Frustrated villagers gather outside Adun’s house


Photos by Kris Khaira and another

2100: As time runs out, a few dozen High Chaparral villagers have gathered outside the house of the Adun for Seri Delima, R S N Rayer, located off Jalan Masjid Negeri/Green Lane.

Some of the frustrated villagers call for his resignation. “We were betrayed by the BN government previously,” says one of them. “We voted for the Pakatan government, hoping they could bring about change. But we have been let down again.”

No one emerges from the house. The lights inside are off though the porch with cars parked in it is lit.

Several of the villagers are being interviewed by reporters. One of them claims that the village land could have been federal instead of state land. He says that when the Housing Trust was dissolved in the 1970s, “Vested Crown” land should have gone to the federal government.

The villagers are now hoping to meet the CM on Monday but they are not sure if he will be around.

One of the journalists suggests that Guan Eng’s hands could be tied as the land was alienated to the Penang State Government Officers Cooperative and these same civil servants could make life difficult for him if the state government attempts to block the “Oasis” property development project.

But several observers are wondering why the Chief Minister himself has not yet visited the village to express solidarity.

According to spokespersons for the residents, the alienation of the land was effected a few weeks after the Pakatan administration took over in March 2008 although the agreement was entered into in 2005.

Back in the village, the residents are preparing for a wedding ceremony tomorrow morning.

One of them, Tharmaraj, whose brother is getting married, says his family has lived in the area since the time of his great-grandmother.

The residents are now engaging the services of lawyer Darshan Singh in a last-ditch attempt to seek a legal remedy. Dozens of them have signed a couple of sheets of paper agreeing to allow him to act on their behalf.

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You will pay. Will all penangites bear the burden of 10 million MYD. Knowing which would jeopardise of all Penangites.

Start a fund raising campaign in saving High Chapparal instead.

Anybody has verified Mohd Yunus’s claim?



If u r / will be staying on someone’s land without their permission, u r / will be a squatter.

They are technically not a squatter now as they hv prior permission (but thats all for now). They will be squatters soon.

The only way to save them without any consequence to the state govt is a change in federal law. Maybe, Save the Villages Act 2009 ??


If they don’t have the money to compensate them fully LGE should also explain it.


I don’t get it how PR could have let this thing got to this stage. If LGE hands are tied, he should explain it. It may not be easy to explain it but the way to do it is to get a bunch of lawyers together in a public forum and discussed in transparently. That would have not turned matters into this way


Let me clear this up once and for all. The villagers there are not squatters. That being said, I really do not understand the point of your opinions. Are you really interested in the people’s well being or in just giving your opinions just for the sake of it? Leave politics out of this and think of our rights.


Anil, don’t get me wrong for heartless. I still have sympathies towards the villagers. I felt that we’d look things from broader perspective. Forgive me for my ignorance. First question : These villagers, do they have permanent land titles? Yes or No? Then, we must ask ourselves : how beneficial to the economy of penang? How many jobs created to penangites? How much revenue can be collected from this exercise? How much tourism revenues generated from this exercise. Anil, correct me if I’m wrong, 134 villagers or houses over 6.5 acres. Anil, if I were to invoke land acquisition act… Read more »



if i am running the state govt, yes I will pay the RM10m even if it means another squeeze on the budget. these are the villagers who have been residing there for god knows how many years. isnt the role of state govt to assist the hapless. rememeber Farlim? else, whats the difference between UMNO and PR?
if LGE let this fester, UMNO is gonna exploit though the land was given by the previous BN-led govt to their cronies.


MIC , get MIC help … Samy will come to rescue ..

anyway .. if the place is squatter , they must leave .. i am sure there will be compensate .. squatter is illegal and they just occupy the land just like that


Guys, Everybody has agenda.Even our great Anil also has his agenda. Anil’s agenda always has been Conservation! Conservation! Conservation! Guys, Honestly, there is more to meet the eye. I am sorry Anil, never would accept your message as the gospel truth. Anil Netto is no John the Baptist. So does LGE is no Jesus Christ. Remember the extraordinary judges with their extraordinary judgements. It’s the Federal Court that passed judgement against the High Chapparal’s folks. If it’s as easy as what Hindraf say that with stroke of pen, problem can be solved. LGE would have done it. But remember the… Read more »


What do you mean by Squatters??? They are illegals!!! If anyone stay on my land illegally,why should i fight for them??? Are you nuts.Get rid of them


Indians???/ We are all malaysian. That would be a better word to use. What is wrong with us??? Have we not learn anything after 52 years of independence??? You think all politicals party are saviour to one RACE!! Think about it.


you pay for 10 mil, aca?


make no mistake. this land grab was (allegedly) sanctioned by Gerakan for the benefit of some UMNO cronies. This is not just being done in Penang alone. Gerakan (allegedly) took one bloody nice piece of land meant for public amenities in Bandar Utama and turn it into a commecrial building for rental. MIC (allegedly) took another piece meant for a school and UMNO crony took another piece. Muhibbah huh in land grabbing? Yup, High Chapparal problem is caused by Koh Tsu Koon-led Gerakan. Now, PR has to solve it on his behalf. Like a chicken, he will wash his hands… Read more »


If ever LGE let these bunch of law breaker squatters rule over others land, i’ll be damned to ever support him ever again.. if i give others permission to use and stay on my land.. i dun expect him to take over it for no cosideration whatsoever in the future (even if its 100 years). I help u..u appreciate and u move out after u find a new home..u take over it with ur group of families..u r just slapping me in my face..

Mohd Yunus

Everybody living that village , whether the fathers or grandfathers knew that one day the villagers will have to move out. the developer of this project will give 1 unit of the apartment to the owner of the house demolished and rentals of RM 750.00 per month given yearly until the apartment is ready in 2 to 3 years time. Why not accept the offer .

Dalbinder Singh Gill

As a full time volunteer and activist in this case, I believe that the villagers have been cheated politically. Currently Darshan Singh is representing them.


Get to the bottom of the issue. The people should understand why it has happened this way. The CM can clear the air soon. Be patient. It’s the issue of BN or PR, here.


This fiasco is similar to the situation when the Rent Control Act was repealed several years ago. Tenants were forced out when they could not afford to pay for the new rental which were several hundred % more than what they had been paying all along. The BIG question was and now is: Why didn’t those tenants save to buy landed property all the while they were paying cheap rental for their houses?


All these MPs makes so much noise when they are not rewarded. Complaining this & that…!! PKR not for the Indians lah…!!!
And all that……………….!!!

Now..! What the “hell” has he done for his own people….?????? The villagers are the ones fighting a lonely “war”…!!!

“Why” must the villagers be put to such heartache…??? Already we are so “damn” worried about putting food on our table…!!!

Yeah…! The big “bulls***” is this Adun’s fella…………..!!!

Pretty Obvious

All these gatherings should have been held years back and in front of the houses of the politicians who approved this land grab.


Sure – look at how the writer of Malaysiakini wrote. As if he was sitting in the room next to the exco. What “bulls***” is Athi talking about ?


Watch this video on on what Darshan Singh said about the issue :

I like the way he said ‘It is bullshits.’

Dr Pang HC


The rakyat voted for Pakatan Rakyat in hope to finally get a government that listens to the needs of the people.

Yet all they get in return for water cannons and tear gasses is another Barisan Nasional government.