Heart-stopping price of new hospital


Heard of the delayed RM400 million (or is that RM660 million?) ‘Heart Hospital’ at Kota Samarahan in Sarawak, which is billed as the most expensive in terms of cost per head?

Bernama reports that the hospital has 60 beds.

If that’s not enough to give you heart palpitations, consider this: the (outdated?) heart hospital equipment is allegedly linked to matters of the heart…

Look at how your public funds are being spent.

See Sarawak Report here.

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28 Jan 2011 2.10pm

All this while Penang Hospital gets low priority even under the BN government.

28 Jan 2011 12.45pm

Health is a federal concern and the award of the contract for the construction of hospitals involves
i. Health ministry.
ii. The Treasury.
iii. The Works Ministry &
iv (in some cases) the Economic planning unit.

If you want to apportion blame, perhaps you should take this with Putra Jaya and not with the state government unless you see hanky panky in the land deals for this hospital.

Heart Attack
Heart Attack
28 Jan 2011 10.50am

The only way to stop corruption is the change the management …. aka the currently masters of MACC

28 Jan 2011 9.14am

Where is Taib mahmud!

27 Jan 2011 10.09pm

Talking about hospitals, before the last GE, AAB announced that a new hosiptal block will be built for Penang Hospital. It’s been almost 3 years and the promised building in nowhere is sight. If you have visited Penang Hospital you will realise that the hospital is bursting at the seams with male and female patients sharing the same ward and even the same cubicle due to the severe chronic perpetual lack of space. Enough money to build 100 storey tower but no money to build a new hospital block?

Charlie Oscar
Charlie Oscar
28 Jan 2011 2.17am
Reply to  Teddy_Pg

What do you expect???
Even the Selangor Government IS Doing the SAME Thing!!!

27 Jan 2011 8.49pm

The government messed us up for half a century and yet the people still bodoh bodoh voting for them year in and year out, without fail…

Apa boleh buat kalau kita sendiri yang bodoh sangat???

27 Jan 2011 8.06pm

@Speakup: Don’t look at it from the perspective of the total cost, but in terms of cost per bed. According to the Sarawak Report website, the cost per bed averages at around RM1.2mil, but the Kota Samarahan one had initially been planned out to be RM1.57mil, however the cost at the end had ballooned to RM4.8 mil per bed. Its all and fine if its like the Selayang Hospital you had described that has got the best equipment for everything, as let’s face it, quality costs money, however the issue here is that despite having paid such a huge price,… Read more »

James Bond
James Bond
27 Jan 2011 7.49pm

…This blinking “heart center” is 20 km from GH Sarawak…when a guy with a heart attack lands up at Sarawak GH…is he supposed to take a taxi all the way 20km to another hospital….the patient would have been dead by then…

How come these “specialists” didnt centralise these facilities at Sarawak GH instead of making heart attack patients run helter skelter…

At a fraction of the cost…these fellas could have upgraded facilities in many Sarawak Hospitals to cater for heart patients throughout the state…..

When the words “money and crony” become inseparable…..lives dont matter no more….

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
27 Jan 2011 7.20pm

Everything in East Malaysia seems more expensive. But how much actually ???

27 Jan 2011 6.21pm

How much should it be? I mean what might it be? Before we say its expensive we need to know. Then we can see how much they are messing about. I know also that places like Selayang Hospital got the best equipment around such as the minor invasive ops machine for prostrate cancer. So what should it cost for a hospital that size?