar operator and therefore no further action was taken at the time.

The radar data was reviewed in a playback at approximately 08:30 on 8 March. This information was sent to the Air Force operations room at approximately 09:00. Following further discussion up the chain of command, the military informed the Acting Transport and Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein at approximately 10:30 of the possible turn-back of the aircraft. The Minister then informed the Prime Minister, who immediately ordered that search and rescue operations be initiated in the Straits of Malacca, along with the South China Sea operations which started earlier in the day.

During this time, KD Mahamiru, the Mine Counter Measure Vessel and KD Laksamana Muhamad Amin, the Corvette Vessel of the Royal Malaysian Navy were already in the Straits of Malacca on patrol duties. They were immediately retasked to conduct the search and rescue operation. A military aircraft was then sent to join the two ships in the Straits of Malacca at 10:54 to search for MH370.

My understanding is that the RMAF should know beforehand about the schedule of all civilian flights; so it should be able to identify all planes in the air and thus be able to spot unidentified planes. Planes on unexpected routes, especially flying in Malaysian airspace, should come under intense scrutiny.

The chronology of events revealed in the preliminary report does not state when KL air traffic authorities alerted RMAF about the missing plane, assuming they did.

If the RMAF radio operator had spotted the plane making a turnback, surely the air force would have been able to inform KL that its radar had noted a plane making an unexpected turnback and proceeding along an unexpected route. And KL would have been able to inform RMAF that there was a high likelihood that this was their missing MH370 plane.

A glaring and crucual omission from the preliminary report is the timeline for events at the RMAF base in Butterworth and other radar facilities in northern Malaysia.

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This is the best and most convincing conspiracy theory on MH370 from Malaysia Chronicle (8 May 2014).


A devious conspiracy at the very highest levels …?


Speculation, speculation, speculation. Every journalist writing speculation to boost their readership and sales. We have yet concrete evidence on what happen


The Maldivians were not drinking coconut brew (toddy) nor were they suffering from air-plane ringing in the ears that 8 March morning. Neither were they hallucinating seeing a full body Boeing 777 flying as low as its plane door was clearly within eye sight. This is one of the most compelling independent eyewitness visual evidence of MH370 on its way to Diego Garcia, unless one tends to believe otherwise but fancy a Santa Claus owned Christmas Island in Antarctica waiting to receive its landing. Even huge beasts like dinosaurs leave behind massive bone evidences of their demise. Not finding one… Read more »


Since the blackbox of MH370 no longer gives out signal, perhaps the effort is to look up for the trace of mangosteen in Indian Ocean?

Perhaps the Diego Garcia folks are having mangosteen brew party as reward for recovering the lost US asset in Afghanistan?

Eng Hock

destinasi bajet to Belum Forest fyi – off topic 🙂

looks like the natural setting there may not be peaceful with tourist invasion.

najib manaukau

Just one question, why wasn’t the military radar report is only made now and wasn’t immediately or was it too much to just ask where MH370 was going to after MH370 was spotted to have turned back from on it’s way to Beijeing ? It is surely an excuse to call MH370 and hence no actions were taken, also how do the radar operators determined which flight is friendly or hostile ? Just admit your incompetence and stop giving these kind of excuses. Now everyone knows why the schmucks investigators are trying so very hard to impede the black box… Read more »


(Off topic)

Eng Hock

ISMA’s pendatang remarks as the result of insecurities due to barang naik phenomena. simplest is to blame others instead of looking at own mess ?

Stylo Logan

Isma’s frustration should be explained by the failure of the Malay community to escape the clutches of Malay Dilemma despite decades of so-called support from NEP that has widen the income gap between the rich crony Umnoputera and the poor rural Malays still depending on BR1M. So the President of Isma took the Chinese community as the punching bag? If he is taking history as a reference, then he should be thankful to the British for not converting the Malays by force to be Christians, as the Spanish has done to the people they have conquered. Also he should be… Read more »


ISMA can talk freely without fear as they have immunity from Sedition Act?


The Pendatang comment has never been punished. So it is deemed ok to be repeated each time those people are frustrated with life but chose not to find solutions to their predicament despite decades of NEP, instead find fault with the Chinese community.

If only Najib is brave enough to punish those people who divide the nation with pendatang or intruders statements. But we know he has so much baggage a that he is just a slave to the real Dalang of the country.

Don Anamalai

If Australia is spending RM3 million a day on MH370 search, I wonder how much BN has to ‘return favour’ by compromising on our interests?


Return favour ny becoming ‘Pak Turut’!

Danny Kua


Penang ‘favorite free food boy’ Jho Low with so much money tp spare in Texas (US$50 million donation) can help the nation to cover the cost of salvaging MH370 ?

no joke :

Stylo Logan

Jho Low is an example that Mahathir could highlight to Obama that Chinese in Malaysia gets equal opportunity to be rich – on condition that he is a proxy of Umnoputera?


Malaysia, of late, has been a joke !!!

The country’s leadership knows no shame !!! A group of clowns running the country naked making endless jokes everyday…

Teresa Kok is charged for sedition over her 1wonderfool malaysia !!!

Sincerely wishing the 47% bodoh bodoh all the best !!!


Trying to mislead and create tension with `ma lai` which everyone knows its mean a certain race and not horse coming. Like the bah kut teh which everyone knows the actual meaning of that dish and not meat bone tea as alleged. This is how the smart oop not the smart but the deceit that tried to fool the people but the people are really not that foolish. Only the naive still believe that DAP LGE oppose hudud ?? DAP continued co-operation with PAS is proof that its agenda is not to stop hudud but to win power in the… Read more »


So you really have no confidence in yourself. Anyway I have several bangla and indo workers. Well you see, I am fighting to make sure your limbs are not chopped off or be slashed in the public. Your idol co-operation with PAS is going to make that happen

Don Anamalai

Use Sedition Act on Satire? Malaysia Boleh!


Malaysia boleh for all the bodoh bodoh things, they dont care whether they are laughed at so long as they are at the throne forever…

Operation lallang is at work now… i think m is behind all these, controlling the most b*d*h pm on earth…

A bunch of clowns are leading the nation to the longkang…

Wake up 47% bodoh bodoh !!!

Ps Dear yang, looks like you are getting ready to export your children to indonesia as maid and pakistan, as cheap labour !!! All the best !!!


As long as you disagree with BN, its sedition. You don’t have nice things to say about Najib and Rosmah, it’s also sedition. This is Sedition-land.


Yang Don’t just talk. Just stand in the Bukit Gelugor by election. By the time the result is announced, you would have wished you would not have done so. By the way, if you are smart, you shouldn’t have joined in leaving a comment. Don’t just write rubbish for the sake of writing. I see you are achieving what you intended to achieve. Thumbs down for all your views. I haven’t even done my part yet. By the way, your writings is definitely an inspiration for all us to unite to shoot your views down. Numbers don’t lie. Yang and… Read more »


Yeah and Hisham Hussein can brag about Malaysia response time better than France. Why more I can say? And yet we hear people like Yang siding BN. Even Jim Callaghan did not have that kinda luxury


Red alert for hudud fanatics:

Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities are boycotting Brunei sultan-owned Dorchester Collection luxury hotel chain (which includes The Dorchester in London and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles) in protest of Brunei’s introduction of Islamic penal code/hudud in Brunei.

Cal Cal Itcos

Bodoh !

Osman Bako Ori

TIDAK-APA attitudes so common in Malaysia culture manifests !

Malaysians live in comfort zones for too long and fail to act fast when it matters most !

Another China national being abducted this morning in Sabah …. you treat those intruders as “friendly” when they come to earn money haram way via kinapping ?????



We keep on buying military + surveillance hardware/softwares but can’t even master its use & operational procedure for effective benefits to our national safety & security. To consider a ‘wayward’, non-communicative & suspicious low-flying commercial plane as friendly, notwithstanding that the transponders were switched off was lackadaisical duty fitting the Timbuktu airspace tribesmen. Our Defence Minister advised we get new + better radar to replace the highly inadequate ‘Anwar’ radar @ Butterworth. My Kopi-O duit-sense advise is to simply replace the whole rank & files of inadequacies responsible for the morning of 8 March tracking of MH370. What about a… Read more »


Some more that scoepene submarine is brand new lei as compared with singapore subs.

Anyway, I suggest these goons to answer these questions first……..Enjoy the gist behind this


Another Chinese kidnapped in Sabah! The Star: Yang Zailin, 34, from Guangzhou, was seized by foreigners from the Wonderful Terrace Fish Farm that he was managing on Pulau Baik near Lahad Datu at 2.45am Tuesday. The incident came a month after Shanghai tourist Gao Huayun, 29, was snatched from the Singamata Reef Resort, off Semporna, together with Filipina resort worker March Dayawan, 40, on Apr 2. Chinese netizens: Others wondered why the Chinese were always targetted and urged the Chinese government to take action to rescue the victims. Now, are our security apparatus up to par or are they still… Read more »

najib manaukau

This is what Malaysia is very very good at, coming up with all sorts of excuses only after it is found that their military or their military did not track the MH370 for more than two hours after it turned back. This must be one of the reasons why they are trying their best to get hold of the black box before some other country else does. Malaysia is so good at that, just like having the civil services filled up with 96% of their own kind as though this country is also filled up with 96% of their own… Read more »


Everybody seem to be speculating and opining just like the many smart as here trying to pin the blame on the govt when 28 nations and more than 100 aircrafts and ships could not do it. And we have 1 smart DDAP as that said that if they are the govt they will find the aircraft within a week. 300o miles away, some say in Bay of Bengal, Starits of Malacca, Diego Garcia and some say in SC sea and now it never left home. And we have one that keep on smarting 53% are smart while the 47% are… Read more »


Why then MCA or Gerakan dare not censure Umno for instigating PAS to implement hudud in Kelantan? Why Najib do not firmly say no to hudud and chooses to wait & see?


Why not Yang? You also pin blame on LGE govt. This govt has been in power for more than 55 years. Furthermore, Jibby never bother to share information with Pakatan….