How to fix a submarine (Part 2)


A blog reader has found a couple more helpful videos on how to fix submarine technical problems.

To solve plumbing problems, call Roto Rooter, the plumbers.

If your submarine doesn’t dive, you may want to consider calling in Dr Ernest Otherford, Kitchen Scientist, to understand what makes the vessel go up and down:

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jayaraj subramaniyan

Gerakan K,

Where are you? In the submarine?

Phua Kai Lit

Submarine can’t dive? No problem. –> Rename it the “KD Unsinkable” –> Use it to ferry VIPs around in Malaysian territorial waters –> Place it on static display at the entrance of the naval base in Lumut –> Sink it in a marine park, the resident coral and fish would be most appreciative –> Sell it (back to the French) for scrap metal. The money earned will help to reduce the Federal budget deficit (somewhat) –> Sell it to the Vietnamese or Chinese navies for target practice in the disputed South China Sea islands. This is another way to reduce… Read more »

tan cairong

A submarine that does not submerge is not a problem. Just send it to Bkt Beruntung and keep it there with the buses. What needs fixing is our country that keeps sinking deeper and deeper. Now we better call the manufacturer and find the way to keep in afloat.


The purpose of the submarine is not to protect our nation but (it could be) to (allegedly) siphon funds belonging to the nation. It is easy to shift funds in cash using the submarine where none of us could hear or sea. Is this not something similar to what the Columbian drug kings do ?


Just blame it on the lousy education system. We cannot product any good technical people qualified to run a submarine.


A minor glitch and our submariners are unable to sort it out themselves? It is not about the warantee, it is about the competency and future safety of our submariners. They should know the whole submarine like the back of their hand and sort out all problems themselves and not rely on the manufacturers. What if problems arises in a dive in the middle of the South China Sea. Call the manufacturers?


Anak Itik Pandai Berenang
Sekali Sekala Boleh Menyelam
Beli Kapal Duit Terbuang
Kapal Selam … Tak boleh Menyelam


ask najis’s fat mama to sit inside the sub and it will sure dive…no need to fix