Kg Buah Pala: The controversial deal


Here’s an article that should be essential reading in understanding the background to the Kg Buah Pala issue.

In particular, how did Penang state government sell the land to the Koperasi when the trusteeship is believed to have passed to the Federal Government?

Can you sell something that you don’t own?

How could the Penang state government under the BN sell the Kampong Buah Pala land when “the available evidence seemed to show that the land is still vested in the Federal Lands Commissioner”, wonders a bewildered P Ramakrishnan.

Negative elements – greed, corruption, abuse of power and judicial indifference – have conspired to wipe out part of Penang’s history and destroy its heritage. Read on…

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Even if the trusteeship when to the Federal Land commissioner, does that mean the Penang Govt cannot make changes to land ownership. The Federal Land Commissioner power is actually very limited under our laws..Essentially, it does not have the authority to do anything without state approval.. Also, Federal Land Commissioner also cannot block anything that State Govt decides to do with state land.

So even if technically the trusteeship is with Federal Commissioner, due to the confines of its power, when it comes to state land, its the Exco that still decides what to do with it and can decide…


All you LGE psycophants and spinners, You are spinning LGE as a saint, as a perfect person who is incapable of mistakes. This is not about LGE in person. LGE is the face of the PR govt. As a CEO he is responsible for anything that happens under him. The state govt has blundered big time which you people are conveniently and stubbornly glossing over. Most people agree that there is some element of fraud in the transaction, even LGE admitted as much. Then why is LGE reluctant to investigate. If he sets up a select committee to probe, it… Read more »

anna brella

A bona fide purchaser gains good title provided they bought the property in the utmost good faith. The Adorna Properties case (provided it is clad by cast-iron Justice) decision is, in my view, a harsh but nevertheless necessary policy decision, as otherwise, no purchaser will be ever be sure, even after taking all the necessary precautions and exhausting all reasonable checks, that they have gained irrevocable good title to the property they bought because they honestly believed the vendor had the right to sell it. The caveat emptor rule warns all purchasers ahead about the cast-iron bona fide requirement if… Read more »


nkkhoo wrote,
“KBP residents shall sue Penang state government for (taking away) their land”
May I know what do u get from urging KBP residents to sue the state govt? Probably Gerakan will pay for the legal expenses, eh?
Who exactly is taking the land away from these folks in the first place? Where were u under the previous state govt to protect the residents?


To Hitam and other like him.

Do not use the benefit of million people to justify any wrongdoing on any individual or a small group.
This was exactly same excuse used by million white immigrants in America to kill native red Indians.

LGE should be able to avert this blunder if he blocked the land deal and nullified illegal land sale by the previous state government.

Obviously he wanted to see so-called “concrete jungle development” instead of protecting disadvantaged group.

KBP residents shall sue Penang state government for (taking away) their land.


I’ve seen Anil’s photos of the village but frankly, I cannot see any reason to label it a heritage site. I looks like any small settlement in rural Malaysia. The houses are nondescript and appear to have no unique architectural features. Just because the Hindraf brothers claim it is a heritage site doesn’t make it so.


The offer is better. Just look at the orang asli – what do they get. Bloggers never say anything in supporting them. Believe or not, their dwellings are worst then these kg people.


ON a separate note, i did read in the Star about this festival that the Kampung people did where 3000 local univesity students were bussed in to attend. They seemed to lament at the ‘loss of the village’ and come out with a banner of support to the world heritage. All is well actually but i am piqued by 2 of the activities. In the grabbing flag from the bull & the oiled pole game, RM1000 were placed to the winner. No offence, but how did the villages get so much money? Who is supporting this pR stunt and getting… Read more »


The issue of possible fraud can be pursued later and it may take years to unravel and bring the culprits to book but how does that help the villagers now? The urgent matter is to find a solution for the villagers now. Some of you may be deluded into thinking that just because (alleged) fraud was committed, LGE has the power to reverse the land transfer. Fraud or not, the court has upheld it and LGE can do nothing. In the Adorna Properties case, the Federal Court in a controversial decision ruled that a buyer who buys a land in… Read more »


For LGE and team PR, I hope in future they will thoroughly do their homework fast and not practice Crisis Management technique.


Now the true fact is revealed. No sales as the land is in the Fed Govt hand. Now you MIC and Hindraf go picket at Najib’s office in Putrajaya. As I have said before Penangites will be the ultimate losers as the state govt will eventually have to compensate Koperasi Pegawai Pulau Pinang Bhd for … selling them the land (or exchanging the land) under the previous BN state govt.


Since we are at this blaming game, I am wondering why no one has yet blamed Helen Margaret Brown for leaving such a poor trust that could not withstand the trial of time ??????


Wait – federal court has awarded the case to the land owner? What is there to say? Stop harping K. I live in the kampung…


Mr K,
It is only that Lim Guan Eng as the CM did the villagers and people like you who go on making demands.
If BN is still in power, whether the deal is right or wrong, the villages would be gone.
Do you think the developers would be so patient to go on negotiating? They would be like the Co-op guys la – demolish the village already la


The land is lease hold which expires in 99 years. It was valued at RM 6M 5 years back. Today, I guess it is worth about RM 24M, not the RM 100M as claimed by some.

In exchange for the KBP land, the coop paid RM 3M + the land next to Dewan Sri Pinang. It was not a raw deal for Penang because Koh Tsu Khoon knew this is the easiest way to remove the squatters. The state will get the land back in 99 years.

Plain Truth

It really is amazing to see some commentators here acting as KTK-apologists when the political eunuch himself doesn’t even have the decency to provide public accountability of this and other rip-offs.


The reason why LGE wants a closed door meeting is to find a solution for the penduduk without letting those *spy/spoiler know what he intend to do.. He need time to plot his next move especially in a situation where:- 1) So called rep for KBP is (allegedly) UMNO’s goon 2) Media (Utusan, B. Harian, the star, nst, TV3 and more are all reporting negative element and working for BN 3) MACC / PDRM / Land Authority are all (seem to be) control by UMNO. So LGE need to play the card close to his heart.. why do u think… Read more »

True Fact

Strait to the point.

1. The land is not belong to the villagers. The villagers is “stinggan”.

2. The legal owner have every right to do whatever they want to do to their land.

3. Everybody must obey the court order. Villagers stay and use the land years freely and demanding something not belong to them… Patuhilah undang-undang (parties acting like a lawyer should mirror themselves)

Simple Question: If somebody stay and used the land thats belong to you what would you do?


I’m sure LGE would like to win the case more than anyone else being his first term of CM in Penang. But there is much weighing to do, 1.5 million penangites vs the no. of folks in KBP. Afterall, KBP folks are offered compensations. If one wants to protect the land as some heritage site, take it up in another avenue, do not try to put everything in one basket and complicate matters – it’s money, time and other resources we are talking about. There are other issues that the state govt needs to look and move on.

Jebat musibat

K is sick.

he really really anti with LGE , he’s not even helping, just bashing LGE all the time.From all over your post. It’s just look alike you had an old grudge with him!….

Nmind.. what ever it’s .
many of my indian’s friend will never vote for BN ever again.. (i mean many, not all of them.)

Just just see the true colors of BN now.

All the best LGE. You’re on the “Hot seat of the year”.


It’s very painful to have people like K. Come on! How to solve the problems without fully understood the root cause!

…K, I thought you always say you are more concerned on the action now. What say you, K? Still wanna be BN’s …?

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The Kg BP villagers and its residents’ committee can opt to do one of two things; (i) accept the offer of the developer of a double-storey house, or (ii) pursue the matter of how the former Pg State govt can alienate the land to the cooperative when it did not own as evidence point to the fact that the land is still vested with the Federal Lands Commissioner. 2. The current Pg State Govt should pursue further how such land held under trust can be ‘given’ away by the former Pg State Govt. Investigate thoroughly on how such… Read more »


LGE as a new guardian for state government is intentionally to hide this legal issue from the public knowledge.

Koh Tsu Koon initiated the dubious land sale first and then Lim Guan Eng’s (administration) completed the transaction within four days.

Both of them have to be blamed…

Lim BC

The resident and those who are concerned should demonstrate in front of Penang’s BN HQ, Penang Gerakan Office, Penang UMNO office. WHY? WHY? WHY? they didn’t do that? They only know how to condemn the current state government, demonstrate at KOMTAR, demonstrate at LGE resident.
SURELY, the resident has been mislead by own RA main office’s bearer.


Who cares if the crook was KTK or Kublai Khan ? We can deal with them later if LGE can provide all the necessary evidence. What we care NOW is how to solve this problem ? LGE don’t keep evading the issue by talking about past. TALK about NOW. If LGE is not guilty why then he is avoiding from going to KBP and face the residents ? Why is he insist on having closed door meetings and without the presence of lawyers from the KBP side ? What has he got to hide ??? CAT…no it is just pure… Read more »