Growing old with Streamyx


It’s not just the economy that has slowed down.  The local broadband service is now crawling at a snail’s pace.

For almost a week, we have been hearing complaints from many Streamyx users. Now we know why, or at least this is the official reason: cable/circuit problem with the US.

But why are local websites also slow? And why did it take TM so long to announce this? Have Singapore and other Asean countries encountered similar slowdowns?

Says blog reader syauki_x in Indonesia:

I’m writing this from Bandung, Indonesia…

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as cable/circuit problem with the US, until I read your entry…

The net connection here is just as normal as it gets…

Buck up, TM!

No one talks about the MSC anymore.  Meanwhile, we will all grow old waiting for pages to download.

This from The Star:

Published: Tuesday February 24, 2009 MYT 9:11:00 PM
Circuit faults slow down surfing on Streamyx

PETALING JAYA: Streamyx broadband users will have to bear with sluggish surfing speeds until March 5 due to technical problems, according to Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).

TM said in a statement that there has been a disruption of TM’s Internet services since Feb 18 due to circuit faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) between Malaysia and the United States.

Due to this, customers using Internet services may now experience slow browsing while accessing content hosted in the United States, said the statement.

Additionally, customers using Internet Protocol services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to the United States may also experience some service degradation.

To alleviate the problem and ease the congestion, some links have been rerouted, TM said.

During restoration process, traffic to North America may experience minor degradation while traffic to other countries would not be affected.

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Ah Ming
Ah Ming
17 Jun 2009 10.25pm

Streamyx starting to cheatting our money now, we pay the price never can get the speed! same like me pay RM88 get slow than 56k Modem Speed and cannot Discount. This new service start from “2008 December” Anyway “STREAMYX LINE SLOW WE PAY SLOW!” Me 4 Month No Pay The Bill Already, Streamyx Send Red Bill Come I Just Pay 1 Month Money, If Streamyx Block My Line, I Will Call 1300-88-9515 To …. Them! If They Say You Have 4 Month Bill No Pay So They Block My Line! I Will Say You Line So Slow! I Pay You… Read more »

26 Feb 2009 8.14pm

that’s why it is called ‘berukband’

26 Feb 2009 7.14pm

On a personal note, I have known that the head of TMnet has been replaced a few times.

I believe the problem is not at the head.

It is actually at the ROOT.

I am convinced that 20% of the ROOT are ROTTEN to its core. These 20% creates 80% of TM’s problem! These 20% are actually sucking TM’s honey away!

Believe me or not, once these 20% ROOT people are isolated, 80% of the current issue will be eliminated.

26 Feb 2009 4.18pm

Bangkok bandwidth are fine. Btw TM, pls take a look with my ipoh bercham 1MB bandwidth as well, have been 3-4 years. Speed never improve n getting worst. Btw, i never hear malaysia have a circuit connect with US, i just know that malaysia and US are connecting via ‘Routing’. Pls TM, don’t use bad quality routing, don’t route our connection from malaysia visit all around the world (200++ countries) then arrived at US. TM, now thai bandwidth are faster than malaysia, how come ? What actually you TM have done for this pass few year ? Lets compare with… Read more »

26 Feb 2009 4.10pm

Get some evidence and write to the (Multimedia ministry and Fomca)….

26 Feb 2009 3.52pm

AS a regular Internet user, I am extremely disappointed with the dreadful service provided by the country’s top ISP, TM Net. TM Net, and its broadband service branded as Streamyx, is easily the No. 1 choice for most Malaysians when it comes to broadband due to its nationwide coverage. However, because of its near monopoly on broadband Internet service in the country, it has allowed itself to stagnate. The service provided is, at best, satisfactory, and at worst, non-existent. Despite the sub-par service to current subscribers, TM Net continues to promote itself heavily, putting more strain on itself to cater… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
26 Feb 2009 1.51pm

Damyx: the Stream got clogged.

26 Feb 2009 1.24pm

As far as TM is concerned no numbers means no complain. So go on guys flood them. Drown TM with your complaints in their system

26 Feb 2009 1.07pm

Call 100 select 2 for english , then press for internet service. Get the name of the operator(don’t be shy to ask again, they have to give better still ask them to spell it out for you. A for america b for bombay,,stuff. You give them first.) TM front line people are higly trained to put you guys off till you give up not to complain. Just be persistent with patience.Next they’ll give you the s*** stuff of verification with your streamyx name( the a for america thing,just get it ready) Then they’ll ask you to do this and that,… Read more »

26 Feb 2009 1.01pm

i’ve been experiencing prob at home since 3 weeks ago. download speed is 4-8kbps!!!!!!!

a company located at the golden triangle which has a vpn to Jap using streamyx is also experiencing severe lag and connection drop.

TM failed not only in providing consistent service but FAILED miserably in informing the USERS IMMEDIATELY!!!

The government refuses to open this area to other players – so the BN has to go for causing unhealthy monopoly using people money.

26 Feb 2009 11.29am

Best internet connection for a casual or business traveler is found in Taiwan.
You get free internet connection in almost all hotels, including the most shabby ones and believe me, those connections literally fly …..

Clayton Narcis
Clayton Narcis
26 Feb 2009 11.02am

Yeah man, let’s give P1 a chance.

Show Tmnut that they are no longer monopolizing the industry.

Friends with timecel had no problems as well

26 Feb 2009 10.20am


Is it reasonable to ask for a rebate on the monthly Streamyx rate for this disruption?

What’s a reasonable rebate? 20%?


26 Feb 2009 10.10am

CEO of the year…ha,ha,ha. …
Malaysia being such an important country, no other countries in the world except Malaysia has this direct circuit/cable connected with America..

The worst part of it all is we have to PAY to get old with streamyx

26 Feb 2009 10.01am

TM never wakes The sleeping giant so confident Every one will wait No matter what happens Talking so much About services and packages Then we read it is old game Waiting all over again Calling no human services We are talking on 21st century The buttons do the talking Time ticks away we lose money TM wants it Every one will wait You think they learn Living in Bee Anne legacy Harvesting our no choice Knowing they can get away The other independent players Long time getting on the waves It will be a while yet TM knows so playing… Read more »

download now
26 Feb 2009 9.59am

The so-called service that Streamyx claims to provide is disgusting to say the least. Only in Malaysia, a company like TM can offer rubbish and continue to advertise and try to get in more and more subscribers.

Jom Streamyx? Should be Joke Streamyx!

26 Feb 2009 9.07am

All the more reason to release TM’s death grip on the Internet and allow others to provide access to the rest of the Web.

26 Feb 2009 8.57am

I am glad I refused the “Malaysia’s gift to the world” bulls***. When I was there was zero customer support. Just idiots running their services. They are lying to you as usual. Some “super corridor”!! More like super bulls***…

26 Feb 2009 7.42am

Or attempt to shut blogger mouth…before UMNO election and by election in Kedah, Sarawak & Pahang.

Malaysia Digest
26 Feb 2009 7.24am

You Growing old with Streamyx.

I’m getting fed-up of Streamyx.

from Talian Mati (TM)

26 Feb 2009 7.17am

The slow update could be because they want to delay the complaint. Imagine a month of complaints compare to a week. Surely they want to excuse themselves from having to return a whole month worth of rebate.

Also I do not buy the excuse of cable problem with the US. It’s just a way for them to say “Hey, what can we do about it? This is US problem”. Strangely enough, some country are not affected at all. There’s something they are not telling us.

chauncey gardener
chauncey gardener
26 Feb 2009 1.49am

Sounds like a conspiracy to slow down the rate of information passing thru the Internet since cyberspace seems to be the medium favoured by those who shun the MSM.

Besides, should the Malaysian and other non-US hosted websites be affected, too ?

Dalbinder Singh Gill
Dalbinder Singh Gill
26 Feb 2009 1.24am

asking tm to buck up is good, i support it , as we all know, the High speed broadband project has been launched, so lets see after its completion, till then TM should take some other alternative measures i guess. my streamyx was down for 2 days. problem at TM cable box down the road of my housing area. Fixed today, now back to normal.

26 Feb 2009 1.12am

We have been suffering from the monopoly by Telekom Malaysia for our Streamyx, home/business lines for decades with the absence of a real competitor.

In Australia and other 1st world, one can surf from their homes for free. Monopolization is sucking the bloods of the poor to enrich the rich – TM, the Government and those elites operating behind the scene.

26 Feb 2009 1.04am

This is typical of Malaysian companies. When new, everything is fine and after a few years in service, it is hell.
Just like the Royal Malaysia Kerata Api. I used to enjoy my trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The 1st Class couch is atrocious poorly maintained and my last journey took me 12 hours! I could have reached London by plane. This is really Malaysia boleh.