Hulu Selangor: Stick to issues


Quite a bit of mud-slinging has been going on in Hulu Selangor. In particular, allegations about PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahim’s past.

I would like to think that voters are more discerning and mature and want to know what each candidate (and his party) stands for in relation to specific issues.

If this is true, then it is time for both the BN and the Pakatan to focus more on concrete national and local issues that affect the people.

For instance, what exactly are they going to do about rising income inequality (which results in all kinds of social ills including the higher crime rates), difficulties in accessing quality health care and the rising price of essential food items?

What is their stand on GST and the Full Paying Patients scheme? Can they promise quality universal public health care for all? That sort of thing.

It’s a pity that we don’t have televised debates so that the candidates can explain their stand on these issues. Instead the main issue seems to be whether the candidate indulges in a drink or two.

Voters today are more mature and discerning than many politicians give them credit for.  They can see through empty rhetoric and meaningless handshakes. What about the larger issues?

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21 Apr 2010 8.52pm

Hey guys,

Any denials? Datuk Zaid Ibrahim will have a landslide victory in US(Ulu Selangor)

21 Apr 2010 8.30pm

Hoi!! Kamalanathan gotcha! Just go-over to RPK’s
website and find out! Happy reading.

21 Apr 2010 1.00pm

And it seem that Anil is also biased on this issue. When I tried to comment on the picture of Zaid holding a whiskey that it was despicable to doctor it, Anil deleted it. I wonder whether he really let justice flow like a river just as his slogan depict or he wants it to be a first Indian and Second Malaysian

21 Apr 2010 12.51pm


Rumours are swirling here in KKB, just who are the owners of “SAAT” cigarettes and JAZ beer? With a beer manufacturing factory in Klang? Anyone who can conduct a search?
Another big shot owning a beer factory and manufacuring beer for sale? And needless to say, the rumours swirling around are that the owner is (from a particular ethnic group)!

21 Apr 2010 1.18pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Thanks Anil for your quick reply,

AKJ? Sounds very much of one man I support, who got the license for the manufacture of beer?

Sounds the rumours may be true as PR continues to dig into this.

Cheers and thank you bro.

21 Apr 2010 10.56am

Four more days of campaigning to go before election, and still PR holds a slight edge. Issues? It is really so revealing what sort of “leaders” UMNO Baru has to offer, from Pasir Salak, Abraham, Ali rustam, Mhidin, Sham, Zahrain, Zulkifli Nordin, Mohd Noh …. just what issues have these so called leaders brought up in this campaign? If this is the way political campaigns are to continue, we are really among the leading shameful … states in the world. It is only mud slinging from day one from the BN camp, just to poison the minds of the Malays… Read more »

21 Apr 2010 10.15am

This only proves that UMNO is morally & intellectually bankrupt. UMNO is not a political party that stands for justice, wholesomeness & family values.

No one can teach the (culprits) in UMNO new tricks as it’s a party steep in moral corruption…

21 Apr 2010 8.05am

Honestly, if this is all the got for negative campaigning, it may matter but its going to fail. Zaid, PKR and in particular PAS have done beat the attack back. The truth is UMNO/BN really are lost prodigal children. They have not considered what will happen AFTER the campaign. Their entire campaign is negative and if when it fails questions will be asked. If Muhiyiddin and Noh, the future leaders of UMNO are only good for negative campaigning and they fail – is there a future for UMNO/BN? The grassroots of BN component parties will have a lot of scepticism..There… Read more »

21 Apr 2010 7.42am

Stick to the issue? Then I am afraid you have to go back to the 1960’s.

Ever since the May 13th incident no election was run where “stick with the issue” being the norm.

Almost every single election there were “side issues” that overpowered the main issue that should have been discussed. And at times the voters themselves got confused by the wayang kulits and sandiwaras as well and cast their vote to the wrong person.

It’s unfortunate la, but then it’s c’est la vie, bolehland style.

Anthony Tan
Anthony Tan
20 Apr 2010 11.15pm

This Hulu Selangor “Buy-Election” is more a fight between UMNO and PK and not about the issues and set back the people are facing for the last 52 years in Hulu Selangor. UMNO has shown who is in charge this time when Kamalnathan was chosen instead of MIC’s choice, thus this is more a UMNO battle. The Malays,Chinese, Indians and Orang Asli were not not taken care as they should have been all this while. The only time the people of Hulu Selangor are taken notice of their welfare and needs is when there is an election or “Buy-Election”. All… Read more »

20 Apr 2010 10.02pm

While I wouldn’t mind hearing something about important issues, I think it’s unrealistic (as well as a little bit oppressive) to demand they stop their snide campaigns. They’re political parties. If insinuating lurid aspects of their opponents’ lives didn’t win them votes, they wouldn’t do it.

Perhaps they know their market. You could always prove them wrong by standing in an election yourself and winning decisively on an issues-based campaign which restricted its arguments against your competitors to those based on policies. Would you win or not?