IGP, Home Minister, Umno, EC feel the heat


Yesterday it was the IGP who was on the wrong end of a High Court decision when he, as the then Selangor police chief, was held responsible for the death in custody of A Kugan.

High Court judge V T Singham courageously held that IGP Khalid Abu Bakar was responsible for Kugan’s death in a landmark decision. Calls for Khalid’s removal are gathering momentum, with opposition MPs already calling for him to quit.

Today, it is the turn of the Home Minister Zahid Hamidi to face a legal setback. The Federal Court application has rejected his application to dismiss the assault suit against him which is now in the High Court. The suit was filed by a businessman who suffered a nasal bone fracture and a swollen eye in the alleged assault. Should Zahid continue to remain in office while the case is in progress?

Yesterday, a Terengganu Umno state assembly member passed away, paving the way for a crunch by-election that could determine the fate of the BN-led Terengganu state government.

Will we have indelible ink in this by-election? The Election Commission continues to face the heat and widespread ridicule over the ‘indelible’ ink fiasco after it was revealed that food dye was among the ingredients – though the Commission insists silver nitrate was also used.

All this less than a fortnight after top of the Umno Tower in Penang came crashing down, killing two people on the road below and piercing deep into the earth, on 14 June.

Another way of looking at it is that public confidence in the institutions of governance has plunged since the reformasi era.

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Hang Jonker
Hang Jonker
1 Jul 2013 12.56pm

Close down the Jonker Walk night market today, what’s next? Revoke the licences of the hawkers there just because the majority of them supported the DAP? Aren’t we a democratic country and the rakyat are free to choose whichever party to represent them? Perhaps UMNO does not understand the meaning of the word “democracy” or perhaps they are just being vindictive? It is little wonder that we are still a third world country because there are still many in UMNO having the same mentality as the Malacca CM. Gua tak sokong, gua tak sokong.

29 Jun 2013 4.31pm

Is the email the same?
Some problems with laptop – send for repair.I hope no one use my laptop for posting.

Thank you again.

29 Jun 2013 2.34pm

Why my icon not red 4 sided hourglass?
Is anything wrong with wordpress icon?

rajraman.Hope for your reply.

29 Jun 2013 2.20pm

3/4 of Politician are Moron.
rajraman666.Political Trader and … carrier of UMNO doesn’t know the terms of Politicals Heat.They always on heat of Power.

29 Jun 2013 11.51am

It is not surprising that our IGP and the entire PDRM are afraid of IPCMC.
(Some of them) are worried that they could be charged with attempted murder, manslaughter and murder, not to mention causing grievous hurt.

27 Jun 2013 10.52pm

Let’s not forget the murder of Altantuya. While the appeal of the two convicted for her murder is currently in court here in Malaysia, the Scorpene case is ongoing in France. With certain big names here facing the distinct likelihood of bening subpoenaed to testify. Big names like Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Razak Baginda, Lodin Wok Kamaruddin and Cecil Abraham according to reports. Now that should be big time heat, eh? See: Breakthrough in Scorpene probe 8 Feb 2013 http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/41338/ OPS SCORPENE: FRENCH INQUIRY MAKES HEADWAY Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 6:07pm http://www.barubian.net/2013/04/press-release-ops-scorpene-french.html I personally won’t want to comment on what… Read more »

27 Jun 2013 6.41pm

Keep my finger cross. In BOLEHLAND (TM), there is little surprise when come to appeal court.

27 Jun 2013 5.48pm

The judge is particularly right on the IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar, who had neglected in his duty as Selangor police chief while Kugan was in police custody. Khalid should resign as IGP to take responsibility for this shameful episode. The police force need to revamp in order for BN to regain the confidence of the people. With bad apples like Khalid still in office, there is no hope for BN to regain it’s past glory.

27 Jun 2013 2.31pm

How does Prime Minister Najib Razak hope to ‘transform’ (a word he fondly uses) when he has rogues and people of questionable character at every corner and around him? Are there no good people of amiable calibre at UMNO/BN and none to be found from amongst the one million civie population?

27 Jun 2013 6.22pm
Reply to  Jong

The present Home Minister (allegedly) assaulted Encik Amir with a hard object, resulting in his nose and skull being fractured.


He has a bad role model for the policemen!