GM mosquitoes plan squashed for now


The plan to introduce GM mosquitoes in Malaysia will not be implemented “at the moment”.

“Seemingly it is quite an interesting (solution) to deal with such a problem but I think… not until and unless every aspect of research being carried out is clinically tested and… environmental issues have been addressed,” AFP reported Muhyiddin as saying.

That is of course welcome news; good sense has prevailed. Now can we look into eliminating the breeding sites of the aedes mosquito? It was shocking to hear that a spot check for dengue breeding grounds by the authorities found the Penang Hospital compound teeming with aedes mosquitoes and larvae, as reported in theSun.

“The perimeters of Block C of the hospital are full of aedes larvae, and since nobody is above the law, the hospital which is managed by Faber Medi-Serve will be issued a compound for breeding aedes mosquitoes,” said Penang exco member for health Phee Boon Poh. The mosquito larvae were found in a clogged drain, theSun later reported.

Quite. Instead of the Health Ministry wasting time with GM mosquitoes, its time would be better spent checking on breeding sitess including at its own hospitals.

Which brings us to the question of what exactly Faber Medi-Serve is doing. Isn’t this a dereliction of duty?

In late 1996, the government awarded the company a 15-year concession “to manage, operate and provide five core support services to 71 out of the 123 MOH-owned hospitals”. FMS’ business centres on clinical waste management, facility engineering maintenance, linen and laundry services, biomedical engineering maintenance, and cleansing and janitorial services. FMS has already submitted a proposal to the Health Ministry to renew its concession, which expires in October 2011.

In 2009, Faber was paid RM452 million by the Ministry. It has received RM4.0 billion since 1997. For more information on Faber, see here.

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TakNak GM Nyamuk

Guys, we just started a facebook comunity page called “TakNak GM Nyamuk’. Hope you guys can ‘like’ the page so our cause will be heard to all Malaysians!


“DPM has made at least 1 good move this year, but the above needs serious monitoring and warning. REAL Organics only!”

I take that back. Whats this with releasing GMO mosquitoes in Bentong??? Which Rakyat in Bentong said they allowed the monsters among them? This is illegal! Very disappointing! Netto, pls follow up with the coverage on this? Is it too late to stop them?


I tell you, it’s that nincompoop DG of Health’s fault…. 1. First he (persuaded) Sleepy Badawi into building a muiltibillion ringgit halal vaccine facility in Cyberjaya promising to come up with a dengue vaccine! 2. Then when that … was found out, he tried … with (Oxford) fellas using GM mosquitoes.. 3. But what happened to old fashioned strict enforcement of dengue sites just like how malaria was eradicated years ago. That this fellow won’t do because all his government health officers mau balik rumah at 4pm but collect fat salaries. It is better we get rid of al these… Read more »


The same goes for spending millions just for our (one) space tourist cum screw driver cosmonaut with a promise to bring back research on what the h…..
Well, so far what has this cosmonaut contributed to Malaysian space research projects of economic value besides just spinning tops and flipping roti canai???
Nothing’s coming out from him to justify his space fantasy trip! We are not interested in his bio-book whatsoever, but want to know what is worth spending on.
Are we foolishly spending for Shiok Sendiri? Dr Sheik Muzaffar Syukor, please answer.


Thanks Anil for bringing this up. They never replied to my 2nd email. 😛 Probably didn’t know what to say.
Let’s hope they will shelve this forever and focus on the real problems on the ground.


GM mozzies are just one part. What about GMO foods? Did you know that the blacklisted Russet Potato is being sold in our supermarkets? Wonder what else is being sold that is GMO and not properly tested. Try this one on soy beans where hamsters fed on GMOs became sterile and populations died out by the 4th generation (thats about 150 years in human time, GMOs been around for 20-30 years???) : There is a good chance that the soy cooking oil is already from such GMO poisons. Then there is Canola Oil in Malaysia as well. Is… Read more »



Stop playing god using technology.