How different will the Pakatan’s economic policies be?


Everyone knows that the Pakatan is trying to promote greater accountability and transparency. In terms of its Malaysian Economic Agenda, it wants to help those in need.

But beyond that, we know little about its economic orientation. How much will it rely on the open market and how much on state intervention. What kind of mix? Anwar has said he believes in a high-growth market economy tempered with humane social policies. Capitalism with a human face, perhaps…

But then, there are all kinds of people in Pakatan – from Pas folks, whe are aiming for a welfare state to the corporate boys in PKR to the socialists like Nasir and Jeyakumar. Whose views will prevail? Or will they reach some sort of happy equilibrium?

At the end of the day, will they be beholden to Big Business in their economic orientation? Or will they promote more people-centred policies that promote social justice and sustainable development to benefit the common folk?

POLITICS-MALAYSIA: Equitable Distribution of Wealth – The Challenge
By Anil Netto

PENANG, Apr 27 (IPS) – With Malaysia’s opposition pact in the ascendancy after stunning gains in a general election last month, some are wondering how different their economic policies are likely to be if they do wrest power, as many expect them to do, eventually.

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PR policies is as simple as ABC…
Cost saving (less wastage), cut down corruption (impossible zero corruption), effective management of public funds.

We seen so much running in the past before we really know the art of walking. Big investments all are talk big. If a country is not transparent, you and I also do not want to invest there.

Our investments abroad all ended up losing big money. LOTUS, Helicopter…..sad sad sad


Redistribution of wealth is an issue faced by all governments. There are enough experts and technocrats in the country to provide input and guidance. Even countries like the US, UK and Germany grapple with this issue. For PR, as long as their heart is in the right place they will do all right. Even if they do make mistakes here and there it would be forgivable; this would be unlike the planned debacles which benefit a few well-connected people at the expense of the masses. The bottom line is to vote out the current government which has been proven incapable… Read more »

Juan Taman

Pakatan should realise that without equitable distribution of opportunity based on meritocracy no additional wealth will be created. Wealth must be created first,then there is wealth to be distributed. The recent change of communist economic system to a market capitalist system in Russia and China should give some food for thought. DAP, PAS and PKR are together for a common interest at first to deny BN 2/3 majority and the Rakyat were in the opposing mood looking for an alternative voice to check BN’s arrogance and complacency.But Pakatan will disinteragte one day if they do not have a common political… Read more »


“How different will the Pakatan’s economic policies be?”. Yeah I wonder. In fact I just can’t wait to see they do what they said. So far nothing but talking here and there about BN’s mistake that they have discover. The coalition seems not sturdy enough. I became so worry, when they gonna start work exactly? I mean work, not talk or blogging.


Economics under BN is all “Or Tang”. They have projects but cannot be paid. Or you come up with the money first and if the venture suceed, then you get paid but may not be the full amount. DAP and Anwar based on a recent interview by a foreign media look for ecoomical growth ie bigger cake and everyone can have a bite to improve their standard of living. As for PAS and PSM, it is more like a welfare.

jeffrey chew

I think politics aside. WIth so many revelations about Balkis, Bunga Tanjung, PGCC, PORR, you name – BN has it – do you think that blokes in the current administration can rule the country. They sound more “divisive” than ever.


In this complex world, no one economic theory can hold sway. Each country has its peculiar circumstances, conditions and needs. Which economic orientation a government chooses depends mainly on the country’s needs and the resources that it has at its disposal. To be pragmatic, it, obviously, has to be a mix of private and public investments.

The people should not be too discouraged by a party being made up of members with many different ideologies. This is a normal phenomenon. It is the real world situation. Things will work out if the government is sincere.

Ally Meme

I find the differences refreshing. At least all the partners are open. Differences in viewpoints within the PR do not mean that the PR cannot govern.

The last thing I want to see is a PR like the BN where all the subservient junior parties are kept on tight leashes …by their UMNO taiko.

raj raman

The coalition of new pkr must perform by hook or crook. Its economy agenda nothing to shout about yet,but i hope they will hatched thier differences and start performing in sense of economic and investment. NO economic development from them will kill this three parties. Now Malaysian voted them because the sentiment of unhapiness of BN.If PKR dont bring development to this 4 states (forget about kelantan) than econonic point of view BN will be back and will hunt us down for outspoken. However currently both BN and PKR is not performing.Its good for PKR to buy some time but… Read more »


A stronger opposition has already begun to put the BN in its place. The long held international view of us being a banana republic will hopefully diminish when we, the people, are seen to be able to exert some control over those who are supposed to represent us.

Treating the wound should be the priority now. The pressure put on the Pakatan to come up with immediate magic solutions for decades of misrule is a bit unrealistic. That’s like joining a gym and expecting to lose the fat accumulated over the years in a week.

isa rastam

the coalition will not rule. pas is facing problems when its members are unhappy with the anti-islamic statements made by dap and pkr leaders. without pas, the coalition is just another DAP.