Kg Buah Pala: More questions


Let’s go back a bit and look at the timeline:

3 October 2005 – Nusmetro enters into a joint venture with the Koperasi.

5 October 2006 – Planning permission is given by the local authorities.

27 March 2008 – Temporary title (Borang 11AK) (99 year lease) is registered in the name of the Koperasi. The title contains a restriction saying that there can be no transfer, lease, sub-lease or any transaction.

There are also two caveats shown on this temporary title document:

1) Caveat by Nusmetro – registered on 14 April 2008. (Nusmetro had agreed to pay the land premium on behalf of the Koperasi in return for the joint venture agreement.)

2) “Kaveat Pendaftar atas Tanah” – registered on 22 December 2008. (This appears to be in connection with some loan to a borrower. The Housing Loans Section of the Malaysian Treasury applied for the caveat.)

Can planning permission for a plot of land be given before the title is even registered in the name of the applicant? How did this happen?

And what is the final outcome of the state investigative committee’s probe into the land deal? There is no point revealing the results when the houses are already demolished, is there? No more talk of land scams now?

And what is the outcome of the report lodged by residents with the MACC?

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Anil Netto

New blog post: Kg Buah Pala: The second caveat


Kg Buah Pala: The second caveat: Let’s go back a bit and look at the timeline:
3 October 2005 – Nusmetro enters ..

Robert Teh

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CAT of Lim Guan Eng

Credibility – Come to Power in 8/3/2008 and accept payment on 14/3/2008 and issue title on 27/3/2008- Express Credibility– BN couldnt do it in 30 years in Penang???

Accountability- Blame Koh Tsu koon n BN

Transparency- Only publish partial BN minutes and dont publish Pakatan minutes!!!!


Buah Pala Resident

Hey Rajan! Whats your lot no.? … We are know who is commenting like a 19 year old boy – and related to the DAP senior members nephew la boy? Stop doing this and go and study for exams! Buah Pala villagers already kicked you out of the Village! What else you want to betray them?…

bullock cart

dont be too greedy at last it end up with nothing,mr samy where are you,let kbp folks share your wealth.


Dont trust this Rajan. He (could be) a trojan horse planted by the vested interests. Whatever he says makes LGE look like the good guy and the villagers the bad guys. He is very eager to sign whatever deal is thrust before him without even knowing the details. That doesnt sound clever.


Dear K,

Pls dont be intimidated by these (suspected) Nusmetro cyber-troopers.
Keep up your spirit and expose LGE for the hypocrite that he is.


“Where is the evidence that the Documents were signed with the full knowledge of PR Govt?” —SamG

What have you been smoking? The land transfer was done 19 days after PR took over. It was done in PR’s watch. What more do you want.



can you pls tell us what these readers of the popular chinese daily ‘kwongwah’ said about the demolition of the illegal pig abbatior in Kedah????
That would be very insightful.


To shamsul awang mat.

LGE has answered your question yesterday. The pathethic answer is he did not sign any document to approve this KBP land deal.

This is a shocking answer from a PR CM (whose party) contested the land deal is wrong or dubious before last GE. He simply let the Jabatan Tanah issued land grant within four days. (such process usually take years to be completed!).

shamsul awang mat

please ask mr CM LGE to be cool and just answer (what role he played, if any, in) the land transfer on 27/3/08 although he knows that the value of the land is 150 million


Dear Rajan I have no intention of getting into a personal argument with you as I have bigger issues to deal with. However, it is misleading of you to say that none of the residents scolded Rama. That’s an absolute lie. That is even reported in the media for all to see… Well, you don’t represent the residents and it is your choice to take up LGE’s offer. I wish you good luck. Jane : I am sure you won’t be so dismissive if you own house is being threatened by bulldozers and in the danger of being made homeless.… Read more »


The outcome of the survey will be in opposite if KBP is a Chinese village.

Right. Everything has to be seen with a racial lens huh.


nkkhoo – The outcome of the survey will be in opposite if KBP is a Chinese village. Look at what the people are saying in the website. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re chinese or indian or whatever, the replies in the poll says that the State govt. is already giving an extremely good offer. The majority of the people who posted would have taken the offer if given to them. What have you to say to that nkkhoo? I bet the results would be the same even if kbp is a chinese village. i’m sure the chinese would be… Read more »


Dear K, Rajan has not once alleged to represent KBP residents. Tharmaraj has. Why should I listen to you and not Rajan who is seeing things on the ground? How many bloggers have gone to the ground, how many reporters have stayed around ground zero long enough to perceive the true intentions of the individuals there? Save your talk about declassifying documents, perhaps you will get insufficient fuel to continue your seemingly noble cause to find justice for KBP folks. A verbal promise to give the land to their forefathers remained unbinding, and contracts are what binds agreements. What to… Read more »


K Don’t make me laugh. LGE is my Chief Minister unlike you. Your constant barging against LGE leaves me to think that you never thought of me and my parents at head. If you want, speak through the committee residents association. I have spoken to them. Have you? I challenge you to do so. I am wanting a solution. You just want to shame a decent government. This is a decent government. If you want, join barisan nasional, if you have not. I think the words used by outsiders that day reflect the … mentality that MIC, Hindraf have. None… Read more »


To me it is fair deal. Look at some countries in Africa the white man came with the Bible the black man owns the land now lots of blank man holds the Bible and the white man gets the land. Well in UMNOland it is the civil servants pretend to help the poor in the end they grab their land living the poor landless


August 7th, 2009 at 1.46am

Just thought people might want to know what readers of a popular Chinese daily in Penang thinks.

As of my posting, 220 people, or 96% agree that residents from Kampung Buah Pala should take up their offer.


The outcome of the survey will be in opposite if KBP is a Chinese village.


The whole KBP incident concluded that BN and PR are the same stock, they are pro-developers and resorting to (grab) not belonging to state government.


August 6th, 2009 at 9.17pm

The answer to all is identify yourself when you speak. I live in one of these lots. So, simply say and leave your lot number. Otherwise, you have no moral grounds to say anything. I thinl BN is a cheat and. PR is the savior. Anyone wants to take my challenge?


Mojority of KBP residents are unlike you with no … guts to defend their land. (How about disclosing if you are a) DAP member…?


Dear Rajan I fail to fathom the logic behind your argument. You proclaim that people who is not a resident in KBP have no rights to speak up but yet you elect to speak on the behalf of the residents. If you are indeed a resident as you claim, you know that all but one resident has rejected the offer. Unlike you I am totally interested in politics of the issue and just want the problem solved in fair and just manner to the poor residents. I am not disputing the guilt of KTK, that is a given fact. But… Read more »


As for the offer of RM3.5 million by MIC to the folks of Kg Buah Pala, it roughly translate to RM140,000 per family (based on 24 houses there). My question is why are they offering this ammount only to Kg Buah Pala people, well each and every Indian family in Malaysia deserved this compensation from MIC for their incompetence, inactions and plain stupidity in represenating us for the last 60 years. They have sold the indian community rights wholesale and now they are playing hero in Penang. I am utterly disgusted with the interviews given by the so called MIC… Read more »


Hey! Why is there no latest news?


Again we have the group claiming that the Kg Buah Pala folks are the land owner but till now i have yet to see any document supporting that. So on the other hand they can be equated to all the indian workers who have for generation worked in many estates that have been converted to housing estates and industrial park all over peninsular malaysia. Sadly many or all of them have been cheated by the BN government, estate owners and the plantation workers union( sadly led by immoral and despicable leaders). At least these people are being offred something instead… Read more »