Kit Siang the latest victim of 1MDB uproar


A sad day for Malaysia. Instead of a no-confidence motion against the PM being allowed to see the light of day, veteran opposition parliamentarian Kit Siang was suspended from Parliament. Kit Siang claimed he was “the latest victim of the 1MDB monster”. This was his parting shot.

Check out P Ramakrishnan’s response here.

And the following is a snippet of some of the farcical proceedings that took place:

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Paribus Ceteris

Lim Kit Siang’s suspension was due to his insult to the Speaker, by accusing the Speaker to be part of the scandal.
Not because Kit Siang raised concerns on 1MBD. Watch the snippets.


It seems in this 2016 budget Penang gets nothing despite its annual 6.5 billions contributions to Putrajaya ? Penang being the 2nd smallest state and yet 3rd largest contributor can’t even get anything ?

Terry P

Penang CM LGE said Budget 2016, which makes no mention of Penang, is unfair to the state which pays RM6.5 billion to the federal government annually.

“Every state got something… one or two projects, except Penang. There are no new projects. It is very unfair to Penang,” Lim said of the budget tabled in Parliament by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday. “It is malicious discrimination against the state. It disrespects the constitution that Penang is part of the federation.


1pm is playing dirty as he always does. He is punishing Penang and its people for voting BN out.

Hey, Penang people, i think you guys have to be more resolute this time than before to tell that dirty 1pm that Penang people have got dignity, ada maruah, and not succumb to his threats and bully.


This Snake Oil Salesman learnt the same kia-su mistake from his predecessor MadHatter of Helang Island. Penang Lang have long memory & not senang lupa what happened to Penang’s Free Port status – it was abolished to give Ulu Helang Island (Langkawi) a new breath of life. Let us all Penangites give our fullest support to DAP, CM Lim Guan Eng & PKR to fight every fight for our survival. As the Chinese saying goes: Ai pia jia eh yia (you must fight in order to win) Some of us don’t even receive BR1M, don’t rely on gomen jobs or… Read more »


Bn just spending their time to nab opposition for small matter and oust them by power of numbers. Bn is not direct the nation under falling commodities, raising unemployment, falling ringgit. They say how democratic but nab one with all kind of laws. Bn tried to silence with charges not knowing when thd case will be heard.


The authority is telling us that 1MDB cannot be challenged.

Ed G

LKS is voted into the parliament by the people of Gelang Patah and not by the Speaker or the Dewan Rakyat. It is therefore ridiculous (and unjust to people of Gelang Patah) that his suspension can be decided by the votes of the other MPs. Further, by stretching the rationale of applying such a modus operandi for suspension, the party with the majority, in collaboration with the Speaker, can suspend all other MPs by the force of majority thus leaving behind only MPs from one side of the political divide. This certainly make a farce of parliamentary democracy or an… Read more »


Too many sad days in Malaysia !!!

Am glad that in a way Karpal Singh has been spared of all this nuisance and nonsense in the Pariahment as they called it, and lots of funny things in this la la land… Tanahair cinta ku telah dijahanamkan oleh umno/bn…

Yes, let’s see their game whether they will arrest Dr M…

More popcorns …

They said Wall St and Sarawak Report were telling lies but have yet to see 1pm suing them.


Najib does not have the intellect to understand that all these things does just confirm how hoplessly FEUDAL the govt really is. It just give MORE publicity to 1MDB and no matter what govt says from any institutions including any report or investigation will not be believed.

As it stands, only thing believable is by an independent foreign entity such as the FCPA, US SEC, DOJ..No one words from anyone linked to the govt will be believed..


It’s interesting to see if they dare to arrest Dr.M ?