Hmm, where to site that nuclear power plant?


The government has reportedly announced plans for a nuclear power plant to start operations by 2021. Now they are considering suitable sites.

If this plant is as safe as they tell us it is, will we now see the BN MPs scrambling to have the nuclear plant located in their own constituencies? Imagine what a coup it would be if an MP succeeds in getting the plant located in his or her constituency! He or she would surely be guaranteed re-election, yes or no? The voters in that state would surely be thrilled.

Maybe they might even want to consider building the plant in Putrajaya to show us how safe it is?

I guess Sarawak won’t be needing the plant with the state’s plans for 12 (or is it 20?) dams…

So the nuclear power plant will most likely be located on the peninsula. (That’s another reason why they didn’t want the Bakun undersea cables to send electricity from Sarawak to the peninsula, eh?)

Three questions:

  • How much will this plant cost?
  • How much is our reserve electricity margin again?
  • How will nuclear waste be disposed of? where?

With our culture of maintenance, I shudder to think what the future holds.

By the way, what is the Pakatan’s position on nuclear energy?

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Must be in Miri since Peter Chin is from there. And he keep appearing in TV saying that this is nothing political and it is common sense. lets see if he still wins Miri after he got them the nuclear plant.


I support the use of nuclear power especially when the plants are placed in BN states like Johor, Pahang and Terengganu. Why worry when BN people will run the plants too.


Nuclear power plant should remain as just an idea in the Governments head. They can’t maintain public toilets so the mind just boggles at the thought of them trying to maintain a nuclear power plant!

Laughing Stock

These ‘novices’ cannot even manage a corporation like TNB which is … hiking its rates, not to mention to attend to a simple complaint like power failure or lights not working at the road lamp-posts and they are talking building a Nuclear plant. It would probably be like a monkey playing with a ball of flower garlands. Let us face the honest truth. They just do not have the sheer capacity or the mentality to handle this. One thing positive – a lot of cronies will (probably) benefit at the huge contracts available and (their) coffer will be getting larger… Read more »

telur dua

Putrajaya would be ideal. I strongly recommend it.


I do think that the plan supporter a bit ignorant (not in intellectual terms but in-practical terms) or do have selective short memory. Do you still remember MRR2, a brand new stadium in Terengganu and of course our pride the KD unsinkable Scorpene? We are also famous with RM2 services company (crony) for cleaning, maintenance, security, transport, waste disposal etc… When nothing happen…yeah all will argue about the benefits, stablility, cost saving etc…& this is a NUCLEAR POWER plant not your brand new designer kitchen!! When something STUPID happen (in Malaysia the likelihood is in propotion with time magnify by… Read more »


I think the reason this is being pushed through is because the ultimate supplier (could) be the French…


at the beginning stage everything will be expensive. look back at 90’s on how much a simple handphone with lousy feature cost? now every tom dick and harry use it. mass production and improvement in technology definitely drive down the price. we already have big manufacturing plant called FIRST SOLAR in Kulim Hi-Tech Park. They’re producing pv panels in mass production by incorporating latest technology. sad to say most of the panel are exported to Europe. So, if we don’t exercise renewable energy now, than the European will rule to world again using Intelectual Properties. bio-fuel is another great area… Read more »


Yes. Make sure the Minister of Green, Energy and Whatever should have his residence within the compound of the nuclear plant, to personally supervise the operation.


2 suitable site i can think of.

One is in Putrajaya, the other? Next to Bakun dam.

Considering the falling of stadium rooftop, collapse of entire building, bridge that gave way while still brand new, and so many others. How about a nuclear in your neighbourhood?

So Putrajaya is the obvious choice.

or can try put it next to bakun dam. When the damn goes kaput, we have nuclear ready for it.

hihi… why not? our electric reserve for national grid already outstrip world standard by a distance? Bravo.


good idea to put it at Putrajaya. now make a law that requires the entire cabinet and all responsible for the safety and operation of the plant to live within 10 km of the station


And the best place to site Najib Putrajaya is in the heart of the nuclear power plant.

This way he will have more wake up call to understand what all of you have been commenting in this blog.


The best place to site that nuclear power plant is “ Pekan “, Pahang


Wakakakakaka !!! There are two very interesting groups of messages in this thread: * Group A: Don’t build nuke power plant because it’s deadly, Chernobyl … * Group B: In light of enjin kapal terbang yg lenyap, kapal submarine yg tak fungsi … nuke power plant is a timebomb Wakakakakaka !!! So it boils down to this —> Are you willing to pay much *MUCH* more for electricity in coming years ? If so, good. Don’t build any nuke power plant in Malaysia. We can keep on burning fossil fuel until every single cubic feet of our natural gas is… Read more »


Given our abilities or incompetence,(unsinkable submarine, missing jet engine (air force, where there are all those boys with guns at the gate and all the procedures) a navy ship in port catching fire, falling stadium etc I find it hard to believe that we will be able to run a nuclear power plant where the margin for error is small. It should be in the UMNO stronghold, maybe Johor, opposite the Senoko Power Plant to show off to our neighbour.

Noor Hassan

Dear Anil, Chernobyl happened just 24 years ago on 27/4/2010. One of the people maintaining the 4th reactor Valery Khodemchuk was entombed in the reactor and his body was never extracted either due to the radiation of the exploding reactor or he was totally obliterated when the reactor exploded. I think if we allow them to build this nuke plant, we are signing a death warrant on ourselves, our children and descendants. Have you seen the effect of Chernobyl on the children of Pripyat, Ukraine? It is no laughing matter. For God’s sake, if we allow them to build the… Read more »


it’s good idea provided it comes with non-compromise safety aspect an so. also we can’t depend on fossil fuel anymore. most of the IPP in m’sia run on coal. to implement nuclear now means ‘near’ closure of all those IPP and hundreds of thousand people life who involved directly or indirectly are on stake. goverment should focus more on renewable energy. there are various ways to obtain free energy which will definitely create more jobs compare to having 1 or 2 nuclear plants. German really going deep into this field. It’s estimates > 1 million meter square of solar panel… Read more »


I fully support the PM on the Nuclear Plant for Malaysia. Most importantly the plant will also be fully supervised/monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is clean, and no way Malaysia will be allowed to dispose of the Spent Fuel! It will have to be sent back to the Country Of Origin to avoid falling to the wrong hands
Solar, Wind and other renewable energy souces are still 50 years behind. Unless there is a revolutionary break-thru’.
What ever it is PR is still getting my vote! LOL



This nuclear power plant thing is a done deal, as long as UMNO is in power….


The only ones who advocate nuclear energy are those who support the authoritarian face of capitalism. Nuclear energy keeps money and power in the hands of a tiny elite (while destroying and poisoning nature); whereas all the alternative forms of energy harvesting tend towards decentralization and promote autonomy and democracy. We must boot BN out before these crooks tie up billions more of our collective wealth in stupid, wasteful, white elephant megaprojects!


Do you put all eggs in one basket?

Nuclear energy is also a back-up source in case oil supply is disrupted as in 1973 oil crisis.

Phase out fossil fuel is not an easy task after we human civilization was addicted to it for over a hundred years.

Don’t be so naive to believe the world can jump into green energy by tomorrow, nuclear energy is still needed during the long transition phase from fossil to green energy.


So what is your alternative proposal, Antares?

Keep on burning fossil fuel?


That is opposition mindset, to oppose anything from governing party. LGE+LKS father and son gang is a good example.


I don’t mind people oppose to things, but they can do much better if they can propose some alternatives.

If they don’t want Nuke power plant, fine.

At least give some suggestions as to how to generate the growing amount electricity that we are consuming ma….


Third-world opposition parties like DAP/PKR/PAS are good in talking only.

Anyway, LGE dared not published FDI data in Penang. Gerakan disclosed only RM 100 million FDI for Jan and Feb 2010, less than 1/10 of 2008’s FDI.

Selangor, another PR-controlled state has no problem to attract billions FDI.

Why Penang “tak boleh”? Any good explanation?


We already know that under Lim Guan Eng Penang has turned from “Still Boleh” to “Tak Boleh”.

But do you know how terribly the “Tak Boleh” has become?

Read the message I post to Anil —>

See what Malacca is doing.

See what Singapore is doing.

And Penang?


May I suggest Bakun. Then we can create a Power Energy Corridor in Sarawak, since Sarawak do not have a development corridor yet. Malaysia can invite the heavy industries to move to Sarawak with cheap abundant electricity.

Also, in case the nuclear plant go kabom!, Peninsula is far enough away, with the sea in between.

I am definitely for Bakun.


We don’t need Nuclear Power Plant in Malaysia… we have ample sunlight to power the nation as we do not have winter. If countries in Europe can build operational solar power plant with less than 50% efficiency, why can’t Malaysia, with its year long sun light?

All talks of renewable energy not reliable are all based on findings done in Mediterranean countries, in Malaysia, when it’s not raining we have sunlight, and when it’s rain, we have strong winds.

Why is TNB never considered solar farm like this one that built in Spain?


Which country can claim they are 100% solar energy ready by 2050?

Although Malaysia is a tropical country with 12 hours sunlight, how many effective hours after minus those rainy and cloudy hours?

Solar energy can complement existing energy sources, but not a replacement until someone invents a cheaper and effective way of storing solar energy for the night and raining days.


Solar energy can complement existing energy sources, but not a replacement until someone invents a cheaper and effective way of storing solar energy for the night and raining days.

Actually that problem is solved.

Someone from Australia had already invented some “energy storing liquid” (sorry, forgot the name) and they had tested it in Thailand and it worked.

I read the detailed report some time ago (like more than 5 years ago) on the Net.

Darn it ! Where is that link just when I need it ???


I’ve followed almost every Green Energy episodes from National Graphics and Discovery channel.

There are several storage options like salt solutions, geo-thermal, air compression, etc, but there are still good on paper. None of them can be deployed for the mass market economically.

How many % Australia energy is drawn from solar if they already have such feasible solution?


I don’t follow them. They are slow and often gave erroneous info.

I follow the industry instead.

Whatever they make, whatever they are making, whatever they will make, whatever they are doing research on, I try my best to get as much info, first hand info, as possible.


Oh, btw, regarding Solar Power …

There is a very nasty problem in our country – people stealing stuffs.

Right now we have people stealing cables (power cable, telephone cables) causing a lot of problem for a lot of people (plus the utility company also headache also).

Think of what would happened if Malaysia goes solar?

Do you know how expensive is the solar panels?

What would happened if those people start stealing solar panels instead?…


PV cell is still long way to go due its low conversion efficiency (about 7%) and cost prohibitive to mass market. For comparison, plant leaves are at about 95% efficiency.

Solar plants have to be tightly guarded with M16. I think security is not an issue for commercial solar power plants.


The best PV cell can convert more than 20% of the sunlight into electricity. But they are waaaaay too expensive. Only the one deployed outer space, like satellites and the International Space Station, use those tip top quality stuffs. The more common – but still in the best category – PV panels can convert 19.5% of the sunlight. Google “SunPower” to get more info. Then there are the not-so-great one – but still good enough. They can covert anywhere from 14% to 16% of sunlight into electricity. Then … the 9% one you describe. Even China is making solar panels… Read more »

Anthony Tan

This project is big piece of pie where many cronies would want a share to in their fingers. Make money first and would not care if its going to be another white elephant.

Apa nama itu, said when Bakun Dam is ready, there will be enough cheap electricity for all Malaysians for many years. NOW WHAT IS HAPPENING, apa nama project itu?

What is important here is, can we afford it and is it going to be a liablity to the people?

semuanya OK kot

Fully agree on the sad state of simple existing infrastructure, and what this means for “jaguh kampung” trying to reach for the proverbial moon. The world woke up after Love Canal, Minamata, Bhopal and Chernobyl, but Bolehland will have none of that. At present, our reserve capacity of electricity (based on figures from this blog) is only 65%; we must aim for 100%. This will be similar to capacity in the civil service, where honest staff have to look hard for work.


With the Tidak apa attitude and the third world mentality, we just cannot afford to have one like that as yet. We don’t even have a proper garbage collection and disposal system and yet we wanted to have a nuclear power plant….