Khir Toyo charged; elections soon?


When the news spread that Khir Toyo had been charged in court for accepting in bribe, a political scientist sent me a message: “Khir Toyo arrested and Samy out. Elections must be very close now.”

He isn’t the only one with that thought. While a general election next year is by no means a certainty, one thing is a fair bet: the BN has begun to try and spruce up its image ahead of 2013, the deadline for holding the next general election.

But that’s a massive ask, though. Remember the corruption revelations in Sarawak?

And Remember Kasitah Gaddam and Eric Chia – the big fish (well, medium-sized fish, actually) who were hauled up in court ahead of the 2004 general election at a time when Abdullah Badawi wanted to show he was serious about corruption. What happened to them? Eric Chia was acquitted in 2007 and Kasitah Gaddam in 2009.

In the case of Eric Chia’s acquittal, The Star reported back then that the trial judge faulted the prosecution:

in every aspect of the case, from the way the main charge and alternative charge were proffered right to the tendering of documents, and its failure to call crucial witnesses.

Akhtar said the most glaring setback was the prosecution’s failure to call two material witnesses, who would have been able to confirm whether payment was needed for the technical assistance agreements (TAA) signed between Perwaja Rolling Mill Development and NKK Corporation.

And in the case of Kasitah Gaddam, the first Cabinet Minister to be charged with corruption, The Star reported:

Justice Suraya said the failure of the prosecution in not calling six board members who were present in the meeting was detrimental to the case as it had created a big gap over the question of whether the board members were actually cheated by the accused.

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Soon Soon

Water protest march in KL, election soon?


Funnier than 3 Stooges! N anyway y is Samy still running happily out there, with ministerial status, no less, when there r so many questions still(n probably never) unanswered… come on la, how u xpect us to take all this seriously … just a mega joke to brighten up the rainy weather, i guess … cant stop laughing!


aiyaya…correct correct correct also no case already this toyo kudo also can not charge lah


How come the people are so clever now, know what the government is up to???

Same on judiciary, even before the judge passes a sentence, the people already knew the judgment.

Therefore, we all must not be fooled yet again… We have to be steadfast and vote BN/Najib out and give Pakatan a chance to change our destiny !!!

Hidup Paktan and Ketuanan Rakyat !!!


If charged under MACC Act, the assets can be seized if corruption is prove. If charged under Penal Code, the maximum is only two years jail and a fine, or both. Why AG goes for Penal Code and not MACC Act?

It looks like the AG will be giving Khir Toyo a lot of discount.


The BN is certainly working hard at trying to improve its image. Hope the PKR will get its act together before the next election; the various factions must put aside their differences and work together. Solidarity in the PKR is important if they want to succeed.


to all the real Malaysians now is the time to join forces and hantam this giant power called UMNO and Perkasa which is slowly crushing anything in its way.this giant talks about ketuanan Melayu , but ketuanan melayu untuk apa. Ketuanan melayu dalam bidang sains dan commerce ka ketuanan melayu untuk menghabiskan khazanah malaysia to bankrupt malaysia dan penuh pocket dia orang aje. People like Long Jaafar, Ngah Ibrahim the original founders of Malaysia’s wealth in tin, true legends they were must be turning in their graves at what UMNO is happily doing. When UMNO and Perkasa say Ketuanan Melayu.… Read more »

Anthony Tan

If Mat Tyson, Rahim Tamby Chik and other UMNO goons could get away with it, why not Toyo? This is another wayang kulit in preparation for the GE13.
So long you are an UMNO crony, you just get a slap on the hand and jangan buat lagi tahu. With such light punishment, the crime will forgotten the next day.

Anak Mami

Don’t ever be fooled by this BN’s trap to win your vote. Toyo will (probably) be freed along the line of ‘lack of evidence’ knowing the kind of judiciary system we have. It is just an UMNO sandiwara. Same script recycled on different setting. So what if Toyo gets 2 years of jailterm? I would trade it for RM23 million istana anytime. By the way, can someone ask our PM Najib whether a non-Malay can ever be a DPM? Ask him for his opinion – we want to know his 1Malaysia stand? If you do not dare to ask this… Read more »


gerakan k,

good matinne show.


Yes you are roght bro Anil.
Election soon on the way.Today my Police friend told that they already receive voting list as where they should would in next GE.
That why, as usual UMNOO sandiwara begins to divert public eyes from the real issue.


With the hundreds of millions paid to APCO and McKinsey, the devil is looking like an angel.

Wait, it may fool others but the readers here are too media savvy to fall for that 1Hantu crap!


The charge itself is laughable. The vendor and purchaser were charged to transact a land sale below fair market value.

I am sweating now becoz I bought a piece of property last year at 15% below market value.


The charge itself is laughable. The vendor and purchaser were charged to transact a land sale below fair market value.

You are not getting it, yellowjackets!
This is intentional, so in the end the judge will just dismiss the case b’cos it is laughable! Ini pun Boleh in BolehLand, mah!

sam sung

Remember the charge is fraud to deprive a business of the true value of its land. Nothing to do with the amassing of wealth by a certain dentist.


Fool us again and again when are they going to stop
This is 2010 moving to 2011. UMNO think we are
real stupid by rerunning old drama.


The shadow plays One sacrifice lamb For the sake of the party Telling the people something The Toyol in the bag Only the zipper still opens When the rolling begins Some black magic will flow Maybe it is just a wool over the eyes On paper it seems he will surely lose In the court something else So the Toyol knows he will be set free The shadow plays The ameeno wants the people to think Charge own member to sacrifice Only scratching the barrel We aren’t yesterday’s fools We have seen enough of the shadow plays We want to… Read more »


Delaying the election is not in Najib’s favour. He has to go within the next six month and hence likely to be with Sarawak together. There is real hesitancy because one of the key things UMNO Supreme Council agreed on was that Anwar needed to be ‘taken care’ of which is still not done. I believe its the only thing that is holding back the GE. But Najib can’t afford. The longer he delay, the longer he is giving PR a chance to recover. If Anwar can delay his trial longer than 2 years, Najib has no choice but to… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone

Isn’t possible for the DPP and his team, to either intentionally and unintentionally, cause/create a ‘loophole’ through commission/omission whereby on a technicality an accused walks free? This has happened many times before, and always so specially and perfectly-timed that the verdict of no conviction charge only comes after a General Election! And, once again, the people/electorates are taken for a ride!

“Malaysia really really Boleh!”


Election is definitely around the corner. This is a politically inspired and politically motivated case done with the intention of deceiving the public into believing that Najib is serious in fighting corruption. Any half-past six ACA officers will tell you that a sect.165 Penal Code corruption offence is one of the easiest and quickest case to probe. It is like a curi-ayam case where the thief is caught red-handed. My guess is (has) the ACA file on Khir (been cold-storaged) for months with the intention of NFAing the file case. … So … (perhaps) with a little proding from Najib… Read more »


It was so obvious, the son of the medicine seller (could eventually) get away Scot free…not guilty!! No corruption intended, human error, wrong judgment in his decision to purchase the below valued property. So UMNO want us to believe, no one is above the law….

YES, GE will be called soon…


trust me nothing will eventuate. Khir Toyota I mean Toyo will walk away scott free. With the current executive and judiciary (appearing) so skewed in one party’s favour nothing will eventuate.

you are right election is in the winds, so they (may be) getting khir to be the fall guy. my biggest concern is still the postal votes and the alleged phantom voters.If Pakatan loses its going to be because of the postal votes and the alleged phantom votes.


Khir Toyo a former dentist managed to amassed such immense wealth in his short tenure as MB of Selangor. Surely that there are many other scandals involving him. If not why did (they have) to cart away lorry loads of documents from the Selangor government office in Shah Alam on the night of March 08, 2008?

The rather pathetic responses from the AG n MACC leaves a rather bad taste in all Malaysians and speaks volume of their so-called independence. Only a change of government will shake them out.


betul tu.


Our minds are made up – Bee End is TOO EVIL TO THE CORE.
Whatever ‘good-looking’ deed like this sandiwara prosecution of TOO EVIL toyo is to us but a cheap trickster show. A show TOO EVIL to believe. B’cos we already know the TOO EVIL outcome before the case will be closed prematurely.
I will not waste my precious time to comment any further on this TOO EVIL toyo…

Good to know Karma is on course to catch the EVILS OF TOO EVIL.

najib manaukau

Khir Toyo indictment is just a show before the snap election and that is why the AG is saying that ‘ a thorough investigation will be done’ and eventually after the election the case will be dropped due to insufficient or lack of evidence. This is Umno’s tactic and it does not need even a moron to see through it. Khir Toyo’s corruption happened some years back and yet the AG is still saying it needed more time to investigate the matter. Were the AG, Police and the MMAC asleep all this while and only just before a snap election… Read more »


the ‘cartoonic’ charging of the rich toyol teeth -pulling dentist today, to us, is just a ‘sandiwara’/a vile/demonic ploy(evil?!) conjured by ‘you know who’, in a (futile!)attempt to hoodwink us, the opposition supporters, that by doing so, prove to us, a semblance of their true worth/credibility, to (trying sheepishly ???!!!) solve corruption cases(but we bet the ‘devilish’ toyol will end up like the lingam-gate/ altatunya c4ed/razak baginda/bala statutory declaration cases as NFA(no further action) later on, after the elections have taken place?)in an attempt to try to sway us into voting for them again?….no way! it has to be ,… Read more »


you are right. election is very very near,MOST probably, not before or after chinese new year. it will MOST likely be, during the 1st term school holidays….it is because, the pm is feeling very very confident, because of his Galas and the Sarawak by-election victories(but did he actually win or he ‘won’ because he sent his ‘mah chais’ to hand out ang pows and essential goodies/you scratch my back, i will scratch your back????!!!)we also predict, he will persecute/incarcerate DSI some MORE, before election looms, because the ruling party thinks/surmisses that if DSI is put away, he stands a better… Read more »

Andrew I

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