How many billions would it take to wipe out Sarawak poverty?


Some of us might think that it could take several billion ringgit to wipe out poverty in Sarawak. Not really.

An Aliran correspondent has worked out that it will cost just RM61.5 million a year in direct handouts to eliminate poverty in the state, or RM308 million for five years of direct handouts. This can be done while

Find out how he arrived at that figure on the Aliran website.

Such handouts could “buy time for other agencies and NGOs to work with the poor to figure out what programmes and policies are required to eliminate poverty without direct handouts”, he added.

So why has the federal and the Sarawak governments not been able to wipe out poverty in the state despite the huge resources at their disposal?

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Solving the poverty problem is more than giving material aid. Isn’t there a saying “Teaching a person how to fish is better than giving the fish”. Sometime urban poverty can be more severe than rural poverty. In the rural area one may not die of hunger if one is industrious enough to grow or find food. Urban folks can not grow food in concrete jungles.A holistic approach is necessary. Due to geographical disadvantage and isolation it may be more economical to relocate rural folks to semi urban centres to enjoy modern amenities such as water electricity and education. Given the… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Someone has been appointed as permanent oppose-everthing Opposition at Anil’s website. Wow, Anil must be doing something right.

Andrew I

There are 3 actually. We won’t be mentioning any names because that would be indiscreet – Gherkin K, Melodious commentator and Mr. cut and paste.

No comments in articles that don’t touch on the Opposition.

Yes, Anil is doing something right. He has been assigned not 1 but 3 guardian angels by you know who. 🙂


Actually poverty in Sarawak will make BN more relevant to the uneducated rural people. Just control the penghulu and you get all the votes you want by providing an electric generator/astro to each long-house before each election.

So why would BN want to change the status quo?


leakages, leakages, leakages….going on for the past 3 decades, turning sarawak poverty into a bottomless pool.


It is very sad to see a state with so much rich resources (oil & timber) to have high level of poverty among its rural people. The state government should be held accountable on how the fund is being used effectively and cleanly.


It is the poverty of the mind that need urgent adress. Material poverty can be easily overcome. As the saying goes”teach the person how to fish rather than giving the fish”. The poor can never be welloff if they still think of handout!


I think the Ibans and Dayaks know how to fish, very well. However, education is what they are lacking in.
Give them electricity and clean pipe water, so that their time can be spent on more productive work.
Create jobs for them in their vicinity. Promote their handicrafts.
Build roads into their villages, so that they can bring out their cash crops, like maize and fruits. Eco-tourism can bring in tourism money. To a city folk, staying in the jungle can be interesting and exciting experience.

Shiok Guy

Because when you are poor and desperate, you are at the mercy of those who has the money. NO?

Gerakan K

Those figures are incorrect. Mission impossible with those figures to wipe out poverty.

I see Kg Buah Pala in those figures

Peng Tuck

So what are the right numbers?

Gerakan K

Nobody knows. Nothing is static.

Only snake oil salesman will provide those figures.

Andrew I

No, a snake oil salesman who would quote such low figures would be insulting his own profession…like your … comments insult the troll profession.


KBP, Its all very simple.
24 houses x 750,000 = 18,000,000/=
24 x 8,000 relocation monies = 192,000/=
5 x 80,000 for those that signed on earlier = 400,000/=
Total = 18,592,000/=

The above figure does not include community hall and land for the temple. Of course Sugu and the 9 can kiss poot chit to the above.

They can wait for BN UMNO Gerakan & MIC promise of 3,000,000 but in the end also poot chit.

18 millions plus and 3 millions plus. Who … provide snake figure.??. Its all so clear. !!!