High Chaparral: What happened to the trust document?


The Kampung Buah Pala land in Gelugor was once owned by David Brown, a wealthy spice plantation owner during the early British colonial era in Penang who died in 1825.

Title to the land eventually reached one of his descendants, Helen Margaret Brown. For more information on David Brown and his descendants, go here and here.

Check out this copy of the Straits Settlement “Grant of Land” bestowing title to Helen Margaret Brown in 1938:


A lot has been said about the High Chaparral residents being “squatters” (setinggan). Many of them are actually descendants of workers brought in by the Brown family, who allowed them to live on the land.

On the reverse side of the Grant of Land, we can see the “sub-divided Lot 691 acquired by Crown for housing Trust – vested in Crown on 12.4.(1954?)”.


So where is the actual Housing Trust document? Isn’t the Penang Land Office supposed to have a copy? Why hasn’t the actual trust document been made public?

When the housing trust was dissolved in 1976, the land should have gone to the Federal Government.

So how did the previous Penang government alienate the land to the Penang State Government Officers Cooperative? How did they satisfy themselves that they had title to the land? State government leaders then have a lot to answer for.

Why didn’t the present administration, knowing the controversial circumstances surrounding the land following the promises made in the general election campaign, keep a sharp look-out on this land deal and double-check the actual land status before the transfer to the government officers cooperative was effected in March 2008? Was it merely an administrative matter that the present state government could do nothing about?

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Some of you are missing the point. PR before the land was properly alienated promised, via DSAI that the matter would be looked into. We all know the video. Yes, TKT started it but people are angry with LGE because they said they are better than BN and that they will look into it properly. As for alienation, it can be defeated. Learn more about the National Land Code. Even when registered it can be defeated. So what more when its not fully done procedurally? Think again. TKT probably started it and LGE finished it off. Let’s face facts. More… Read more »


All the KTK apologists here should reflect on the fact that their master does not even have the decency to provide an accountability to the people of Penang in respect of the many land scams.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

anna brella

Ever heard of that priority which says “first things first?

Or, that other one which says “stupid is as stupid does”?

You can choose the destination to good government or continue with more of the same farce.

That choice and destination is entirely up to YOU as the wise citizens who can choose to apply your focus and power based on those two sayings.

So which one is it going to be I wonder that will impact upon and determine what happens in that GE13. Smile.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


Mr.Anil, Thanks a lot for highlighting the background of the Kg.Buah Pala land issue regards to its title and ownership. Why are nobody talking about the hijack of housing trust? Why LGE government endorsed the sale initiated by the previous BN government? DAP government is practicing double standard when come to meet indian issues. I agree with HINDRAF views on this issue. Dont blame HINFRAF and find fault with them. DAP and LGE make use of HINDRAF (Makkal Sakthi) only to woo Indian votes to win the election and nothing more. Let us see him and his government in near… Read more »


The sad thing here is that LGE and his incompetent exco are far more concerned about absolving themselves of blame than actually solve the problem. Despite all the talk, the solution he offered the villagers is exactly the same as what KTK did. He just telling them “Take the money and get out of the way”. I am very sure that, based on LGE’s track record, he would have done exactly the same as KTK’s govt had the issue cropped out during his tenure. Pakatan would be telling the villagers that they must make way for development and not to… Read more »


Critise is all talk and NATO. In the end is no action. What solution you are offering to the villagers?
You are just another Green like Brown of Green party of australia. They can critise because they are not the the government and does not want to be in the government. If you are talk about greenhouse, then U should talk to UMNO – the Federal Government.
As for development, you should objects to the DA plans when the developers wanted to built highrise and not when the plans are already approved.


People, It seems you guys have forgotten Nizar’s case. Especially it’s also very very clearly cut that Nizar is still legitimate MB. Especially one renounce ex-judge commented on this case & found it to be in favour with Nizar Nobody seems to ask if Darshan & the gangs proceed with this & lost. What’s next? People, Have you watched Master & Commander? Jack Aubrey, the Captain decided to sail to Galapagos Island. He had promised to his long time friend, the Surgeon, Stve Mataurin that Steve can explore the island with his heart content. However, then came the revelation that… Read more »


I read a news report somewhere where Lim GE mentioned he never promised the residents that he would solve this issue for them. However, as a state leader and a elected representative, he would not absolve himself from this.
He did not attend any ceramah where this topic was brought up.

It must have promised by some other PK if indeed there was any promised made.

Nowadays lies are just simply tossed about.
If they are repeated often enough, people will believe they are true.


All this screaming for and against the Penang State Government. The PR administration has apparently responded very weakly in this affair, and in attempting to capitalise on that, Gerakan has decided to jump on the bandwagon to find fault but forgets that the situation was of their own doing when the BN state government was in power. So people should make up their minds who they are supporting and why one should not legitimately criticize a political coalition that one supports. If that political coalition is mature in it’s vision, it will look at criticism as a healthy democratic element… Read more »


A good piece of legal research..


See, without the hoo-haa.. the lawyers / activists representing the villagers may take such steps to make it clear the options available to the govt.. instead of protesting and threatening..

So the end result is still the same, an investigation is needed for a reversal of the transaction under the NLC.


If race is the issue here, than Hindraf should forever reject BN for making the Indians 3rd class citizen (thats what the indians feel as translated by their 18 points demand). We the Chinese Malaysians is made 2nd class and forever we will reject BN. (Here I emphasised 1st, 2nd and 3rd class by the way political material are worded…first malay, 2nd chinese and 3rd indians). If you want a truly 1Malaysian (not 1Malaysia), than make sure to vote in PR and we the rakyat will be the ultimate king maker.


The Kampong Buah Pala villagers have been acused of being greedylah, aggressivelah, stupid lah, arrogantlah and what not by some idiots in this and some other blogs.

These villagers have been struggling for decades to get rights to their land by many appeals to BN govt in Penang. Finally, Koh Tsu Koon almost buried them in March last year. Now Lim Eng Guan is putting the final nail into the coffin.

Watch out! Remember Khir Toyo and his handling of Kg Jawa issue. Khir Toyo can say good bye to his political career now!


D bottom line here is alleged land fraud. D trust land was transfered in dubious manner and it was (allegedly) confirmed by Guan Eng , Ramasamy & Karpal Singh. It seems tat DAP is no better than the BN govt. By rite they shud logde report to the police and MACC and take the previous BN and the developers to task, but it is not being done. LGE & CO must remember tat they need the same people to vote for them. In short, LGE is doomed to be the shortest term CM of Penang if he dont walk his… Read more »


My apologies to you Wisdom123…..Wrong target…..It’s meant for those detractors who have been complaining without understanding the issues…..

Hope you accept it?


Wisdom123, Like I mention before to Anil, Subject to the requirement of the State of Penang. What would be you best solution of resolving the issues without forking out the money. Belong to Penang’s taxpayers. Anil’s exposure of this document only provide an avenue for Kampung Buah Pala of contesting for the claims of the High Chapparal. However, remember the pronouncement of the judgement in favour for the developer by Federal Court. Wisdom123, What makes you thing that villagers would win this time even with this present of evidence. Have you forgotten Nizar’s case? If LGE proceeds with what Hindraf… Read more »


People, is LGE doing anything to save the village or he only have one way – letter writing to PM?

make promises within means, not making promises then rule and cannot deliver.


K, do you have any evidence shown LGE promise to save the village? If your statement just base on hearsay. Then better keep your mouth shut. But that is besides the issue. Even if PR govt did promise to help the villagers, do you think the action taken by Kg Buah Pala residents esp. its Chairman and committee reflect they really need State Govt to save them? They are digging their own grave and lead the villagers going down with them as well. Am really pitying the villagers but certainly not the Chairman and committee. Am still wondering if Chairman… Read more »


Eh?????? Anwar was said to have been in the kampng and promised to fight for them? So vote PAS in only. And you know something – vote Gerakan Back – you are crazy!


It is shocking the way Pakatan supporters here lash out at Anil for daring to speak out agiasnt LGE and PR. Arent you guys forgetting that it was LGE and Anwar who made the promise to save the village ? Isnt that the only critical issue here ? Whether KSK started the issue or cheated the villagers is another matter that is while important, is not an urgent one that should concern the CM now. However looking at the declassified documents, they do not stand up to LGE’s claims and his past (and numerous ) claims about “land scams” just… Read more »


Vote out DAP, but not PKR and PAS in next election to teach LGE a hard lesson.

steven ong

Why vote out Pakatan, must vote out all Barang Naik reps.

M K Lam

My view is that since all civil servants are the coop members, LGE can’t be seen to be fighting the whole administration; unless we want to see the total collapse of the Penang admin. Obviously the snr staff engineered the transfer (there is so much $ to gain for every member). So now, how do you fight every member of your staff?


Kg Buah Pala residents have gone overboard and misled by certain parties, especially Hindraf who tried to instigate their feeling, act like the ethnic hero. Look at the way some of the committee and Chairman of the residents, Thamaraj and the secretary, if not mistaken, what they said in yesterday paper. “HOW MUCH STATE GOVT HAVE TO PAY THE DEVELOPER IS THE STATE GOVT PROBLEM. THEY JUST WANT THE STATE GOVT TO GIVE THE LAND TO THE RESIDENTS.” C’mon, talk like State Govt or Penang’s tax payers owe villagers in Kg Buah Pala lot of money? and must give them… Read more »


Antares, Please let me remind you that Malaysia is not a socialist state. It is a country with a capitalist form of democracy which should respect the rule-of-law and a socialist form of justice but NEVER at the expense of the rule-of-law (no matter how deserving)! We all gripe and cuss at the undemocratic UMNO/BN fellas and their lack of adherence to the rule-of-law then we come out and make High Chaparral sound like it is the epitome of good against evil. It is not! Whilst I truly sympathize with the residents of Kg Buah Pala and their plight, turning… Read more »


> Many of them are actually descendants of workers brought in by the Brown family, who allowed them to live on the land.

Does it make it right for them to demand these lands? That makes them no different from the UMNO Malays, who demand “ketuanan” over this country just because their ancestors sat on this land first.


Equaliser on July 10th, 2009 at 4.35pm
…Had it been a pig abattoir in Kg. Sg Pala to be demolished would things turn out to be different. Had it been a Malay kampong? Would Lim Eng Guan speak the same language?…….

If I were to be racist, my question would be, “will there ever be a pig abattoir in Kg. Sg Pala?” and “Had it been a Malay kampong, will the last bn govt ever touch the land, let alone sell the land to developer?”

So let’s not backtrack and make a racial issue out of it.