In the midst of a pandemic, Rafidah says a ‘new virus has emerged’…


The good news is that the daily figures seem to be tapering off a little. No new cases in Penang today, and at the national level, the recoveries have exceeded the new cases again.

But we really have to do more to provide more aid to vulnerable groups, including food supplies to famished migrant workers and refugees.

While we have pandemics going on, other things are also happening behind the scenes ie the replacement of head honchos of government-linked firms and bodies. At this time? When the nation is in crisis? On what grounds? Check out this update from Rafidah Aziz:

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Zunar’s “Cabinet Got Talent”comment image

From “500 Negara” to “Doraemon”.

Bayi Yoda

MCO extended till 28 April. if possible do carry exciting news (explore more social issues as dangerous as covid19 virus?) to increase viewerships just like Astro with more audience as most stay at home.

Also hope other readers can share good “tapau” takeaway food now that tunglang probably is gone (hopefully not) forever (succumbed to deadly virus?).


MCO is extended, so many are now asking if the Bantuan Prihatin amount will be augmented for low income groups to survive for another 2 weeks?

Astro provided free channels but same old recycled old shows, TV1-TV3 and 8TV still sane old boring stuff. No wonder more people are taking up Netflix.

Anil must somehow get tunglang back to add more fireworks on the commentary.


we orso need milk tea. But now with PN, milk tea has many orders since lim kopi tiam and mamak shops are under movement control

Bayi Yoda

Hav u tried Milk Tea alternative called Yomie? You can shriek out for its price also for its acclaimed nutritional value.

Go order online and comment.


Numerous Perikatan Nasional MPs have been appointed as heads of GLCs, government agencies and newly-created diplomatic positions over the past two months.

Most of these positions were filled by technocrats in the past. This suggests that politics, not merit, is the main consideration for the current administration.

This is Virus Pintu Belakang?


ISKANDAR PUTERI, May 14 — Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar today warned elected representatives in the state against political infighting and backstabbing for personal gain, reminding them that the country was still in the middle of a pandemic. He said such activities were akin to creating a “virus” among politicians that would infect the rest of the country with their divisiveness. “The virus has spread through the political turmoil and conflict that threatens the political stability and economic development of the country. “Those infected with the virus will forget about the people’s needs as long as they are looking out only… Read more »


Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid is the new chairman of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

Maybe he has the “Sarawak experience” to advocate Solar power to generate electricity for TNB?


US President Trump outshines our Health Minister (Minum Air Suam) with his “Disinfectant Injection” suggestion to kill Corona Virus.


A rebuttal to PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin’s ‘MPs qualified to head GLCs’

Anwar could not fathom how the government could defend making “it a rule that every single MP will be given additional positions, perks and offices when people are struggling to eat”. As far as Anwar was concerned, such appointments smacked of “protecting the interests of MPs and your cronies”.

Khun Pana

Wonder if crime level will reach record high the moment mco is lifted. So far, no news media is writing on it.


Not new virus, it’s old disease. What is the new political coronavirus? Azmin Ali and his cohorts. If Anwar has to go, even more so Azmin Ali and cohorts. The are the bridge that yielding the new mutation from mixing PAS and UMNO that will ensure the hopelessness of Malaysia tommorrow


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