Hefty pay rise for Penang ExCo members, Aduns: Report


This may have skipped your attention.

Big pay rise for Penang reps, exco members

The last pay hike was in 2013, when Penang Aduns reportedly received an 88 per cent rise in gross income. So another 87 per cent rise this time?

What do you think? Is this reasonable in the present economic climate when most people are forced to tighten their belts? Or does this compensate for the lack of federal constituency allocations for Pakatan reps? Maybe there are a lot of demands/requests for emergency financial assistance placed on Aduns from their constituents.

Still, I think a more modest increase would have been less controversial especially during these trying economic times.

For those who think higher salaries will make an elected rep less prone to corruption, I think it is not the quantum that matters but the level of integrity and the sense of public service.

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Kenyataan akhbar Liew Chin Tong, Pengarah Pendidikan Politik Kebangsaan DAP dan Ahli Parlimen Kluang, pada 25hb November 2015 di Lobi Parlimen: Jemaah Menteri Dato’ Seri Najib Razak sudah dipenuhi dengan ramai pak menteri, salah satu jemaah yang paling besar dalam sejarah Malaysia. Tidak cukup lagi, sekurang-kurangnya seramai lapan orang ahli parlimen atau bekas menteri dilantik sebagai Penasihat atau Duta Khas kepada Perdana Menteri. Gaji yang diberikan kepada Penasihat dan Duta Khas lebih lumayan daripada Menteri atau Timbalan Menteri. Kabinet Najib menpunyai 36 orang menteri penuh dan 32 orang timbalan menteri. Wujudnya sepuluh orang menteri dan dua timbalan menteri dalam Jabatan… Read more »


Rais Yatim is justifying his RM 27,227.20 monthly salary, by objecting to Sarawak’s plan to make English an official language?



Thanks for highting this since local media choose to skip it.


YBs lead by example in our quest to achieve the vision of ‘high income nation’?

Ed G

An exorbitant pay hike that comes 2 – 3 years after another exorbitant pay hike (of the elected reps of the people) at a time when many common people are having to tighten their belly to make ends meet. Has LGE and the DAP become so insensitive to the point of losing touch with reality or forgetting about their grand motto for a so-called just and equitable society? Certainly miss the likes of the late Karpal Singh who would not hesitate to step forward publicly to give a piece of his mind when warranted by the situation.

gk ong

Nothing wrong with pay hike as it is happening in private and public sectors. Every employee needs to cari makan to offset inflation and weakening ringgit.


BN paid a lot to its YBs but they still behave like … craving for peanuts…


Niao Kong (of 28th Floor, Komtar Tower). What are you trying to prove? That Money Talks? That Money Can Buy Yes-Men Souls of Politicians? That Money Can Prevent Frog Leaping? What else are you trying to prove? In this climate of GST-ed belt tightening & less money for the average souls, you mean some can or should be ‘financially upgraded’ in your company? Have you over-counted your Mr Scrooge beans to splurge on hefty-generous pay rise? We pay for parking fees in every available parking spaces in George Town, we pay for increase in water bills, we pay for increase… Read more »


UMNO takes all belong to country.
Newcomer Politician Like DAP voted themself to increased their incomes without asking the voters.
No different.One steal without our knowledge most of the time and some takes legally by voting without Publiic knowledge.
rajraman. I thought my English lower grade the USPR student but you said the otherwised.Weird.


One question for you also.
I posted a long reply to Lakhsmi who warning you about 666 like you don’t know about your own religios books.
I also posted a reply to Benny in here.Do you received it or it’s went to your spam box or you have deleted?

rajraman.Question ask for right to know.


Thanks for the reply.

Phua Kai Lit

Must provide justification on this to the voters.


PM Office is paying special advisers salaries that are even higher than what is being paid to PM Najib.

The salary for special adviser for Women’s Affairs, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, and chairman of the federal action council in Selangor, Noh Omar each stands at more than RM 27,000 a month!

See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/why-is-putrajaya-paying-special-advisors-higher-than-pm-asks-dap#sthash.3tbf0IxJ.dpuf


Benny, stop comparing the PHD holder who rob daylights.Thats the reason Dead Pakatan DAP came to Power since common folks rejected the robber in last 2 election. Lets talk about the new upcoming just graduate.They also learning in small sum.When peoples keep silent the wrong doing of this new graduate who slowly increasing their belly size legally since they don’t need your vote to increase their pockets.They vote on behalf and instantly approved. rajraman. When common folks stop questioning small petty thief, they will get their PHD like Najib and his gangs.2.5 billions can buy alot of soul.The 2.5 billions… Read more »


Sorry, I do not comprehend what you are saying. Try simple and direct English without fanciful and metaphorical words, UPSR-level will be good enough for layman like me to understand.


Keep it short and simple – KISS principle foe effective English.

But KISS can also mean “Knight in Satan’s Service” ala 666 ?


With pay hike, we can expect Adun Penang yo pay more for “White Gold” or Pek Kim at respective constituency in time of soul departure?


Barang Naik, Gaji Only some privileged folks Naik.

My tosai masala also naik to RM3.50 from RM2.50 at Little India.

So if cost of living of people unbearable, the voters can also Naik Angin!?


It’s within their Power. Who cares about the common folks.Politics is a bussiness.Not enough $$$ sell the sea and increase their pockets legally.Ask question more they will say the known greedy former goverment also sell land. rajraman. I thought new goverment people’s come first but after thought it is very common for Political Trader want more.One guy fly AirAsia to attend meeting those days and it’s instant great Publicity for him for saving Public Funds. Now i never hear he still fly AirAsia or chartered a plane.Ask more Najib have private jet they will anwser. Many people’s don’t question him… Read more »


Once ‘one’ has tasted power for only 2 terms, rubbing shoulders with the rich, famous & infamous (of Botak Hill), & rode (for free) a class-above Merc S300Lansi while the locally made Perdana is tak de kelas, its mind can UBAH for better or for worse, the latter of which is more of the type of CHANGE unexpected. More so when this ‘one’ has achieved the status of a Deity in Penang highly worshipped (by minions without brains but blinded passions) for without fault of any earthly kind of its own deeds, past, present & in the future. In Malay… Read more »


Tunglang, I never believed in Political Trader all my life expecially Anwar.DAP once i support when they are still kucing kurap.Now the kucing already be a tiger. To dangerous to be near a animal like tiger.Wild instinct of animal – attack. rajraman. 2nd the Organized Preacher who use Religion as their tools to brainwash.If someone can’t use their brain the preacher will bleach their brain like clorox. * No Religion is bad but the human who used it for their benefits very2 bad* and UMNO and PAS good at that. There is one Lady i always see she wear glove.Maybe… Read more »


It is sad to see some come & then go. Like Gerakan K, Yang, Kee & others whose names I cannot recall. For whatever reasons, I wish all good luck & happiness in life. We are here as individuals for a purpose. Anilnetto.com serves part of the myriad purposes in a much bigger picture. Let’s hope the ending alphabet of an individual’s comment at the end of the day don’t make him / her sick or mad or psycho. Life has a bigger & better realm + scope for each of us to express. Express if you have to, for… Read more »

The alphabetman666

Tunglang, It’s rare once i tell i retract my words but ….. read until the end. Gerakan K – 100% pro Gerakan and nice to engage with and he became Rich Daddy. Phua Kai Lit – still around before my time and you a interesting “person”.Never miss your style of writing with full of emotion.Is your emotion sound angry,disappointed when you wrote about the Deity? Don’t feel sad when people’s leaves.The Sky won’t fall down. Regarding me i need some time to solve some tricky business problems. I need to read one Character in the book of the of Billy… Read more »