Kee Thuan Chye: ‘We want to know who killed Altantuya’


Kee Thuan Chye expresses what is on the minds of many people following the outcome of the court decision. Many have already drawn their own conclusions.

He writes:

The Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case has taken another appalling turn. First, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who seemed to have more of a motive for killing the Mongolian model, was acquitted in 2009, without his defence being called. Now the Court of Appeal has freed the two police commandos convicted by the High Court of actually killing her and blowing her body up with a C4 explosive.

The Court of Appeal acquitted Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar because it ruled that the judge who heard the case in the High Court committed serious misdirection. Among other things, he did not allow then deputy prime minister Najib Razak’s aide-de-camp, DSP Musa Safri, a key witness, to be called to testify, and he failed to establish how the two accused came to possess the C4 and whether there was common intention between them to commit murder.

Full article here.

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Huang Siew Hock

Mr. Kee Thuan Chye, a profic writer, has come up with another book, ” Bullshit Elections ” , which must sell like hot cakes fresh from the oven!He writes the truth and nothing but the truth.He is brave and blunt to speak the truth. Truth, as we know, will always prevail in the end. It may take years or even decades, for the truth to surface; but surface it will.As Ex. Presidnet Bush once said about the Taliban, ” you can run and hide, but we shall sooner or later get you.” Yes, we shall gte you! The guilty ones… Read more »


Was C4 used to hide evidence of pregnancy? If so who was the father and why should he go to such lengths to hide paternity? Was it to hide evidence of rape (C4 hides semen)? Was C4 used to deny prosecution the “corpus delicti” in the event the murderer/murderers/conspirators/instigators be charged?

Also, who authorised the issue of the C4 from the armoury?


Why you so worried who killed her? Everyday there are lots of people being killed.


The son of Razak will be held by his … by Singapore as they (allegedly) have the PHOTO until they clean out Iskandar, Johor and maybe even KL……karma for 1969…..


If the suspects were non-politically connected Chinese or Indians, the book would (probably) have been thrown at them. It is a sad, sad day for justice. I will cringe even more when the political leaders behind these sermon us on religion – the hypocrisy will be even more galling.


LoL what a strange outcome of these judgement!!! The whole world is laughing at us ha ha ha ha……….


Malaysia is a land of endless possibilities! So what can you expect?


And a land of endless hopes

MX Loke

Very soon Finas will make a movie of this murder case based on the research and interpretation of Suhaimi Baba?

Don Anamalai

Better spend my money on these movies Chennai Express or Ge Me Lia or Karaoke King!

Forget about Tanda Putera. RTM will definitely show it for free on TV1 as it is a propaganda movie.


It is hard to believe they are acquitted and free to roam around without being re-arrested which is common in serious crimes. Can (the real) murderers sleep in peace only the god’s know.

Purple Haze

I was wondering whether we should invite the producers of TV crime drama series such as CSI or Law & Order or any of the legal/crime TV series to make a episode on this. Then I thought maybe it would be better for Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Upon further thought. perhaps X Files or Mentalist.

And this is not even a fictional case !!!


what a show!
so Mongolian shot and then C4 herself in disappointment after being jilted by a Razak.
oops, was there a Mongolian in the first place. there was no Immigration record.
gotta rewrite the script.
too fictional, not too different from the Tanda movie that cost millions paid by taxpayers
I am truly lost


Boleh land judgement. Everyone knows very well who kill Alta

Don Anamalai

To seek the real truth, we have to vote out the current ruling party in the government and start the cleansing process from thereon and behold, the truth will be revealed. However, the culprits will do everything and anything to stay in power because there are too many skeletons in their closets.


if this country’s … court can’t deliver a verdict for this case…maybe it should be decided in a doubles match between sirul & azilah vs najib & rosmah…in a badminton court…malaysia boleh


and when the match goes into a rubber set and when team najib is about to lose, najib can fake a stomach cramp and rosmah will complain why the air conditioning was shut off


Back in March 2009, Asia Sentinel published a statement recorded by “Insp Nom Phot a/l Prack Dit at Office D6, 3rd Floor, Bukit Aman on 9th November 2006”. It contained some very clear and damning words from Sirul Azhar. Including this: …I went back into the jeep and at the same time I saw Azilah outside the jeep carrying a bag containing an M5 weapon and silencer from the jeep that was located at the foot rest of the passenger seat and gave it to me ordering me to “shoot to kill” the Chinese woman who was inside the jeep.… Read more »


Based on the evidences tendered in court, everyone knows including the Judges … Why ask this question? The Judges acquitted them because of some evidential technicalities only which is pure non-sensical …. Imagine acquitting (them) without ordering a retrial. Only thing based on court evidences, no one knows who ordered the killing. … the AG said, Musa’s evidence is irrelevant. They only wanted to prove who did the killing and not who ordered the killing. Unfortunately I tend to agree with that idiot. If they had also wanted to prove who ordered the killing, then Musa’s evidence is very important.… Read more »