“I am starting a canopy rental business”



Canopy rental in Kuala Terengganu: RM6 million


Scores of police vehicles were on standby during the Kuala Terengganu by-election campaign

Here’s the bill for the deployment of 3,376 police personnel during the Kuala Terengganu by-election (as reported by Bernama with my comments in brackets):

  • Travelling and living allowance – RM2,700,000
  • Foodstuff and accommodation – RM4,500,000
  • Dried food and beverages – RM65,000 (Dried food? Do they mean snacks?)
  • Communication and utilities – RM50,000
  • Canopy rental – RM6,000,000 (Sounds like a good business, no? Some of these canopies even had airconditioning.)
  • Fuel and spare sparts – RM698,000 (Does this include helicopter fuel?)
  • Raw material and others – RM310,000 (Raw materials? Huh? What raw materials?)
  • Maintenance and minor repairs – RM830,000 (Doesn’t sound ‘minor’ to me! Helicopter maintenance included?)
  • Total expenditure incurred by rakyat – RM15,153,000

Blog reader Ganesh from KL is thinking of quitting his job:

This figure is utterly shocking in an environment of economic downturn. Is this how the BN-led government conserves money during an economic downturn? If the police alone can spend RM15 million on such a small election, what was the final bill for all government agencies during the whole by-election?

Also, if the police can spend RM15 million on just one constituency, what happens in a general election? What is more intriguing is the detailed bill for the RM15 million figure. A shocking RM6 million, the  largest item, was spent for the rental of canopy.

I am resigning from my job with immediate effect and starting a canopy rental company. If a few days of work can reap RM6 million, in a fiscal year, I can easily make a couple of hundred million profit. This is definitely the business I want to go in. The profits are far higher than what most Bursa Saham companies make.

Wonder what the bill is going to be like for the coming by-elections. Then again, the expenditure could be included as part of the economic stimulus package!

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Roodee K. Tammyu

That’s why Malaysia is close to bankruptcy.

1 malaysia

Dear All,

tak dapat projek kerajaan tu jangan la pulak nak buat fitnah. tunjukkan invoice la kalau berani. kalau setakat taip je, aku pun bioleh taip. DAP buat apa kat Penang. Gunakan otak dan akal sikit sebelum menulis Ok,..

..buat apa jadi rakyat Malaysia kalau nak porak poranda kan negara sendiri.


betul tu saya sokong!!!
hidup 1 malaysia

bla bla bla

How many canopies they rented? RM 6 millions? Isn’t that a huge amount? With this amount of money, it could be used to construct 200 low cost houses already. And bear in mind this is not purchase of the canopy but only rental.

Maybe MACC interested in this case?


With all that, the use of Postal ballots, etc…& THEY STILL LOST KT !

Devine Intervention works Wonders !


ah… but don’t think that they will foot the bill.
i know many catering, printing and canopy suppliers that never got paid –
don’t believe? go ask the chinaman canopy supplier in Penang and watch him weep.


aca, are u to dumb to realise that the author was being sarcastic when he says he wants to start a canopy rental business?


“Yes, you may dream on to start a canopy rental business in order to get rich from these people but can you get the business? Of course not. (Perhaps your chances would be better if you were):
1) A Muslim bumiputera
2) An Umno member
3) A close crony of Umno”

– Umno’s or Be End’s crony only…hahhahaha…

Atan Abdullah

If the media reporters claimed that they had given money, the voters in KT were given all sorts of goodies, BeNd so call volunteers were given allowances and hotels accommodations for weeks, tell me how they are going to account for all these expense? If the police were given so much allocations, once thing is for sure, the BeNd make sure the Police will not abandon the orders given to them in case of trouble. Look at the situation when there is demo. Opposition always cannot get permit. BeNd no problem to get them. BeNd demo, Police give escort servive.… Read more »


Ganesh, thanks for the tip-off. you just lost the deal. I have it fixedup with a great bumi. No Ali Baba. Its a real JV. He will buka jalan for me. I take him to China to have a look at tents. We agree tens are tens and split down the line. We gonna get 20% more. Hmm…my conscience is killing me. Ok, Ganesh. How about Muhiibah biz subject to my partner’s consent. Since you give us this bright idea, we go three ways. 1 for you and 2 for us. But, the price will be double. Everybody happy, no?… Read more »


Another …. from bee end. That was too much. 6 million for the canopy. Total 15 million spent on police force on 10 days was a waste of rakyat money. Lets kick umno out!!!!!!


Any guesses as to who owns the canopy company?

Is it the same company which provides tents for National Service?


I am not paying my taxes! The IRB should no penalise me because I am robbing myself!


Losses in by-elections – Priceless


This is how they spend taxpayers’ money and the country’s wealth. Do the poor kampong folk know all about this? It reminds me of a packet of Maggie mee that cost RM4.50 ! Really sad…. we are slogging day and night to make ends meet and these people are spending like nobody’s business.


Does the police force need pisang goreng as dessert? maybe i can make a couple of millions selling it to them.. 😀


GUess I was not the only person to nearly go bonkers that the police deemed it right,properand needful to spendall those big bucks to do whatever they felt was needed during the KT by-elections. But the amount surely begs some serious looking into. RM6 million for canopy rentals? The rakyat are facing escalating crime rates, with many falling victim to rapes and killings at the hands of moreandmorevicious criminals. More and more housing areas have been turned into privately guarded communities, with each household paying hundreds of ringgit per month to do the job which the PDRM should have been… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

shocking figures.


And who is the contractor for the canopy? You know, I know!!!

Boloh punya olang

I suggest who have resigned to go into canopy business, kindly feedback your business situation after a month or 2. Only then we can see if you really learnt any lessons!

Amiruddin Haji Abu

Who care? Your money is my money.
You won the election.
I collect the winning chips.


UMNO cornies in KT are all laughing to the bank …

Bah!!! waste of money…our money…..


This is only one of the god knows how many cases of sheer wastage of public funds.

The usual questions that seem to have no answers or actions:

Where is the accountability?
Who is responsible?
Are there any elements of corruptions?
What are the actions against the culprits (if there is any irregularity)?

Anybody care to answer or your answer is as good as mine?

At the end of the day, semuanya OK in this Bolehland.


Tuah Kilau

If they buy the canopy..
it wont reach 2Million. (with aircond etc)

but this 6 million just too much!.
totally rubish gov we had now. Next 13thPE, make sure wipe them all out!

Ok.. im quiting this daily job now, opening a canopy rent business in 3 of bukit. = 18million ringgit!..


Canopy rental $6M in rental? BN must be kidding Then to buy them must coat 2 or 3 times the rental cost? So China, Palestine must be spend a lot to house the refugees!


Vote for Bee End againlah, paying tax like no body business, they are spending like no tomorrow.