Jho Low’s gift: This is what a see-through piano looks like…

Photograph: Crystal Music Company/Daily Mail

This is the sort of piano that Tanjung Bungah boy Jho Low reportedly gave to supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2014. Another photo of the piano here.

You can get a glimpse of the piano in Kerr’s Malibu home at 0:21. But I wonder why they don’t show the whole piano eh?

Current price price for such pianos? US$170,000 to more than $1m.

I suppose you could say this “invisible” piano is a reverse metaphor for the missing funds in some of our state-owned or state-managed funds. Think of 1MDB, Tabung Haji, Felda…. ie on paper, it looks as if everything is there, but in reality, when we look closer…

We are waiting for Umno-Pas to protest against all this mismanagement and corruption.

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Cygnus Knight

YB Sim should take note: Uber chief executive officer Dara Khosrowshahi and Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings are among the latest investors in Bowery Farming Inc, a two-year-old start-up that uses robotics to cultivate crops indoors. The New York-based company plans to announce on Wednesday that it raised US$90 million (S$123.5 million) from investors led by GV, formerly Google Ventures, said Bowery’s co-founder and CEO, Irving Fain. The company declined to provide its valuation. Bowery is part of a new crop of agriculture technology start-ups growing leafy greens in controlled environments near cities. Last year, Plenty, a San Francisco-based vertical… Read more »


This is something Japan and EU are anxious to work out due to aging polulation. Despite about 20 years of experiments, there is no major product apart from small, leafy greens. No one has demonstrated that LED lights (and electricity) or sunlight conducted to the lower floors of a building are anywhere close in efficiency to single-level farming including greenhouses and rooftops. It is another case of a billionare fantasy – like protecting themselves when society collapses.

Cygnus Knight

Better grow vegetables as business if your degree is mismatched from industry needs. Soon China will not export its vegetables to feed its own people.

Black Mage

the missing funds in some of our state-owned or state-managed funds. Think of 1MDB, Tabung Haji, Felda…. ” all because of Creative Accounting.

Now we begin to wonder if the yearly dividend of 8% from Amanah Saham Bumiputera is derived from legal means.


I used to wonder how Bank Simpanan Nasional could managed to give away Mercs as monthly or yearly prizes to account holders in the past. Is it practical marketing within the blue accounting to survive? And these banks have tight security of Polis personnels which no banks in Malaysia are so rich to engage!

Xie Huang

Likely shift assets from one Bumi institution to another for creative accounting dressing up the numbers?

Cygnus Knight

1MDB: Malaysia’s extraordinary financial scandal

A good summary.


We all can see thro’ 1MDB’s fiasco but PAS & BeeEnd still cannot.
Not even when multiple charges were thrown at MO#1!
‘Cash Is King’ indulgence can keep one quiet?


(They) rob Tabung Haji, FELDA, FELCRA and many Malay dominated organisations, yet not a single Malay has come out to condemn them for cheating the Malays. Yet they keep condemning the Chinese for small things and even distort facts.!

Cygnus Knight

Zahid Hamidi faces a total 46 charges – 11 counts of CBT involving RM20,833,733.69, eight graft charges amounting to RM21,250,000 and 27 money-laundering charges totalling RM72,063,618.15.


A new entry to the Malaysia Book of Record?


Zahid will get credit for the death of Umno.
Najib only play assist for this own goal!


If this is a ‘perfect’ race culture, then only they themselves are to blame.
The fact speaks for itself. Wrong leadership almost always bring disasters.
Now you know why bogeymen are so popular in their psyche – spiritual or political!

Cygnus Knight

Why Malaysia Has To Oppose The ILS Of Seletar Airport Singapore

Singapore please Don’t play play with Anthony Loke!


As far as I can surmise, it’s intentional of SingLand using ILS to limit growth below the flight path over Johor. And who would not oppose such an intrusion which not only create problems for Malaysia, but also the inevitable noise pollution.
In the event of a plane in problem, the first area of risk of disaster will be Pasir Gudang.
Q: Why SingLand can make the ILS flight path over their own territory?


Q: Why SingLand can’t make the ILS flight path over their own territory?

Xie Huang

SingLand had it easy for a long while when dealing with Liow TL. Singapore’s Khaw BW (ex-Chung Ling guy) cannot intimidate Loke easily.


hehe…why busy body ..stick to penang issue enough lar…LOL