Hishammuddin’s exchange with CNN journalist


Incidentally, Hishammuddin was with Home Minister Zahid Hamidi at an Umno retreat at the Institut Latihan Memperkasa Umno, in Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang, 60-70km from KL, on the night MH370 went missing.

This was the first tweet on MH370 by Hishammuddin at just after 10.00am.

When was Hishammuddin informed about the missing plane?

And at what time did he issue those instructions? I wish we could see a chronology of events on 8 March.

At the retreat in Janda Baik, 9 March – Photograph: Mukhriz’s facebook
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3 May 2014 11.42am

The Korea government official who handled case of sinking ship has been heavily criticized, so was the Malaysian official on MH370. The only difference was that Koreas officials will take responsibility by resigning and bow and keel to apology but in contrast Malaysian official will looks for all excuses to shield their faces behind like ostrich.

Yuk Lo
Yuk Lo
16 Apr 2014 5.19pm

Press Conference, PKR HQ, Petaling Jaya 16/04/2014
Anwar Ibrahim: Disgusted With Najib Refusing To Respond To Questions On MH370 Disappearance

16 Apr 2014 11.53am

The content of the blackbox can only be deciphered by the US authorities, which Utusan has said CIA may ensure that the content would suit its agenda?

najib manaukau
16 Apr 2014 8.08am

Just like everything else, d on’t get distracted by anything and everything these Umno schmucks have to say, especially now in relation to MH370. Why are they so afraid of the black box o MH370 being found ? They wasted no time in sending the AG all the way to London just to make sure that they have the right to the black box of MH370 when Malaysia itself shows no interests whatsoever in finding the black box from the beginning of the search ? What are they showing their desire to the entitlement of the black box now, only… Read more »

15 Apr 2014 8.13pm

Anil, Even though Hisham has been schooled overseas & seem to be able to sort of handle the press well, it does not mean that Hisham has done well. Hisham & many BN politicians as well as Malaysia civil servants are used are used to local media. Even the script is already pre planned one unlike those off the cuff pursued by international media. As for accountability, hehehehe……Anyway, I owed you the answer who ktemoc is. He is a Penangite blogger just like hailed from Ayer Hitam, Penang. Current he’s residing in Australia. I don’t say that he’s pro establishment.… Read more »