Where will Pakatan find RM46bn to fulfil its promises?


Pakatan Rakyat has come up with a statement to show where it will get the money to finance its campaign promises.

Pakatan estimates that its promises will cost RM46bn to implement. This RM46bn includes a RM12bn reduction in oil revenue as a result of raising oil royalty payments (to oil-producing states) to 20 per cent from the present 5 per cent. Toll abolition will cost RM6bn. The plan to abolish study loans, provide free education and raise teachers’ allowances will cost a further RM8bn. An injection of RM5bn will also be made into the affordable housing programme.

Where will this RM46bn come from? Pakatan claims it is able to save 24 per cent of the Selangor state government’s expenditure by wiping out leakages and corruption and reviewing expenditure priorities. If this performance (24 per cent saving) is extrapolated to the federal operating and development expenditure totalling RM206bn, Pakatan claims that it will be able to save RM50bn. This, I believe, is eminently possible given the staggering corruption, wastage, cronyism, patronage and rent-seeking we have seen.

Other revenue will come from a reduction of subsidies to IPPs and the reallocation of the huge sum presently allocated to the Prime Minister’s Department to more pressing expenditure priorities.

My note: Tolls need not be completely abolished. They can be used to invest in public transport. That should provide a few additional billion ringgit.

Also, additional allocations need to be made to lift the government’s public health care spending to 6 per cent of GDP from the present meagre 2 per cent – though no doubt the government can also save plenty by re-nationalising drug procurement and health care support services. Of course, care must also be taken to retain skilled staff in the public health care system.

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Matthew Goldman

Why no mention of repatriating back money leaked by the systems?


Go attend PPR ceramah and you will be enlightened with lots of good answers!


Bolehland waste a whopping 10% GDP in military, and guess how much if the figures reduce to 5%. And scrap the utterly useless scorpene substandard -submarine, that will cut at least 100millions of maintenance cost per annum.

stone cold

PR will have 5 years to recover the loot from corrupted politicians and their cronies. Just look at how the Filipinos are getting from Marcos’ loot (I do not mean the Yamashita gold).

Don Anamalai

This is what Pakatan leaders are telling the rakyat during ceramah. That is why the old devil is very worried.

Lim Ann Hock

Anil, I think the toll collection need to be collect in a more “innovaolishtion” way rather then abolish it. I would suggest a few way below. a) Make it toll free during peak hour, festival season and during weekend sat/sun. The rest of the collection can be collect just a symbolic amount of RM1 for intercity toll or RM5 for interstate toll. b) Just collect the toll to cover the maintenance cost of the highway, once it reached the target, the toll collection shoueld stop. c) Toll collection also can be used to donate to the needy and improve public… Read more »


After 50 years managing the country BN outlined that country will get bankrupt by 2019. Means this is the the evience of poor management,neglegence, corruptions, syphoning and etc. It shows that despite of highly revenued country the people are not capable to manage it efficiently rather than to secure more than sufficient for personal interest. The Malaysians are seeing it clearly now. The questions is, are the Malaysians going to allow this bunch of fellows to continue their leadership at tax payers cost. Think wisely instead of listening by analyzing the risk and impact.


u ask others to think wisely but u r not. bankrupt by 2019 if msia do nothing n keep on spending on subsidies while food n gas price increase.


The manifesto at least is something that is in the long run unlike the Brim and psy that uses the money for propaganda. With less corruption and Petronas monies of 80 billion it can do wonder and the manifesto will definitely be fulfilled though may not be 100%. The UMNO BN and Cheap have failed because of cheating and deceiving the people such as the monorail and giving out contract at mark up prices. You have seen Ah Cheap BN UMNO 55 years of decadence, corruptibility and incompetence. You have seen PR 5 states (1 state being hijacked) of competency… Read more »


Another way the Pakatan Rakyat can increase their revenue is to CANCEL the Gaming license that was granted to all the private gaming companies like Magnum DaMaCai and Toto. A new Board under the control of the new Govt similar to the UK system where all revenue be used for Social transformation, Education and Health care and Grants to Scientific Research. THIS IS BETTER THAN MAKING BILLION AIRS OF ALL THOSE ALREADY RICH CRONIES OF THE BN…

Andrew I

Ya, with proper verification and live telecast and spot checks. We used to have something similar in the form of social welfare tickets, which then became crony welfare tickets. I really hate being offered these tickets when I’m eating in a kopitiam. I’d rather use the 3 ringgit to get another plate of char kwei teow. Getting even the last two numbers is hard as hell.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

How about the government runs it own casinos, open cigaretts & beer factories….?


Anil, I agree that tolls should not be completely abolished but on the condition that public transport is efficient, clean and affordable. Give Singapore for example, they have the ERP which is somewhat like our toll but they provide good public transport. Possibly the best there is in the world. Those who refuse or cannot use public transport have to pay to use the roads. That is fair. But taxing the public when you do not give ppl a cleaner and more economical way to move about is grossly unfair. On another note, the toll system should be revamped. Our… Read more »

stella ong

Minimum RM4000 household income? How is it possible???


Why not possible. Its household not a single person.
Husband and wife earn more than 2k each = 4k not including children.


4k minimum household income is like tis:
1) in kampong–rubber,palm oil,cocoa smallholders easily get 2k fr 4ac plot + 2 hardworking sons =3k .total = 5k
2) in town area 5k for household = sub sub sui lah …work hard i.e 10 hrs per day ,like wat i m doing…dun depend on all d nonsense bantuan. Its for senior ppl..


Giive Pakatan a 5-year trial run, after that give your judgement, keep it simple.


Penangites will vote Pakatan for State. However, there is growing segment of Penangites wishing to retain BN as the federal government as they hope to continue to receive BR1M on top of the state goodis. This segment of selfish people will jeopadise PR’s hope of attaining Putrajaya.

We must educate all voters that we should ABCD (Asalkan bukan cap dacing) at all cost! BR1M is nothing comparing to what you can get under PR when cleaner governance will mean less leakage/corruption and money could be channeled for the welfare of all rakyat as per teh PR manifesto!


Arif have made a valid point.

I have seen some Penangites openly tell people to keep BN as government while voting for Pakatan for Penang states as they claimed that this is good for rakyat to enjoy goodies from both fronts. This could be BN’s strategy to manipulate to influence Penang voters as they knew BN has no chance for Penang state but wish to recapture the parlimentary seats.

My message is:
We only have this opportunity to change the federal government. Think long term for the ake of our children!
ABCD is the way to go!


I will also like to know how PR plan to make up the reduction in revenue of say RM15B resulting from increasing royalties to the states from 5% to 20%.


Oil production income is made fr heaven.lots of countries dun hv oil. So wats wrong by giving states 20% ? Mayb God loves these states by bestowing tem w/ oil ! Anything wrong w/ u ?

Gerakan K

I got feel GOOD factor from pakatan long manifesto. But it is just TOO GOOD to be true.

I take one example. The minimum wages of RM1100. If you notice the current reactions/objections to BN’s RM900 minimum wages by bosses, RM1100 simply MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for now.

So, pakatan are unrealistic about its RM1100 minimum wages promise. This is just one obvious problem with pakatan manifesto.

Don’t be fooled by pakatan optimistic prediction of $$$ saving. RM46bn is just too HUGE. Also, expect long and almost never ending legal battles with private sectors with lots of elimination and reduction actions.

Andrew I

A lot will be saved by cutting off hangers on like you.


Gelakan K , let tem try 1st. Y u so pessimistic ? If dey can do it , its goodness 4 everybody ,including ur mistresses..sori ah..i m so optimistic..

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Additionally, reviewing 1-sided contracts given to crony companies by UMNO Baru and BN Federal Govt, not even counting the BN-run State Govts, when PR takes over would save the people RMbillions! Recouping funds robbed from the national coffers and parked in overseas banks would have RMbillions returned to the people! All these and other measures would ensure that there is more than enough money to fund the programmes in the PR manifesto for the 13GE! Vote PR in the next GE to ensure that corruption and cronyism blatantly practised by UMNO Baru and BN to enrich themselves would… Read more »

Stylo Mylo

Go to 308 anniversary (5 year) event at Esplanade Padang Kota today and rakyat can get to listen to how Pakatan can finance its manifesto,

Mar 8 (Fri) from 4pm. Speeches from Anwar, Guan Eng, Hadi Awang expected from 9pm when the crowd swells after work.