Kg Buah Pala: Release Pakatan exco minutes too


There’s still quite a bit of unfinished business in this saga.

Why is it so important? First, land which is now said to be worth RM80-100 per sq ft was alienated to the Koperasi for RM10psf or RM3.2 million by the previous BN administration. Millions of ringgit that could have gone to the people of Penang were effectively handed over on a silver platter to the Koperasi-Nusmetro in exchange for peanuts. The big issue is, could the Pakatan state government have stopped the deal in its tracks?

Was the new state government in Penang unaware of the Kg Buah Pala crisis during the crucial period from when they came into power on 8 March 2009 until the land transfer was effected on 27 March 2008? Let’s zoom in on this period.

March 2008

8 – Opposition parties sweep to power in Penang.
13 – Buah Pala villagers meet the new Penang Chief Minister and inform him about their situation.
14 – But the very next day, the state government accepts final payment of RM2,247,000* for the Buah Pala land, nearly a year after the last payment, and almost 10 months after the Land Office asked for final payment.
15 – The villagers are tipped off that final payment has been made.

16 – The villagers alert their lawyer that final payment has been made.
17 (or thereabouts) – Their lawyer meets a senior DAP national leader.
21 – The villagers meet the Penang Chief Minister again. They alert the state government that final payment was made and are informed that a panel of inquiry would be set up to look into such dubious deals. They are given assurances and they come away from both meetings feeling euphoric.
22 – Penang state government announces a special panel to investigate land scams comprising deputy chief minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, deputy CM II Dr P Ramasamy and exco member Phee Boon Poh.
27 – The Land Office registers the transfer of Buah Pala land to the Koperasi giving it a temporary title, which prohibits transactions with third parties.

* First payment of RM642,000 made on 16 March 2006, second payment of RM321,000 on 22 March 2007

The state government says by the time it took over, it was a done deal and it couldn’t do much. Really?

It is obvious the state government was already aware of the deal in March 2008. Did it try to delay the final land transfer? After all, the issue of compensation to the villagers had not been settled and the Koperasi had received a RM3 million discount mainly for this purpose. Moreover, two high-level state investigative panels were set up to probe the deal, one in March 2008 to probe land scams in general and the second one this year to probe the Buah Pala case. What are the outcomes of those investigations? Had the investigative committees done their work, they might have found out that the land was not the Penang state government’s to sell, as the High Court later indicated. In which case, could the deal have been aborted – before the transfer of ownership was registered with the Land Office – on the grounds that the BN exco’s approval was null and void?

And did the last payment (on 14 March 2008) require exco approval – as some have claimed – as it was received so late? A full disclosure of the Pakatan state government’s exco minutes would help to clarify some of these lingering questions. In the interests of transparency, that’s the least the administration could do.

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Anil I will agree with you on declassifying the minutes and if proven mistakes have been made LGE should take it on the chin and Penangite would judge him for that. I would also agree with you that uncontrolled and unplanned developments are definitely undesirable and does no favours for Penangites But what has the above got to do with having a poll on your website, readers who i assume would be well verse in the KBP issues? I would also assume that you are demanding the declassification so the truth will out and the people of penang can judge… Read more »


Anil DAP’s Decepticons’ assertion that KBP issue should be classified as NFA (No Further Action) and Case “Closed” is as outrageous and insensitive as saying since Teoh BK has died and we can’t bring him back, we might as well forget the whole affair. No only that the KBP people been vilified and crucified in the media as a bunch of greedy goatherds and cowherds, they are been made homeless and driven away from their ancestors’ land. And worse of it all is that the land was acquired and transferred in a highly dubious manner, the details of which our… Read more »


OK, a foregone conclusion then? Bravo and goodluck to you for defending them, my respect. I suspect things may not be as tricky had the KBP folks been advised ‘properly’ to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Anyway by way of highlighting the KBP folks issues aren’t you indirectly asking for the support of penangites and other malaysians who you term outsiders?

Ken Wong

LGE should declassify the minutes to show that what he has said so far are true. Not doing so would imply guilt. But it is rather sad that the present State Government, which has done so much in so short a time to instil fairness, transparency, and integrity in the Government, is now cleverly being painted as being worst than the previous State Government. If the Exco minutes show that the State Government had deliberately permitted the Kg Buah Pala deal to be concluded when it had the power to stop it, then it should be brave enough to admit… Read more »

Andrew I

Oh yea of little faith. Does Guan Eng really not trust his own instincts? Does he or his die hard fans really think he will lose support for being honest?

Allow me to quote from Aliran: What comes from the heart, reaches the heart.

3/08 was about change. Already the wolves are smelling blood. If you have sat in jail for a complete stranger, this is a walk in the park in comparison. Really, who is KTK?

Andrew I



People have given LGE a golden chance to be Penang CM for his sacrifice in the past. The rest is history.

Please don’t be crying like a baby IF LGE cannot perform as our voters’ expectation. He is better to learn from the KBP blunder and change his arrogant attitude before more people fed up with him and DAP.


‘Why? Would it make you feel better? Let me tell you the result: Penangites outside KBP did not have their own ancestral homes demolished and local community destroyed; so of course many of them don’t care about or feel for KBP.’

Anil, you are ignoring the opinions of other penangites who would bear the bill of your past suggestions for KBP folks?



We should also mention the environmental and quality of living degradations as well as further pushing up the price of land and property (as a result of dimininishing land).

Penang : From Silicon Island to Concrete Island



It’s about heritage not money remember?


nkkhoo says: Penang Gerakan Chief Says “CAT” Stands For “Complaining, Accusing & Twisting”

Damn, I thought it stood for Collusion, Arrogance and Treachery!



I thought CAT stands for Condos, Apartments and Townhouses !


LGE loyalists here have lost all semblance of impartiality, objectivity and regard for the truth in their bid to outdo each other in smooching his … … LOL!


Penang Gerakan Chief Says “CAT” Stands For “Complaining, Accusing & Twisting”

Andrew I

I couldn’t give a toss what Gerakan says. The idea is so DAP doesn’t end up like Gerakan.

Andrew I

Great idea, Harry. Let’s see a poll on whether all exco minutes should be published for public viewing or not.

Of course, we should anticipate “the BN didn’t publish their exco minutes” excuse in a short while.


Anil, what a poll on kbp ?? what is it going to prove. We , the Rakyat are demanding that all exco minutes be published whether in BN or Pakatan states. In Penang , it should include those involving kbp whether those during BN or Pakatan reign. Lets all join together and clamour for it. With regards to LGE government , that should be ‘given’ for them, as one LGE seem to have made that pledge last year June and came out in Malaysiakini ( as rightly pointed by a previous commenter).With specific regards to Penang whether it involves KTK… Read more »


LGE’s mind change is faster than lightning speed.

On that 308’s glorious night, he proclaimed to media that no deputy chief minister posts whatever as KTK kowtowed to UMNO.

Remember that DAP was strongly opposed deputy CM post when they were opposition in the state.

LGE’s CAT comes with a new meaning as Gerakan coined it to “Complaining, Accusing & Twisting”.


Anil, have a poll on Penangites’ support on KBP.


A poll in the next general election will tell the truth. Next GE is about three and a half years to go.

Andrew I

Morning Dew, I agree. What is needed is some honesty. Instead of conducting a masterclass in evasion (to borrow the British Liberal Democrat leader’s description of the Labour PM’s explanation on the release of the Lockerbie bomber), Guan Eng, of all people, should know this.


There are so many reports and controversies on ex-MB Khir Toyo, ex-CM Koh Tsu Koon’s, Balkis, SYABAS, and many many dug out deals which is not favourable to the Rakyat but to the GLCs. What PR state Government can do? They still rely on SPRM and Court to investigate and charge them. PR state government can replace SPRM? PR state government can replace Court? We are here discuss and discuss and as it the state government is a “BIG BULLY”. Do we know that the government servants in the states are under JPA (Jabatan Perkhimatan Awam). Even the State Government… Read more »


How can anyone respect a CM who … caught misleading …? See below…I am ashamed to be a Penangite…. ==================================================== ‘No’ to declassifying Buah Pala minutes: Guan Eng By ANDREA FILMER and DAVID TAN [email protected] GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has admitted there are Pakatan Rakyat state executive minutes regarding Kampung Buah Pala, but says they will not be declassified. In a statement issued Tuesday, Lim said he had “refreshed his memory” by going through the minutes of all executive council meetings he had chaired. “I have refreshed my memory by looking at the minutes of all… Read more »

Morning Dew

I find that his statement was a bit disingenious. The sale and purchase agreement (probably) had lapsed after 3 months. (If so,) this meant that the CM had to sign off to accept the payment. If the land office did not ask him to sign off on the deal this can only mean that the land office officer (could have) broken the law and the deal was illegal. If the CM had signed off without consulting the exco this meant that he had acted on his own without discussion with the exco and therefore must be held fully responsible for… Read more »


Ashamed to be a Penangite? There are thousands out here including myself proud to proclaim ourselves Penangite regardless of KBP.
Why don’t we ask Anil to do a poll on this KBP subject to gauge Penangites’ support for once and for all?
Anil, what say you? Hope you have the courage…


If DAP cybertroopers think the issue of KBP has been closed with the destruction of the village, then they are sadly and tragically mistaken. I am sure that just like Khir Toyo, LGE will pay a very heavy political price for this cruel … act. We will never allow all right thinking Malaysians to forget this black mark in Penang’s history. KBP will live forever.


Fatimah Zuhri dan kawan-kawan seperjuangan mu di BN, Sebenarnya, bukannya I marah kat Anil — cuma fed up aje lah dengan perangai si Anil ini. Suka-suka dia mensensasikan isu KBP, lepas itu diam sejenak. Bila sudah cukup cool, mulalah dia tarik balik isu naik ke permukaan. Bukannya dia tak tahu isu ini memang merumitkan, penuh emosi dan entah apa lagi, tapi nak jugak si Anil mulakan riak. That’s why I nak tanya dia ‘Just what exactly do you want to see in CONCLUSION from KBP and LGE?’. You want LGE to reveal minutes? Boleh, tapi dia enggan. Macam si Ong… Read more »


anil, i think state in the midst enacting heritage bill now. we have same problem with kg tokong. dont want heritage site at current kpg, we want at the reclaim area, making kpg more in order. you see, tis project only provide to 24people w rm500k value house if i m not mistaken, others get lower rate houses, but remaining kicked out, got to rent cheaply at seberang perai, that how they kick away poor rakyat, coincidentally malays. currently, uda and the mega super rich investors do not share reclaim land for heritage, for them reclaim land is fit for… Read more »


“In between, we should be like school children and not question the leaders.”

School children do have a tendency to shout and scream repeatedly when they don’t get what they want. Anil has made his point which many agrees to (including me) but there are more pressing issues out there to focus on.


Why Gerakan/MCA/UMNO leaders do not speak out but let all those mai chai do the running job too? Surprise when in opposition, opposition leaders will make a lot of noise but in Gerakan, it is the running mah chai and not the leaders. Guess the leaders dare not to say anything because they are the ones who started the whole affair but politically they encourage (others to make noise). (Those who make the most noise) hopefully get noticed and become someone in the party



I am sorry but you must be out of your mind for suggesting the future of Indians lies with a … chauvinist party like DAP (Developers Are our Partners).

… Look at Prof Rama, (few) in Penang … respect him despite being the DCM2. Look at other Indians leaders of DAP, they (avoid) speaking out on KBP…


Tgo all those who criticise LGE on KBP especially the Indians: Face one very glaring fact: The future of Indians in this country lies in joining forces with DAP. Look around and you will see Indians NO ONE from the Indian community capable of leading the Indians out of their problems.. Look at Singapore and Indians have thrived there and you can expect the same from DAP. Forget Hindraf, Samy Vellu, Makkal Sakti or IPF – the hope of Indians lies with DAP and its not even PR….

Andrew I

Fatimah and Harry, what a breath of fresh air from both of you.

From some of the comments above, politicians are untouchables. Our only right to a voice comes once every five years.

In between, we should be like school children and not question the leaders. BN has done well in instilling the doctrine if you’re not for us, you’re against us.

And both sides of the divide want to lure back our talents. To this kind of political immaturity? Good luck.


anil, get koh tsu koon to release bn exco minutes from 2002. no point pressing dap alone.
where is bn minutes? burnt after ge2008?


“LGE should do this …. LGE should do that. Reminds me how much I hate back seat drivers.”

This is so far the best comment out there. can’t be more agree….


Reading the comments, there are obviously people like K and nkkhoo who are BN supporters using KBP as a platform to bash PR and LGE. Their motive is not social justice, it’s political. Anil should be aware if he keeps giving them a platform his blog will lose whatever reputation and impartiality it has gained so far. The KBP affair is already over. Let it rest. Some of the residents are satisfied with the compensation they got. That alone is enough to show that no clear injustice was committed. It’s a complicated issue and a grey area. Why keep flogging… Read more »

Morning Dew

Ken, I think that was an unfair dig at Anil. Unlike your much deluded “either-or” thinking there are those who believe that there is still the side of truth and justice without any political affiliations. Impartiality dictates that you look at ALL THE FACTS and not just those that support your position or the position of your great leader. Look at wong ka wai. He was thumping his chest about how he based his conclusions on facts and when I presented all the facts he had refused to look at or consider he then accused me of twisted thinking duh… Read more »


Great Observation !

LGE has painted himself to a corner by steadfastly employing a policy of “Deny and Blame”.

His arrogance and demonising of the villagers in the KBP case is really miles away from the humble person who took oath as the CM on 9/3/08.

LGE has transformed like the Incredible Hulk from a social democrat to a Fascist Capitalist Dictator.


Read my blog ( to see I belongs to what supporters.

I’m a justice supporter.


Ong Eu Soon

Good catch !

What is the Cheap Minister is so afraid of ? Isnt he is the dude who promised to introduce the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act to declassify govt documents ?

The unwillingness and even rabid hostility of the DAP Cybertroopers toward any form of criticism of their Great Leader is indeed scary. Are we moving from a Social Democracy to Capitalist Dictatorship in Penang ?

This reminds of the Bush’s neo-cons and their mantra of “either you are with us or you are against us”.


Folks…pls allow me to refresh our collective memory…this time a report from MalaysiaKini…this just a liitle over a year ago but it feels like centuries. ================================================== Penang folk get access to gov’t documents Athi Veeranggan | Jun 11, 08 4:32pm In line with the its tag line espousing competency, accountability and transparency, the Penang government will open its doors for the public, especially the media, to have free access to information on government decisions, materials and documents, so long they do not fall under the ‘private and confidential’ sphere. MCPX Under the new policy, government departments would also be… Read more »


K, click Reply button to reply directly to comment author is easy for us to follow your long and GOOD arguments.


Thanks for the tips bro !