Happy New Year, folks!


Happy New Year, folks! Here’s to a cleaner, greener, more democratic, accountable and socially just Penang and Malaysia. Cheers! Let’s work together to realise this dream.

And let’s protect our planet too. It’s the only one we have. You will be pleased to hear that Italy has announced a complete ban from 1 January on shops and supermarkets handing out plastic bags to their customers – the first country in the European Union to do so. (See Telegraph report here.) Earlier in August, Mexico announced a similar ban (as reported in the BBC here).

So Penang is in good company.  Here are a few photos of George Town by night for you to enjoy:

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Happy New Year to you Anil!
It may be a new year, but the work and challenges is a continuation from the past and previous years.

The cleaners will be the happiest people with the plastic bags gone, heheh!


Najib gave us a public holiday on new Year’s Eve after the national football team won the Suzuki Cup. I hope those Malaya Tigers will continue to be humble as they are now since they have only proven themselves to be the champion at Asean level, not at Asian level. They have yet to show their ability against the likes of Japan and Korea. Malaysia did well after Nike dropped the FAM logo to replace it with the Malaysian flag on the latest jersey. FAM is the root cause of the decline of Malaysian football, because its office bearers are… Read more »


Happy New Year to you and all your readers, Anil. May your blog continue to contribute to the betterment of all Malaysians.


Anil blogs, we react.
New Year will bring in new change.
Malaysians should vote for democracy, starting with Tenang.

Andrew I

Happy New Year all. Keep up the good work, Anil.


Happy New Year! I look forward to toasting the health and new wealth of all Malaysians – even that guy who walks along the highway at midday with no slippers – before this year is out. Remember kids: don’t support anyone who isn’t credibly doing what they promise, nor promising what you wish for. If the credible representation drought continues up to another General Election, then bear in mind that nobody wears the same underwear for 54 years. If you can’t have clean underwear, you must at least change it for the other set at every opportunity. Just don’t pretend… Read more »


The people in Tenang has the opportunity in the new year to be the first to discard the old and smelly underwear. Please lead by example to generate another wave of tsunami of political change.


Happy New Year to you and your family and all folks here.
May the year 2011 continue with the mighty flow of helpful comments in anilnetto.com for the benefits of all working towards a better Malaysia.
Keep up your good works, Anil.


Anil, Happy New Year. Need to give some insider info on Federal Govt contracts, and how the Oppostion has pushed the BN Govt to TRY to become cleaner. Projects that were dished out to cronies have become more and more difficult in Putrajaya
This is why we cannot let the support for PR drop but must get even stronger. A strong opposition is making the Government to try to look and get clean.
Will talk to you soon.


To Anil and all readers,

Happy New Year and Allah God bless all of you !!!

p/s Anil, i appreciate your good work.


Anil, Happy New Year and a merry X’Mas to all my friends. 2011 is definitely going to be a challenging and tough year but with our Lord God’s guidance let us press on. Hence to all my friends heres a hearty cheers to all of you. It is also a good moment to spare a thought for our friends in hardship or in strife. I wish 2011 will bring peace and happiness.



Happy New Year. Keep up your ‘perjuangan’.

What is your view on the ‘Interlok’ controversy?



Looks like things are burning up …

or something is to be burned?



My wish for the New Year: Those below 35, please register yourselves so that you can take care of your future. Those older are in the minority and they may have been stung so long that they might have forgotten what to do as a group. Among them many might have taken the jolly good time of the past 30 years to scrap the crumbs generated by the wanton spending of the Gomen of the day. With any form of continuity of such programme we will not be different from the majority of the Western nations but they have reached… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Happy New Year to all!

Here’s to another year of pioneering and innovative public policies from the Penang state government.



“A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!” Thanks for keeping us well informed…cheers!


what time was this? why so quiet?


happy new yeare from the wiget desart ([email protected] yahoo.com