It’s a PGCC jungle out there, folks!


PGCC with 38 towers from Komtar

Here is one guy’s impression of what the PGCC would look like from Komtar. KL Dude has had a go on photo editor with the earlier picture of the PGCC Twin Towers posted on this blog; only this time he has actually added the 38 towers in front of those “iconic” towers. Perhaps his impression is not really to scale, but you get the idea… It’s a (concrete) jungle out there, folks!

Meanwhile, I spotted this comment posted by a visitor on another blog:

Its true when they say all that glitters is not gold – you too got swept away by fab images – well, guys, just take a look at; then you will see that we will not get a look at Hani Rashid’s masterpiece after all – it is hidden behind 38 towers.

And as for attempts to create a Karbon O city – oh boy – when there are so many interesting samples to look at this one makes us look outmoded before we start to build!



Arup[email protected]#

As for the London Olympic park – there are sites for those who wish to contribute with green advice and those who say, give it to the French they do it better.

Back to Penang – take a look at Asymptote web site and see the winning entry of the competition

and compare with the wikipedia site

-ouch! that’s the reality behind glamorous photos.

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Come on, need emphasising? IM A PENANGITE ALSO! but i do not object this great object. to you all, please realize that, we always have this kind of people’s moon is nicer mindset, look at the architect team of this project before talk. THEY ARE GOOD, and it is on the international level. and yea, from what i see is, whenever i come back to penang, there are lands used for some silly purposes, such as those ugly matched colors flats and apartments, low quality houses…. Private lands, cant do anything,OK,fine. Government land,also used without much more planning one. What… Read more »


The Foster and Arup examples seem much much more viable considering that they’ve included plans for transportation. Particularly the Foster one because it’s car-free! Oh man what a great ideal to aspire to.

On top of that, having their own power plants/energy resources instead of relying on external power plants is truly good planning.

PGCC is indeed a pseudo sustainable development plan.

christina anne

it is high time we penangnites stand up and be counted instead of sitting back and let others voice out. we keep electing the same ppl into power and we are repaid with ugly project like this PGCC which will either kill or make penang. we will see progress and ppl will be working for this project. but will the workers be locals or foreigners?
so my suggestion is that come next election do give the opposition a chance to make a difference.


Our MPPP must take a good look about planning. How can they allow a monstrocity to be built next to peoples homes which they have lived and occupied for years, more then 10 years I would safely estimate for the old houses in Jessoltan area. We must look at the bigger picture, some people say that it is too bad for the jessolton rich folks hiya go buy some where else. Well, if they can do this to rich powerful folks like Madam Kee, Texchem’s boss. What is gonna happen to us little guys on the street. They decide to… Read more »